My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 258 - My Mother-in-laws Patience Disappeared



Although he understood that that was impossible:

’Eve is very suspicious of anyone other than me, and, even now, she doesn ’t let her guard down. ’

What Eve felt was understandable, considering she ’d spent several years being exploited, she couldn ’t trust anyone that easily, even so…

She had a good relationship with Ruby, she even spent a lot of time talking to Ruby.

When Victor heard stories about it, it put a smile on his face, but…

Upon hearing Eve ’s actions from Ruby herself, Victor understood that the Maid he created was just being ’professional ’ with his wife, and she didn ’t really become a ’friend ’ with Ruby.

Because her attitude towards Ruby was the same attitude she has towards everyone, but it was very different from the attitude she had when she was alone with him.

Did Victor regret killing Eve ’s parents? Of course not, in his view, those beings weren ’t Eve ’s parents. They were just worms that were taking advantage of a little girl.

The only thing Victor regretted a little was not always being there for Eve, which was something he tried to do every day since he always tried to keep an eye on his Maids.

It was his commitment he had with his Maids.

He created them, so they were his responsibility, all their problems, all their worries, everything was Victor ’s responsibility.

Roberta was a good example… That woman ’s problem were a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment, but even so, after fighting the woman in the past, Victor decided to accept her as a Maid.

And he knew that in doing so, he would have to solve a big problem in the future… A problem of Divine proportions…

But that ’s something he was definitely looking forward to in the future.

That thought only put a smile on Victor ’s face.

”Use your power and help Sasha. With you here, it should be easy to get all the beasts ’ attention. ” Victor ordered, and soon, he stopped stroking his Maid ’s head.

”…Yes, Master. ” Eve awoke from stupor and spoke with a smile on her face.

”… ” Victor displayed a satisfied smile.

He turned and pointed to Eleanor, ”You. ”

”Me? ” Eleanor pointed to herself.

”Yes. You stay here and calm down, I want to talk to you when I get back. ”

”… ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes.

”Like I ’ve said thousands of times, I can refuse, you know? ” She flatly stated at Victor ’s imposition. She wouldn ’t be sent around like a subordinate!

”Oh… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little, ”You ’re going to disobey, huh. ” He cracked a single knuckle on his left hand as he looked like he was about to do something to her. 

Eleanor ’s body shook a little when she saw Victor ’s smile, and her face turned a little red with embarrassment, ’What is he going to do? ’ Somehow, she was a little expectant, but she quickly regained her common sense and screamed to herself:

’What am I so excited about!? ’

”That woman… ” Natashia narrowed her eyes when she saw Eleanor ’s state.

”Hmm, she ’s giving me a weird feeling. ” Sasha couldn ’t understand that feeling she felt when she looked at Eleanor.

Unlike the sense of danger she got when Victor looked at a woman who was crazy in the head when she looked at Eleanor, she just felt…


”Fine. ” Victor ’s whole atmosphere became more neutral now.

”Eh? ”

”You are a countess, you can do what you want. ” Victor turned around and started walking towards the exit of the forest:

”I ’ll be back soon, Big Guy. ”

”Uru. ” The gorilla nodded and stood up, waiting for the women to do their job.

”…Huh? ” Looking at Victor ’s back as it began to disappear, she somehow felt…disappointed? It was as if she was about to eat a big delicious pizza, and that pizza was taken away by the waiter because it was the wrong order she made.

Even though she ’d never had pizza in her life…

”Hahahaha, he really is something else. ” Natashia couldn ’t help but laugh in an amused voice, and at the same time, a dangerous air around her manifested as she looked at Victor.

’I must secure my position before another woman appears… ’ Natashia felt disgusted at the thought that another woman could get ahead of her after so many things she had to do.

”Mother? ” Sasha looked confused at her mother. Why was she suddenly laughing?

Natashia didn ’t explain anything and just said, ”I ’ll accompany you, I ’ll be back soon. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

”… ” Sasha narrowed her eyes since she found her mother ’s reaction strange.

”…Don ’t worry, I haven ’t forgotten our purpose in coming here. ”

”Eh…? ” Is she talking about being alone with him? Sasha asked.

”Before he goes back to the mansion, I ’ll make sure he fucks you. ” She spoke in a dry, definitive tone. She understood that before she could take the initiative for herself, her daughter must go first.

”…… ” Sasha ’s entire face turned completely red.

Natashia understood something fundamental in her pursuit of Victor:

’He must first fuck my daughter, then he ’ll fuck me… ’ She couldn ’t stand to wait any longer since she was never good at waiting for anything, and seeing that she was close to achieving her goal, she grew more impatient with each passing second, but even so, she was holding back.

But… Her patience literally disappeared when she saw new women suddenly appear as if they were being summoned by a witch. [Eleanor, Lilith, Elizabeth.]

’Fuck the date. I can do it later, I want him inside me now! ’ She clenched her fist in determination.

… This woman ’s brain is completely lost.

”M-Mother, what are you talki-! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha was going to say something to her mother, but the woman literally disappeared in lightning and appeared next to Victor.

Victor looked at the woman who appeared beside him and said:

”Shall we? ” Victor flashed a small smile at Natashia.

Natashia ’s heart started to beat crazily, and she almost threw Victor to the ground right there and then:


She swallowed hard, and used the last bit of control that was almost non-existent to hold back, and spoke with a small smile:

”…Yes. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The two were covered by lightning and soon disappeared. Chaos would descend today throughout the Nightingale, and this chaos would be caused by two Vampire Counts…




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