My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 262 - Second Progenitor 2

Chapter 261: Second Progenitor.

Name: Victor Walker / Victor Alucard / Victor Snow / Victor Scarlett / Victor Fulger

Title: Second Progenitor, King of Those Who Dwell in The Night, Battle Maniac, Loved by The Night, Marked by the Chaos Witch, Loved by The Animals, Loved by the Lightning Spirits, One Who Has The Protection of The Goddess Aphrodite, Loving Father. #$#……..?

Age: 22 years old.

Sexuality: Straight.

Personality: Stupidly Honest, Sociopathic, Stalker, Violent, Obsessive, Friendly, Bipolar, Kind.

Backstory: A former human who became a Vampire, but through his special blood, he became something more.

”What the hell is this? ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Second Progenitor? Marked by The Chaos Witch? Loved by Spirits? Animals? Even a goddess ’ protection? Huh? ” Natashia ’s head didn ’t seem to be working properly, and she couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

But more importantly.

’Who the fuck is this Chaos Witch? That bitch dares to mark him? And especially Aphrodite, what is that bitch thinking? ’ Natashia ’s eyes narrowed dangerously in anger.

She and the girls had argued a bit in the past about why Aphrodite didn ’t attack Victor, but now she understood the reason why a little.

That bitch gave her protection to Victor!

Bitch! She could see that goddess ’s intentions from miles away! And she wouldn ’t let that happen! Never! That bitch won ’t touch a hair on her husband ’s head!

Looking at Aphrodite ’s name, Natashia ’s expression grew even colder.

Because if she does… War will occur… On that day, it will be the day that Mount Olympus will cease to exist.

Normally, Natashia wasn ’t like that since she wasn ’t that rash…

Well, maybe she was a little… But she was not rash enough to cause a war between the Vampires and the Gods of Olympus.

But when she saw Aphrodite ’s name in Victor ’s titles.

Natashia ’s sense of danger soared like a rocket.

After all, the door never lied. Using the special eyes contained in that door, the being who lived in that door could see the ’truth ’ of anyone.

As nice as that sounded though, it wasn ’t the whole truth. In fact, it was just analyzing all the energy of a being and trying to understand what kind of existence it was dealing with.

Depending on the level of being, Limbo Prison would give them different treatments.

Yes, the prison was an entity of its own.

”I mean, I can understand some titles, but others I have no idea what they are. ” Victor was honest after looking at the sheet in front of him again.

Titles like Second progenitor, King of Those Who Dwell in The Night, Loved by The Night.

These titles had the same origin, the RH null Blood that ran through his veins, and he could understand the reasoning behind those.

Battle Maniac, it didn ’t take a genius to understand that it was because of his personality and that he liked to fight.

Even Loving Father, he could understand. After all, this must have been Ophis ’s doing and him spoiling the little girl a little.

Now, titles like Marked by the Chaos Witch, Loved by The Animals, and The Spirits of Lightning, he didn ’t understand anything about these titles.

’Who was Chaos Witch? Her name seemed to be quite important. ’

’The title of ’Loved by The Animals ’, is it because I could easily make friends with animals? ’

’And why is there a title that cannot be seen? ’ Victor focused his attention on the title that had been erased? Actually, the title was written but he couldn ’t read it, it was in a strange language, a language he didn ’t even understand the words of.

Leaving that aside, for now, he looked at one title, in particular, that was confusing to him.

’Lightning spirits, huh? ’

Several questions were now running through Victor ’s head, and he was just as confused as Natashia.

’Lightning spirits… ’ Victor was especially curious about those. He kept focusing his thoughts on that title until a memory popped into his head.

It was a memory of Sasha telling him about Carmila Fulger.

”Apparently, my grandmother Carmila Fulger was a spirit before she became a vampire, but I ’m not sure if that ’s true or not, considering how would a spirit gain a physical body despite spirits being incorporeal by nature?? The nature of a spirit and a vampire were completely different, it makes no sense. ”

’Is it related to this? ’ Victor put his hand on his chin and began to think. He felt that this was quite possibly because of Carmila Fulger ’s origin, but…

’Why doesn ’t Natashia have that title? ’

Indeed, Natashia, who was Carmila Fulger ’s daughter, didn ’t have that title, he clearly remembered the details of Natashia ’s sheet, and he didn ’t see a title that mentioned the lightning spirits.

Victor tried to remember some information about spirits he learned in that one year. After all, he interacted with Mizuki pretty often, who always had a spirit glued to her side.

’I don ’t know much about spirits, but the only thing I know is that depending on the elemental type of the spirit, the spirit will like people with different personalities. ’

For example, the water spirit liked calm and malleable people who did things at their own ’pace ’.

Fire spirits preferred more direct and passionate people, people who were very true to their feelings, etc.

Each spirit of a particular element seemed to like a personality type.

If Victor remembered correctly, the type of personality that the lightning spirit liked were:

’Honest people who speak their minds, reckless people, and pure-minded people? ’

”….? ” What does that mean I have a pure mindset?

”Hmm… ” After thinking for a few seconds, Victor realized that he couldn ’t come to a conclusion…

He was not sure what the last description was, but he was sure that Natashia perfectly fit the other traits that would make lightning spirits like her…

So, why doesn ’t she have that title?

’Could it be because she did a lot of shit in the past? And because of that, the spirits forsook her? ’ Victor thought it was quite possible. After all, the elemental spirits, despite not being as intelligent as a heroic spirit, still had very good instincts and as simple beings…

If you did something that made them angry, they would leave.

Hearing stories from Natashia ’s past, Victor couldn ’t deny that the woman did a lot of shit, and probably, she must have done something that went against the spirits ’ tastes.

”… ” Victor looked at Natashia for a few seconds. The woman was staring at Aphrodite ’s name with hate overflowing her entire body, so much so that it even looked like the woman was staring at someone who had murdered someone from her family.

Soon, he displayed a small smile and went back to looking at the paper, his eyes focusing on the personality that the door described him with.

Most of what the door wrote was correct, he was everything that was written there, and he couldn ’t deny that.

…. BUT!!

His eyes narrowed a little when he saw he was called ’bipolar ’ by a door!

He was particularly bothered by this.

He was not fucking bipolar!

’Perhaps I should destroy this door? ’ Victor looked at the door with a dry look; ’The door must be special, right? I doubt I can destroy it that easily, but it ’s worth a try…. ’ Unsafe thoughts were running through his head.

”…. ” The door felt a strange sensation, similar to a cold sweat breaking out across its surface, despite its inability to sweat. The eye continued to stare at Victor warily.

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