My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 254 - Is Roberta A Failure Of A Maid?

top using his powers and run like a normal vampire?

Of course not!

’I will increase the speed. ’

He supplied even more strength to his legs and channeled more of his lightning through his body.


A small crater in the shape of a spider ’s web formed,

And soon, he soared into the sky, achieving a considerable altitude.

”Ugh. ” Eleanor felt even dizzier, but Victor ignored the woman.

His eyes began to glow blood red, and soon the noise of lightning could be heard all around.

Rumble, Rumble.

Black clouds began to form in the sky, a storm was coming!

But a strange thing happened, there wasn ’t a single drop of rain to be found…

Clouds charged with lightning started to form, and that was it, and these clouds looked strange.

As if creating a ’pathway ’ for Victor, the clouds stretched for thousands of kilometers.

Victor flashed a small smile, and soon a change began to run through his body, his entire body turned to pure gold, including the two women, and they disappeared into the clouds.

Sasha and Natashia stopped following Victor while they looked at what Victor did with a surprised look:

”Well, this is something new… How the fuck did he do that? ” Sasha said, and then she looked at her mother, considering she was the lightning expert here, right?

”Hmm… ” Natashia touched her chin and started to think, and soon she arrived at an answer:

”Is it the same principle as the technique he used before? I think he covers his body with lightning and flies in the sky? ”

”…. ” Sasha fell silent and began to listen to her mother ’s explanation.

”Although… This seems to be more like ’traveling ’ through the clouds rather than ’flying ’. ”

”…And? ” It can ’t be just that, right? Sasha ’s eyes widened a little.

”And what? ”

”Do you know what he did? Give me a plausible explanation. ” Sasha asked.

”And how the fuck should I know? ” Natashia ’s answer was very simple. What Victor did just now was something very out of the ordinary. How did he manage to travel through clouds? Huh? Did he become a god?

Should I call him Thor?

”…. ” Sasha was speechless, ’of course you should know! You are the leader of Clan Fulger, woman! Lightning is our power! You ’re supposed to be the expert here! ’

”Ugh… ” Not wanting to destroy her daughter ’s confidence in her, Natashia started using her brain!

Rumble, Rumble.

Little flashes of lightning appeared around her head, she was trying hard as she gathered everything she knew of Victor and the techniques he ’d shown her, and soon she came to a conclusion.

’… Is he using something like Scathach ’s technique? ’ She couldn ’t help but think about it when she remembered that Scathach used a defensive technique that turned her body into ice, although it was suicidal because you were literally freezing your body.

”… ” She opened her eyes wide when she realized that this was very possible, but the question was, how was he utilizing this technique without being in the perfect Vampire Count form?

The Vampire Count form was said to come extremely close to what a ’true ’ vampire was in the way you honed your control over your own power and increased it as well.

But in the perfect Vampire Count form, the vampire basically merges with his own power, and he becomes something closer to an ’element and spirit ’ rather than a vampire.

Of course, these kinds of traits were unique to vampire families who took the power of elemental control to the peak.

A family that could create rope and use those ropes to attack wouldn ’t be able to do that since they were two different types of powers.

”…You seem to have discovered something. ” Sasha asked.

”Yes… But that ’s impossible. ” Natashia was in disbelief. With the knowledge she now had, she judged what Victor had just done as impossible.

’And how is he protecting the two girls from his power? In her mind, what he just did, didn ’t make any sense.

”Well, you get used to it when you ’re around him. ” Sasha spoke in a dry tone in a neutral voice.

”… ” Natashia looked at her daughter with a little surprise.

”So? What are your thoughts. ” Sasha asked.

Natashia explained in a sigh, ”…He ’s using something close to Scathach ’s technique of turning body parts into ice, a defense technique. ”

”Hmm. ”

Sasha started to think, and soon she understood something, ”Darling spent a lot of time with Ruby, and Ruby ’s specialty is defense, she uses the power of her water and turns her body parts into ice. ”

”From what I heard from Ruby, this was Scathach ’s technique that she perfected when Scathach taught her. ” Sasha explained to her mother and then continued:

”…he must be doing this, but with the power of lightning? ”

”…Maybe… But… ” Natashia assumed a frustrated expression.

”That ’s not how our power works! Lightning and ice are essentially different! He can ’t do the same thing! …or can you? ” She closed her eyes in contemplation, she seemed to discover something.

Natashia looked at her hand:

Rumble, Rumble.

Her hand became covered in the power of lightning, Natashia ’s eyes glowed blood red a little, and slowly, the flesh of her hand began to be replaced by pure lightning.

Natashia ’s eyes narrowed a little, she was in pain from what she was doing, but she didn ’t let it show on her face.

Natashia made a movement with her hand, and her hand seemed to disappear from their vision.

”…That ’s… ” Sasha opened her eyes wide.

”Yes, that ’s what he ’s doing, but on a smaller scale. ” Natashia stopped using her power and hid her hand behind her.

Her hand was pure bone, as all her flesh had disappeared:

”How did he do it? ” She was really curious now. With this test, she could understand that she could use this method with her vampire count transformation.

But… She couldn ’t use it in her base form.

’I ’ll ask you later. ’ She didn ’t want to get hurt for nothing. She should take care of her body for her husband!

”Can you teach me that? ” Sasha ’s eyes were glowing with excitement.

”… ” Natashia looked at her daughter with a neutral look and said:

”I can ’t teach because I don ’t know what I did either. ” She told a white lie.

”Huh? ” How did she not know what she did if she just did it? That made no sense.

”Oh. ” Sasha misunderstood, believing that her mother was like Violet, a genius who couldn ’t explain how she learned.

”This is a more advanced way of using lightning power, we should ask Victor how he does it first. ” She said,

”Hmm, you ’re right. ” Sasha spoke aloud.

”Anyways, let ’s follow him. ”

”Yes. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The two women were covered by lightning once again as they resumed their chase of their husband, and soon, the two disappeared.






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