My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 257 - Gorilla Meets Berserker Woman.

leave us here? ” She didn ’t want to be alone with that gorilla.

”Well, yes? I Will be back soon, or do you want to help me? ”

”What do you want to do? ” Natashia asked curiously.

”I will capture beasts around here and criminal vampires. With a count ’s authority, I can do that quickly. ” Victor explained in an easy to understand and straightforward way.

”…Whoaa… ” Sasha was amazed at how easily Victor could break the rules.

”Is that true… ” Leaving aside about kidnapping the vampires, Natashia asked:

”Why are you going to do this? Are you going to feed that tree? ” She deduced.

”Yes. ” And he gave a simple, easy-to-understand answer, an answer that even a monkey could understand.

”Why? ” She saw no need for it.

”I mean, why not? ” He asked.

Victor didn ’t have a deep thought when doing this, he just had a random idea to feed the tree, and he ’s going to do it.

There is no deep motivation, no grand plan, just Victor doing whatever he wants, anytime he wants to, and when he wants.

”…. ” Sasha was silent, she didn ’t have anything to say about it, after all, just like Victor, she also did random things sometimes, she thought it was interesting, and that ’s why she did it, she didn ’t have big goals for it. 

And because of that, she understood a little bit how Victor felt right now.

”And…? What are you going to do? ” Victor asked.

”…. ” The two women looked at each other for a few seconds and nodded to each other. Their thoughts are simple, let ’s help him finish this random moment so he can be alone with us!

”We will help. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Good. ” Victor ’s smile grew a little, and he began to order:

”First, we ’re going to capture Nightingale ’s prisoners. We will catch those vampires who committed the most serious crimes. ”

”…Darling, you know they are strong, right? ” Sasha spoke up.

”Most of them are older vampires. ” And Natashia continued.

”I know, but they will be weak because they haven ’t fed properly. ” Victor had no motivation to fight someone weak, he knew just give blood to that person, and he will get stronger, but he didn ’t want to bother.

His goal is not to fight but to feed the tree.

And he ’s also ’satisfied ’, he ’s in Buddha mode, and he ’s been enlightened. After all, he had a good fight with Anderson and had an ’intimate ’ moment with Violet after a long time.

He is also calmer after drinking Violet and Sasha ’s blood.

He doesn ’t want to fight now.

”Natashia and I will capture the criminals, Sasha you will lure the beasts to this location so the Big Guy can finish them off. ”

”…Uruh…? ” The gorilla pointed at himself while he seemed to have a face that said, am I?

Victor narrowed his eyes, ”You are the guardian, you will help too, or I will not bring bananas! ”

”……. ” Veins popped in the gorilla ’s head. Does he think he ’s going to be convinced because of some bananas? He wants to be lazy!

When he was going to protest about this, he felt a branch tapping his shoulder.

He seemed to communicate with the tree for a few seconds, and then he made a slightly annoyed expression and sighed:

”Urru… ” He was convinced.

”…Pfft… He ’s commanded around like a bitch… Pfft… ” Victor was trying hard not to laugh.

”Grrrrr… ” The Gorilla ’s eyes narrowed.

Suddenly everyone heard the sounds of footsteps and the voice of two women:

”Ugh, this Victor is a clueless man. How can he kidnap me to this end of the world? I ’m still a countess, you know? ” Eleanor looked quite irritated.

”…I don ’t care. Why are you telling me this? ” Eve spoke in a nonchalant tone.

”I just can ’t stand being silent anymore. ” She was honest. From the moment she woke up, Eve just kept looking at her silently, and the only thing Maid said was,

”Follow me, My Master is waiting . ” And soon she started walking towards somewhere, and Eleanor, who didn ’t know where she was, had no choice but to follow Maid.

And the entire time she followed the Maid, the woman remained silent without saying anything, and she couldn ’t take it anymore and started talking to the woman.

”Deal with it. ” Eve spoke in a cold tone as she turned her face forward and said:

”… We ’re here. ” Her eyes immediately went to Victor.

”… A monster. ” Instinctively, Eleanor made a gesture to take the hilt of a Greatsword off her back, but…

The sword that always accompanied her was not there.

”Fuck. ” She grumbled.

”Grr… ” The gorilla creaked a little when he saw the two new women.

”Tsk. ” Victor clicked his tongue and looked at the gorilla that was getting hostile:

”Stop being a precocious boy, they are with me. ”

”… ” The gorilla was speechless when he heard what Victor said.

I ’m older than you, did you know? He had that kind of face.

He turned his attention to the girls who had just arrived. He looked at the girl with long black hair, and she conveyed the same feeling as Victor. Which means, in the gorilla ’s view, she ’s Victor ’s daughter or something.

Which wasn ’t wrong, considering Victor raised Eve.

He looked at the taller, white-haired woman.

The taller woman had nothing… She didn ’t smell like Victor. On the contrary, she smelled like blood, beast blood… Wrong, monster blood.

And instinctively, the Gorilla became more wary of her.

’I think it was not a good idea to bring this woman here. ’ Natashia thought when she saw Eleanor ’s serious state.

”Eleanor, this is the being I wanted you to meet. ” Victor suddenly spoke up.

”… ” But the woman didn ’t answer. She didn ’t seem to have heard, and the only thing that was going through her head now was.

’Kill, Kill, kill, kill…. I WILL KILL THE MONSTER ” A distorted smile appeared on her face, as she was completely beside herself.

”Oh? ” Victor really liked that smile.

Quake, Quake, Quake.

The ground around Eleanor began to shake violently, an earthquake was coming.

She stomps the ground, and soon an Earth greatsword is created.

She pulls the greatsword off the ground, puts it on her shoulder, and looks at the gorilla with a gaze glowing blood red.

Slowly, Victor ’s smile started to grow and get distorted, it seems he found a similar one; ’No wonder she was trained by Scathach. ’ He thought.

”… ” Natashia narrowed her eyes when she saw Eleanor ’s attitude. If she continues like this, she will provoke a fight.

”Grrr… ” Seeing that the woman was more menacing than before, the gorilla positioned himself opposite her.

Suddenly, everyone heard a noise that left everyone silent.


Before everyone even knew it, Victor appeared in front of her and slapped her across the face.

”…Eh? ” Eleanor opened her eyes wide and touched her face, which was a little red.

”Calm down. ” He spoke in a firm voice that allowed no refusal.






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