My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 263 - Witch Wants The … Of Alucard.

ale. ” Scathach spoke those simple words.

”Oh… They ’re interested in the lands outside of Nightingale, huh? ”

”Indeed, by the decree of the Vampire King, this entire ’planet ’ is owned by vampires, even if this planet is not fully explored yet. ”

”Does she want to use my Darling to get these lands? ”

”Maybe? ” Scathach spoke.

”… ” Violet narrowed her eyes. She didn ’t like what she heard at all.

”Remember that Vlad has complete control over who enters and leaves this world. After all, the Clan responsible for this directly serves him. ”

”Alioth, huh. ”

”Yes. ”

”… ” Kaguya was silent throughout the conversation. It wasn ’t a Maid ’s place to intrude on a conversation of her master ’s ’wives ’… Normally, it was supposed to be this way, but she was different now.

Despite being a Maid, she was known to Violet and Scathach, and she also represented Clan Alucard when her master was not present.

”Basically, she wants to go into business with my master so that in the future, when my master explores these lands, she will ask for a piece of ’land ’ for her, effectively gaining a base from the witches in this world and all of this legally. ” Kaguya ’s brain worked fast, and she already understood the woman ’s purpose.

And that ’s to say… She didn ’t like it at all.

”Bitch… ” And neither did Violet.

”Yes, but… This is a hypothetical situation. ” Scathach raised an important point.

”Remember that the woman didn ’t necessarily say that. ”

”…. ” Kaguya and Violet were silent.





A silence fell around the three women who seemed to be thinking about what to do, but soon a voice appeared near them:

”Let her in. ”

”…Daughter? ” Scathach looked at Ruby, who had just arrived.

”Are you back Ruby? ”

”Yes, I noticed the visitor, and I decided to leave my lab. ” Ruby spoke as she cracked her neck a little, took off her white coat, and placed it beside the sofa. She straightened her clothes, tossed her long red hair back, and assumed a ’dignified ’ look.

She stretched her body a little, and during all these simple movements, her whole body seemed to glow with mature eroticism, and the two ’mountains ’ seemed to be moving as if trying to mesmerize the audience.

A vein bulged in Kaguya and Violet ’s head; ’Is she looking to pick a fight? ’ The two thought at the same time.

”Back to the subject. ” Ruby assumed a serious expression, she ignored the annoyed look of the two women and spoke:

”We ’ll let the witch in and make her wait for Victor. ”

”…Huh? Why? ” Violet didn ’t understand.

”You forgot? ”

”….? ” Violet didn ’t understand what Ruby was implying.

”Although we are ’married ’ to Darling, this is not ’legally ’ materialized. ”

”…Oh. ” Violet understood now. If you were going to talk on intimate terms, the three women were already married to Victor, considering they shared the same bed and a pact that will last for eternity, but…

Legally speaking, they weren ’t married to anyone yet, since the implications of the three of them marrying Victor were pretty big.

This would basically tell the world that Clan Fulger, Scarlett, and Snow supported Clan Alucard and were in an alliance with them.

And that would be ridiculous; three houses of vampire counts supporting just one vampire house?

In the public eye, this could be considered an attempt to monopolize power or a ’rebellion ’ against Vlad.

And all the women present seemed to understand that fact.

”We can ’t make a decision that involves my husband ’s Clan. Only two other people can do that. ” Ruby explained and looked at Kaguya:

”And they are Kaguya and Eve. ”

”…. ” An awkward silence fell over the place.

And then Kaguya said, ”I know that, but… I can ’t make this decision without consulting my master ’s wives. ” After all, that kind of decision involved Victor ’s entire clan.

And even though they weren ’t wives on paper, the women present there now were still Victor ’s wives.

Kaguya could listen to their opinion and act accordingly.

”… ” Ruby and Violet flashed a small smile.

’Wedding… ’ Scathach was silent while she seemed to be thinking about something important.

”Just one thing, don ’t follow my mother ’s opinion too much, her opinion tends to be very… destructive. ” Ruby couldn ’t find the best word to describe it.

”I know. ” Kaguya flashed a small smile and then disappeared into the shadows, ”I ’ll be back soon. ”

”… Curious, why didn ’t you tell her not to follow my opinion too? ”

Ruby cracked her neck again and thought; ’I need another massage from Darling… ’ Her face turned a little red when she thought about it, considering every time Victor gave her a massage, she knew that ’ that ’ would happen soon after. Her nether regions twitched a little in anticipation as she remembered that feeling.

”Even though you are what you are, you still have your head on straight, and you ’ve learned to control your jealousy and your anger. ” Despite thinking about things not safe for kids, Ruby gave an appropriate response that matched her current thinking of Violet.

She looked at the woman who looked a little shocked and said, ”You just have to be more sure of yourself, and eventually, you will become a leader like your mother. ”

”…But I ’m confident in myself. ” Violet narrowed her eyes and looked at Ruby ’s breasts which seemed to have gotten a little bigger again, or was it just her impression?

’Of course, it ’s not my impression! She received nutrients from Victor for an entire year! She monopolized him! ’

”I ’m not talking about that. ”

”Huh!? ” Violet glared at Ruby.

”I ’m saying you should be cooler when dealing with other women and not let your jealousy cloud your judgment. ”

”…Huh? ”

”Darling is like you and me. He will not betray us. ”

”I know that. I always knew. ” Violet spoke in a neutral tone, that was a fact she had always known.

”The thing is, when I think about a bitch approaching my Darling, my head is full of… inappropriate thoughts. ” Violet ’s eyes were pure now…

Pure darkness.

”I trust Darling, I don ’t trust the women he looks at, I feel like I must make them disappear before they attract his attention. ”

”… Well, that I can agree with you. ” Ruby spoke with the same eyes as Violet since she couldn ’t deny that, when looking at Mizuki, she had felt the same thing.

A possessive jealousy that could end up in tragedy.

”But I ’ve learned to control it when Darling loved me every night. ” Ruby flashed a gentle smile, and her eyes seemed to be glowing softly with a red light.

”…. ” Veins started bulging in Violet ’s head, her eyes glowed blood red, and she looked at Ruby ’s amorous state with an even more irritated expression than before.

As expected, this Bitch was looking to pick a fight with her!

Step, Step.

Hearing footsteps approaching, the three women came out of their thoughts and looked towards the entrance of the mansion.

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