appears; the outfit that appeared is the anime protagonist ’s outfit, but slowly the outfit began to undergo changes that I asked for.

”Do you want something like this? ” She asked.

I look at the outfit and nod satisfied. ”As expected of a professional witch. ”

”Praising me won ’t make me lower the price! ” She spoke with a big smile on her face.

”How much did the clothes cost? ” I asked.

June puts her hand to her chin and looks at the outfit as if she ’s thinking about something.

I feel Violet move in my arms, she looks at the outfit I ordered and her eyes start to sparkle for a moment; she seems interested in the outfit. I also felt Sasha who was hiding her face behind me peeking a bit at the outfit I asked for, she looks at the outfit for a moment and says:

”Cringe. ”

Oof, I felt a stake piercing my heart… For a moment my smile almost broke, but soon I recovered and said, ”I know, that ’s why I ordered this outfit; no one would ever think a vampire would use this outfit to do what I ’m going to do in the future. ”

”I may do it for you for free if you tell me what you intend to do. ”

”Denied. You can ’t have everything in life, Witch. ” I spoke with a smile on my face, then I continued, ”Choose, do you want money, or do you want to satisfy your curiosity!? ”

”Ugh… ” She makes a difficult face, then she speaks screaming, ”I want both! ”

”Umu, as expected from a witch with the title of greedy, but unfortunately, that ’s impossible, ” I said laughing.

June pouts, she looks very pretty now.

I feel Violet and Sasha looking at me with a dangerous look, my smile growing, ”How do you know what I was thinking? ”

”Our connection told us. ” The two spoke in a neutral tone.

”Oh? Interesting. ” So they can feel my emotions and my surface thoughts too, huh?

I start to think about what I ’m going to do when Violet, Sasha, and I finally get alone.

Suddenly, I hear two small explosions near me. I look down and see that Violet ’s face was very red and I could see that there was smoke coming out of her head like it had overheated.

I turn slightly and look at Sasha ’s red face, I could also see little yellow lightning flashing above her head.

My smile grew even wider, and I couldn ’t help but honestly say, ”You guys are so cute! ”

Sasha suddenly wakes up from her stupor and screams, ”D-D-Do not look at me! ” She quickly hides her face behind my back, I could even hear her heart beating rapidly.

Violet just hid her face in my chest while she had a huge smile on her face and, just like Sasha, I could hear Violet ’s heartbeat.

And once again, I understood that they weren ’t like the vampires in the movies. After all, they weren ’t ’dead ’, although normally my wives ’ hearts beat very slowly.

I looked at June and saw her face distorted, she looked like she had eaten something bad; I laughed when I saw her expression, ”How much did the clothes cost me? ”

”The clothes didn ’t cost anything. ”

”Huh? ”

”I just had to use my powers to create the outfit, I didn ’t use any complex incantations or anything like that, I just created fabric. That ’s something very easy to do. ”

”Oh? You are very honest. ” I said surprised

For some reason her face turned red, ”Humpf, I just did it for free because I have a long friendship with Lady Violet and because I can create fabric easily, make no mistake! You still owe me! ”

Why is she acting like this all of a sudden?

”I see, thanks, ” I said with a small smile.

”Humpf, ” She turned her face away and started muttering something about how it wasn ’t fair and she should look for a boyfriend or something.

”Can you create another outfit for Violet? Of course in a female version. ”

”Huh? ” Violet was surprised.

June looks at me and nods, then she claps her hands again, and what happened before is repeated. Soon an outfit similar to mine except in a female version was next to my outfit.

I looked at Violet, ”You looked interested, so I got you one. ”

”Darling~! ” She suddenly climbs on top of me with a crazed smile on her face and bites me!?

I feel my blood draining down my neck.

”Bitch! ” Sasha got annoyed for some reason, and soon she bites my collarbone and starts sucking my blood.

Feeling my wives ’ emotions and desires, slowly, my teeth start to change, and my eyes change to blood red, then I bite Violet ’s collarbone!

”Ahh~ ” Violet stopped sucking my blood and moaned a little as she hugged me tighter.

Kaguya, Maria, June, and Natalia, who were seeing this, all react differently.

”For some reason, I feel like I should get a boyfriend, ” June commented.

”No man will want a gold digger like you, ” Kaguya spoke in an emotionless tone.

”Huuuh? ” June ’s face distorted in anger, ”Are you frustrated that your master is being stolen from you, Maid? ”

Kaguya ’s eyes flutter a little, and she is silent; she didn ’t want to waste time talking to June.

June, thinking she ’s guessed right, started to smile, ”I feel sorry for you, Maid; Lady Violet will be stolen from you. ”

Seeing that Kaguya didn ’t react to her words, June was confused, then she thought, ’Did I get my guess wrong? ’

”Lady June, I have a job for you. ” Natalia suddenly said.

”Oh? ” June loses interest in Kaguya and looks at Natalia with greedy eyes.

”I want you to investigate what is happening in this city, ” Natalia said.

Kaguya, who listened to what Natalia said, began to pay attention to the conversation.

”According to Lady Sasha, and Kaguya. A vampire named Lucy stole something from the church, I want to know what that ’something ’ is. ”

June makes a very serious expression, ”This is going to cost a lot of money, you know? ”

”I know, ” Natalia said smiling, then she continued, ”Money is not a problem, just investigate it for me ”

”I accept your request but remember you must pay 50% of the money upfront, and if another witch is helping the church, I can ’t interfere too much. After all, you know the rules of witches, right? ”

Natalia smiles gently: ”Rule number 1 of witches, a witch must not conflict with another witch. If the witch ’s employer is an enemy of an individual who is hiring another witch, both witches must abandon their duty immediately. ” She explained as she was remembering, and then she continued:

”Of course I know. ”

”good. ”

June throws two small spheres at Kaguya, and soon she disappears into a magic circle.

Kaguya raises her hands and takes the two spheres June threw and puts them in her pocket, ”An Ordinary Maid doesn ’t get enough money to pay a witch for this kind of service, ” she commented.

Natalia just displays a gentle smile and doesn ’t say anything, soon she walks towards a wall and goes through a secret passage.

”Tsk, I don ’t like this, ” Kaguya said, annoyed, when she saw Natalia leaving without giving an explanation, then she looked at Victor, who was biting his wife ’s neck, and several thoughts were going through Kaguya ’s head now.

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