My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 231 - 231: An Old Fox.

Natashia saw herself in a dark world completely devoid of light, and the only thing visible in this world was herself.

”Where am I? ” She asked aloud, but the only thing she got in response was the sound of her question echoing through this strange place.

Okay, in this kind of situation, the first thing is to remember what happened, right?

As a woman who had lived a long time, she had experienced many strange things, and she understood that in this kind of situation, it was best to remain calm.

”Let me think, I was fighting that bug… ”

Suddenly, several memories started popping into her head.

”Fufufufu, despite being the original and the strongest, you were easily caught in his poison… How pathetic. ”

”Hmm? ” Natashia ’s face distorted, and she looked in the direction of the voice. She was a little surprised when she saw a woman just like her wearing a long black dress.

”Hello, my other self. ” She greeted the woman with a friendly smile.

”… ” Natashia ’s smile grew… And it wasn ’t a friendly smile.

Rumble, Rumble!

She appeared in front of the woman and tried to cut her with lightning daggers.


The daggers just passed through the woman and didn ’t kill her… It was as if she were a shadow…

”Fufufu, do you really want to kill me? Don ’t you feel sorry for killing a part of yourself? ”

”Of course not… You were a mistake from my past, and you ’re getting in the way of my current goals. ”

”… ” Natasha ’s smile grew widely:

”But you know? I really like that man too. ”

”…Huh? ” Natashia didn ’t understand where this woman came from with those words.

”No need to make such a shocked face. Remember, I am you too, and just like you, I also like strong men. ”

”But unlike you who seek that man ’s approval… ” Her smile distorted even more:

”I seek to dominate him. ”

”That ’s our difference. ”

”… ” Natashia stopped trying to attack Natasha and said:

”You are silly. ” She spoke in a simple, straight tone.

”…? ” Natasha didn ’t understand what her original ’s meaning was with her words.

”No one can dominate a king. A king is one who stands above others and points the way for us common people to follow them… ” She spoke in a neutral tone that even a monkey could understand this indisputable fact.

”If a king is dominated… He will no longer be a king… but a puppet. ”

”Fufufu, but isn ’t that more exciting? Imagine what a pleasure it would be to completely dominate someone who is destined to be king? ”

”Just imagining this sight, I get a little… ” Her face turned a little red, and her breathing became heavy, ”Excited. ”

”…This bitch… ” Natashia couldn ’t believe that this woman was her other personality.

”Bitch…? ” Natasha ’s face distorted, and she looked at Natashia, ”You ’re the only one who ’s a bitch here! You ’re still looking for something impossible like ’love ’ in the midst of this rotten thing we call vampire society! ”

”… ” Natashia was silent.

Rumble, Rumble.

”If ’love ’ cannot be found, we must create it for ourselves, that ’s how vampires work! ”

”… ” Natashia was silent since the words of her other self held a bit of truth.

Just how long had she been looking for something true?

100 years? 500 years? 1500 Years?

She had seen several human realms grow and crumble over time, yet vampire society remained unchanged, like a tough stone that never changed with the passage of time.

Although it looked pretty at first sight… Over time, it had become something dull… Something boring…

And in the midst of it all, she always looked for something ’true ’, but she never found it…

And when she had thought she ’d found it in the past, she was disappointed, and because of that foolish mistake, the woman in front of her was born.

A trauma that was born out of a big mistake from the past… A memory she wanted to forget but couldn ’t… The woman in front of her represented all that to Natashia.

And… She was right. If you can ’t find something, you just create it for yourself; that ’s the way vampires do things. After all, they ’re immortal beings, so they can wait as long as it takes to get closer to ’something ’ they desire.


Natashia looked at Natasha:

”…But even if you ’create ’ someone to love you… That won ’t be true. It will be something artificial… You ’ll never feel truly loved. ” She spoke in a neutral tone:

”That is an indisputable truth… The false will never replace the true. ”

”No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you fail, no matter how hard you try to ’dominate ’ the other party, that truth will never change… ”

”… ” Natasha was silent this time.

Her face took on a slightly sad expression, and she said, ”I remember… When you took my place, you tried to create ’something ’ like that for yourself, but in the end, you failed… having failed in that goal, you kidnapped any man who would serve the Clan, and thus my daughter was born. ”

”But unlike Scathach, who killed her husband because he wasn ’t ’gifted ’ or ’strong ’ enough. ”

”You left him around to satiate your vanity. ”

”… ” Natasha couldn ’t deny the woman ’s words.

”But… Something good did come from that chaos. ”

”What? ”

”My daughter… ” She flashed a motherly smile.

”My precious little baby, my little lightning bolt, my ray of light… She was born… And the day she was born was the happiest moment of my life… ”

”… ” Natasha was silent. If there was one thing she agreed with Natashia, it would be her feelings for her daughter…

Despite being twisted and misunderstood, she always wanted the best for her daughter… But…



”In the end… ” Natashia ’s sad smile turned into a depressing smile, ”We both failed. ”

The two failed to fulfill their determined goals.


Suddenly a voice invaded their shared world and shook their surroundings, and Natashia ’s body shivered when she heard the voice.

Natasha ’s body shuddered, and her face turned a little red, but quickly those signs faded into existence as if they had never existed.

”Oh… ” Natashia ’s depressed smile changed to a loving smile, and she looked like a teenager who was experiencing her first relationship.

The weather around her seemed to have cleared as if it were spring itself…

”He ’s here… ” Her smile was now so beautiful that it did a little damage to Natasha.

”I have to go back… ” She spoke unconsciously and started walking towards a location.

”…Will you make the same mistake again? This time with that man? ” Natasha asked in a skeptical voice.

Natashia stopped walking and turned to face Natasha, ”…He ’s not a mistake, he ’s not like those men who care about Status or other meaningless drivel… He ’s something I ’ve always looked for. ”

”But he hates you. ”

”Thanks to you. ”

”Ah, you ’re welcome. ” She flashed a small smile.

Natashia narrowed her eyes when she saw the woman ’s smile.

”He may hate me now, but in the future… I know he will accept me. Wrong, he has to accept me, considering he is to blame for making me feel these feelings! He made me feel these feelings, he has to take responsibility… ” Her eyes were dark as a black hole:

”I ’m 100% sure that in the future, he will become mine…- ” She stopped talking and flashed a small, gentle smile.

She turned away and started walking again, ”My Darling… ” She spoke in a low voice that echoed all over the place.

”…. ” Natasha opened her mouth in shock…

She just kept watching the woman until she disappeared.

When the woman left, a small smile appeared on Natasha ’s face.

”I see… ” She turned her face and looked at a location.

”I ’ll keep watching you…- ” Natasha spoke, but when she felt a hand touching her shoulder, she stopped talking as she laughed a little and spoke while touching the hand of the person who touched her shoulder, ” Wrong, we will… ”

”Ugh…! ”

All except for Vlad and Scathach put their hands to their ears.

”His voice is so loud. ” Someone from the audience spoke.

Slowly Natashia seemed to come to life, and she saw…

A faceless being looking at her, a being whose eyes and a mouth that had several sharp teeth were the only things visible on its face, and this being seemed to be irritated!

Wrong, he was angry!

”…I-. ” Natashia looked like she was going to say something, but the man wasn ’t done talking.

”Is this the demonstration you wanted to show me? ”

Natashia ’s eyes widened.

”Do you remember what I said? ”

”…Y-Yes… ”

”If you remember what I said…. ” He seemed to grit his teeth, ”What ’s with this pathetic showing?! How do you explain your current deplorable appearance!? ”

”I-… ”

”Count Alucard, you are in the way—. ” A referee tried to intervene.

Victor looked at the referee:


”!!! ” The referee ’s whole body trembled under the man ’s gaze, and he felt that if he disobeyed the man ’s order, something very terrible would happen to him.


”…Yes. ”

Victor ignored the referee and looked at Natashia again:

”Annasthashia Fulger. ”

”…? ” She looked at Victor.

”Is this the display you wish to show your daughter? Is this pathetic state something you want to show to your subordinates? ”

”…Noo… ”

”Is this the display you want to present to me? ”

”Definitely No! ” Her eyes glowed blood red.

”So, what are you waiting for? Get up and kill him! ” He pointed at Niklaus, who was approaching them.

Niklaus looked at Victor with a wary look, ’That little monster, the moment he appeared, his mouth changed into this weird shape and devoured my power… ’

It was only for a split second, but he could clearly see what Victor did.

’He ’s getting better at controlling this power… ’ He looked at Natashia, ’I must eliminate her and win the game, if he gets in my way, I ’ll eliminate him too… Wait, I can use the rules to my advantage. ’

Niklaus stopped walking and started thinking.

Natashia looked at Niklaus with anger on her face, but…

”I can ’t, his poison won ’t let me regenerate… ”

”Oh… Is it just that? ” Victor ’s smile grew eerily, his distorted face disappeared, and soon Natashia could see the man ’s face.

He looked a little more mature, and his hair was longer…

Victor bit his mouth, and soon the blood started pouring from his lips, and he made a move that left the entire arena silent.

He kissed Natashia!

”HhhmhmmmmM? ” Natashia was surprised by this development since she wasn ’t expecting it! But that didn ’t mean she didn ’t like it!

The problem was… She didn ’t have the body to hug the man she liked!

”…Eh? ” The man ’s thoughts stopped working as he witnessed the sight before him!

”Huh? ” The people in the stands were shocked.

”…Victor… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes.

”Darling, I ’m glad you ’re helping my mother… But! But! ” Sasha didn ’t even know what to say anymore…

”He really did that… ” Ruby flashed a small smile as she looked at Violet and tapped the woman on the shoulder.

”Stop that look. ”

”Huh? What look are you talking about? ” Violet spoke with a look like a black hole.

”That look… ” Ruby hugged Violet and said in a low voice:

”Don ’t make a decision until you know what happened to Darling and me… You want to know why we look a little older than the last time we saw each other, right? ”

”… ” Violet opened her eyes wide.

”What happened…? ”

”That ’s a story for another time. ” Ruby laughed and spoke with a gentle smile.

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ” Vlad laughed a lot.

”Eh? ” This time it was Vlad ’s sons who reacted to their father by laughing.

And along with Vlad, another person laughed:

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THAT MAN! He ’s got balls! ” It was Anderson who spoke.

”…As expected, he ’s a molester…I must banish him from existence… ” Liza ’s expression wasn ’t pretty at all.

Gulp, Gulp.

Natashia drank Victor ’s blood, and she felt something ’impure ’ being taken from her:

”That ’s enough… ” Victor suddenly stopped kissing Natashia.

”E-Eh…? ”

”If you want more, do what you promised! Then we ’ll talk! ”

”…! ” Hearing Victor ’s words, it was as if lightning had struck her head, and she finally understood everything.


”…I ’ll do it… Let ’s kill this motherfucker! ” Her eyes were burning with determination!

”… ” Victor displayed a small gentle smile. It seemed that his work was no longer necessary, so he let go of the woman ’s head.

Natashia ’s blood around her began to pool in her body at a ridiculous speed, as a new body was being created at a rate never seen before by vampires.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble!

Lightning clouds began to form in the sky.

And a gigantic lightning bolt fell on top of Natashia.


An explosion occurred where her body was forming, followed by a flash, and soon a golden clawed hand appeared.

Natashia made a movement with her hand, and, with the pressure of the wind, she showed herself to the audience.

”Oh…that ’s the full form, huh? … It ’s beautiful… ” Victor admired the woman ’s new form as if he were looking at a work of art.

And at the same time, he realized that in that form, the woman was incredibly strong… Ridiculously strong, he couldn ’t even feel her level of power.

And knowing that, his smile grew, ’She ’s strong… I want to fight her… But… I ’m not her match yet, I need to grow older… ’ And when he understood that, he was frustrated with himself.

He clenched his fist.

’I need to train harder, if 2x the effort isn ’t enough, I just need to work 500x harder! ’ He didn ’t want to wait 500 years, or 1500 years, he wanted to get stronger now!

’Fuck the rules! ’

Natashia ’s pale skin was glowing gold, her hands became sharp claws, her feet too, long bat wings protruding from her back.

Her eyes were a deeper red, while her hair looked like it was made of lightning itself.

All her clothes disappeared, and in its place, a kind of bra and panty-shaped scales were formed. It was as if it was there not to show the important parts of her to the world.

She looked like a monster… An incredibly beautiful monster.

She looked at her fists and opened and closed them.


Seeing the lightning in her fist, she flashed a big scary smile.

’I got stronger… As expected of my husband! ’

”Now. ” Victor ’s voice came out neutral as he raised his fist, and the magic circles on his glove started to glow madly, while a big wild smile appeared on his face:

”Show me who the woman named Annasthashia Fulger truly is! ”

”!!! ” Victor ’s voice seemed to thrill Natashia ’s entire body, and with a smile similar to Victor ’s, she said:

”… I Will… ”





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