My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 238 - The Witch Queen.

. ”

”…That ’s bullshit. ” Selena can ’t help but say.

’Fate ’, is the strongest witch locator spell. It is a spell that only the queen, along with one of her daughters, can use, and, just as the name implies…

’Fate ’ is a spell that literally reads a person ’s fate, and by doing so, the queen can learn about that person and their location.

Depending on the amount of energy and resources put into this spell, the queen may know ’everything ’ about that person.


Your past, present, and future.

From the moment that person was born until the moment of their death, the queen would know everything.

A ridiculous spell that was categorized as divine level by the queen herself.

But a spell of that level costs a ridiculous amount of magic and resources.

Resources worth 1 trillion dollars could disappear just by using 10 seconds of this spell.

By using this spell, she was literally burning MONEY!

”How many resources did you use in this spell? ”

”Not much… If you convert it to dollars, it would only be 500 billion in total value. ”

’…That ’s not much?… ’ Selena felt that her mother ’s common sense of money had already ceased to exist.

”Why did you spend so many resources if you just wanted to know his location? ”

She responded neutrally, ”Trials and failures. ”

”Thinking something was wrong with the magic, my daughter and I tried several times and failed several times, and so, because of that, we spent this amount. ”

”Hmm… Did you try to use it on the beings close to him? ”

”Yes, of course… But it didn ’t work either. Women like Scathach Scarlett, Annasthashia Fulger, Violet Snow, Sasha Fulger, and Ruby Scarlett just aren ’t detected by our magic anymore. ”

”… ” A silence fell in the room.

The two women seemed to be thinking deeply, and then Selena broke the silence:

”By contacting that man, something changed in these women. ”

”Yes… They ’re being protected-… Wrong, the more correct thing to say is that he ’s protecting them? ” The queen corrected herself, her eyes glowed neon green for a few seconds, and then she spoke:

[email protected]$%#@! ”

”… ” All Selena heard were statistics noises and a sound that was not understandable.

Selena knew what that was. She had heard her mother say it many times in the past, an ancient language spoken by the ancient gods, unlike humans.

The words of the gods have power imbued in them, they can shape their desires through words, and only beings with a great deal of magic and knowledge of the ancient gods can speak these words without suffering consequences.

The queen ’s eyes showed an expression of annoyance, ”… You softened in training… How can you still not understand what I said? ”

”Mother, I didn ’t soften in training… This level of magic is just too hard to learn. ” She was honest.

”True~, True~ ” And the spirits confirmed it.

”… ” The queen left the subject as she crossed her legs in a sensual way and said:

”In my day, all kids learned this at 10 years old, and they didn ’t have the resources that you have, I don ’t understand why you can ’t learn it. ” She was talking about her daughters in general.

All her daughters thus far have never learned much about magic from their ancients.

Of course, that didn ’t mean they didn ’t know some things, but they were still not on their mother ’s level… They weren ’t on the ’satisfying ’ level for their mother.

”The new count ’s mysteries aside, have you learned anything about the werewolf king ’s youngest son? ” She asked.

”…He is just an ordinary prince, son of a mighty king, an ordinary man, not worth mentioning. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

”Well, I expected something like this. ”





The woman ’s smile grew, ”… The sons of the two kings are incompetent… ” She felt like laughing at this irony. It seems that ’success ’ is not genetic, ”Fufu, and to think that none of these men ’s children would inherit their blood. ”

”Fate sure is a bitch. ”

”… ” Selena was silent. She didn ’t like her mother ’s smile at all since she knew the woman too well to know that when she flashed that smile, she wasn ’t planning anything good.

”Hmm? ” The queen suddenly looked to the side:

”Oh, I see, I will. ” She looked like she was talking to someone.

She looked back at her daughter:

”Continue your mission, I ’ll be in touch with you soon. ”

”Yes, Mother. ” Selena bowed in a form of respect.


All the magic in the place seemed to be sucked into the queen ’s image, and suddenly.

… She disappeared.

When the queen disappeared, Selena raised her face, and, as she stared at the place where the queen ’s image was, her eyes seemed to shine for a few seconds while several thoughts went through her head.

Soon, she turned around, tossed her hair back, straightened her spine, and walked confidently toward the exit:

”This time, I will meet you in person… Alucard. ”

At a hotel in Nightingale, Liza was looking out the hotel window with a cold gaze.

”I don ’t like this place, this place stinks… ” She looked at the tall, dark man:

”Can we go? We are done with what we did here. ”

Anderson looked at the woman who had the appearance of an Amazon, ”Not Yet… ” Anderson ’s voice was grave, his smile was wide:

”Alucard, you owe me a fight, and I ’m not going home until that fight happens. ” Anderson got up from the couch and walked towards the exit.

”…Alucard… ” The woman ’s face twitched as she heard the hateful man ’s name:

”Yes, indeed… He must pay for what he did… ” She growled a little at the end and followed Anderson.

”… ” Anderson ’s three subordinates who saw this demonstration reacted differently.

”… Why is she talking as if that man killed a member of her family…? ” Julian, a tall, dark man, spoke to Juan, a tall, thin one.

”You know, she ’s never lost a fight before to a man… especially to a vampire… She ’s frustrated. ”

”Ohhh, I see, I see. ” Julian thought it made sense, considering ever since he ’s known the brunette woman, she had always had the attitude of a strong, confident Amazon.

Losing the ’fight ’ with Alucard must have left her frustrated.

”Let ’s follow him. ” Yuran, a dark, Egyptian-looking man, spoke up.


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