My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter ​269: The definition of insanity?

Chapter 268: Maid and Witch. 2

”…Huh? ” She woke up from her stupor and looked at Kaguya with a shocked expression.


She pretended to cough and quickly put her foot down to reality. She had this bad habit of always getting lost in her own thoughts when she got excited or acquired new information.

”Anyway, that ’s all I have to say, do you have any questions? ” She returned to her professional smile.

”… ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes a bit when she saw the woman ’s previous state, but soon she returned to her neutral face and replied:

”I have no doubts. ” She spoke in a dry tone.

”As stated earlier, this is a decision I cannot make, I have to wait for my master. ”

”… In that case, I should leave, and come back when he-… ” Selena stopped talking and seemed to think for a while, and then she continued:

”Can I wait for him here? ”

”… ” Kaguya ’s eyes twitched a little when she heard what the woman said.

”…I don ’t have the authority to decide that. ” Kaguya spoke in a cold tone and then added in a few words:

”This is not my master ’s mansion. ”

”…Oh. ” Selena just remembered that the owner of this mansion was Scathach.

”Given the previous conflict, I have serious doubts as to whether Countess Scathach will allow you to stay in this mansion. ”

”… ” Selena ’s eyes turned cold as she remembered what Scathach had done, but soon she dropped the subject.

”Very well, in that case, I ’ll come back tomorrow. ” Selena got up from the chair where she was seated. She refused to talk to Scathach, after all, she believed that you couldn ’t talk to someone who just imposed their will on others.

And unlike other people, she wouldn ’t accept this quietly and would likely end up in conflict, something she wanted to avoid at all costs.

”… ” Kaguya continued watching the woman and said:

”That ’s a good idea. Tomorrow my master will be here… probably… ” She said ’probably ’ because she knew that Victor was free like the wind and bipolar like a madman. He could make a sudden decision and visit some random place.

She learned about this when she accompanied him on his nightly ’walks ’.

When she thought he was going to do something, he just turned around and did something else.

”I see… I ’ll be here tomorrow then. ” Selena took out a cell phone and set an alarm for 24 hours.

She needed to do that to understand that the day had passed, considering there was no sun in this place to identify the times.

And vampires also didn ’t bother to make a work and sleep schedule system. After all, sleep was just an option for vampires.

They didn ’t necessarily need sleep, but it was always good to sleep as the stress went away… Or because they just wanted to be lazy anyway.

”Take care, Selena. ” Kaguya turned and walked away.

’Strange… She won ’t take me outside the mansion area? She ’s not taking precautions in the event that I do something…- ’ She stopped thinking when she felt a small shiver down her spine, as she looked up at the mansion, and saw a Maid with long blonde hair looking at her.

This Maid flashed a small smile and then disappeared.

’…Who was her master? ’ Selena thought with a little curiosity.

”Lady Selena, where are you looking? ”

”!!!? ” Selena quickly jumped back and looked at the individual warily.

”Ara, I ’m sorry to surprise you. ” Roberta spoke with a gentle smile on her face as her eyes glowed blood red.

”Another Maid… ” Just how many maids are there in this place? And where were they when I arrived? My magic detected none of them.

”…. ” Roberta just smiled, and then she said:

”Come, I will accompany you to the exit. ” The woman with long black hair turned around and started walking peacefully through the forest while having a motherly and gentle smile on her face.

”… ” Selena didn ’t say anything, as she just started following the woman.

Kaguya remained watching the witch ’s movements until the moment she left the mansion ’s territory and entered the city.

A shadow started to leave Kaguya ’s left side, and soon Maria appeared:

”I do not like her. ” Maria was honest.

A shadow had come out of the ground and appeared to Kaguya ’s right side.

”Me either. ” Roberta spoke with a gentle smile, and soon her whole face changed to a sneer, ”She reminds me of one of the races I hate most in this world. ”

”Which one? ” Maria asked.

”Gods. ” For a moment, Roberta ’s eyes were snake-like, her long hair seemed to move as if it had a life of its own, but as soon as that change took place, the woman returned to her gentle smile.

”She ’s hiding something. ” Roberta continued.

”… ” Kaguya was silent for a while, and then she spoke:

”My opinion is neutral, I don ’t like or dislike her, but I agree with you Roberta. ”

”… ” Maria and Roberta are silent.

”She ’s hiding something. ”

”… ” The two nodded, for Maria, Selena reminded her of those experienced hunters who kept a gentle smile on her face but were thinking bad things behind that smile.

And to Roberta, the woman reminded her of beings she hated the most, and those beings were known to be unreliable.

”…But… ” Kaguya turned to the two maids, ”In the end, our opinions don ’t matter. ”

”It is our master who has to decide. ”

”… ” Roberta and Maria narrowed their eyes a little.

”You ’re wrong. ” She started talking.

”… ” Kaguya looked at Roberta.

”Our opinion matters, my master… Wrong, our master always takes our opinions into consideration when making a decision. ” That was an absolute truth for every Maid.

”We ’re not just Maids to him. ” Maria continued, her master didn ’t treat his Maids like tools without opinions of their own.

”You of all people should know that. ” Roberta finished.

”…. ” Kaguya ’s face slowly began to display a slight smile:

”I know. ”

”….. ” Maria and Roberta narrowed their eyes a little when they saw Kaguya ’s smile.

”Hahaha~. ” A laugh that was a little playful and at the same time sensual, was heard by the three maids, and soon a shadow appeared near the maids.

The shadow took the form of Bruna, and the Maid had a small smile on her face, ”She was testing you again. ”

”Yes, we get it, this is getting annoying. ” Maria clicked her tongue and turned away.

”How long have we known each other? Can you stop this testing stuff? ” Roberta spoke with a pout on her face.

”Impossible. ” Kaguya ’s answer was instant and dry.

”…. ” Why an instant response!? At least think a little, woman!

”When you are at least 100 years old, I will stop this. ” Kaguya flashed a small smile.

”Ugh… ” Maria and Roberta groaned at the same time in frustration.

Kaguya looked at Bruna:

”Did you bring what I ordered? ”

”Yes. ” Bruna put her hand on the floor, and her hand disappeared into the shadows, then she pulled out a large suitcase:

”It took me a while to find it, I didn ’t know where the master kept it, but here it is. ”

She tossed the briefcase to Kaguya.

Kaguya took the suitcase and put it on the floor, then she opened it:

”… ” Maria and Roberta approached in curiosity and looked at the contents of the suitcase.

And then they saw an axe…? or was it a hammer? It was too broken for them to identify, but they could easily tell it was a weapon.

”What is it? ” Maria asked.

”You do not remember? ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes.

”When my master destroyed that werewolf pack, their leader was carrying this weapon. ”

”… Oh, I remember, it was the night Bruna was recruited, right? ” Maria spoke.

”… ” Kaguya nodded.

”Hmm, ” Roberta put her hand on her cheek and spoke in a frivolous tone, ”I remember our master used this weapon to attack those hunters who tried to kidnap Ru-. ”

”!!! ” The three maids quickly reacted.

”SHHHHHH ” Maria, who was closest, quickly grabbed the woman ’s mouth.

”…? ” Roberta didn ’t understand the girls ’ reaction.

”Are you crazy? You shouldn ’t say that out loud. What happens if that ’thing ’ finds out about it? ” Maria spoke quickly in a low voice.

Roberta ’s eyes widened a little when she realized that the ’thing ’ Maria was talking about was Scathach.

”Our master is finally at peace after all the recent events, we must not provoke another war. ” Bruna spoke in a low tone.

Nod, Nod.

Kaguya nodded in agreement with the two women.

”Anyway, thanks for bringing this weapon. ” Kaguya deftly changed the subject.

”Are you planning for her to fix it? ”

”Yes, having the power of a Greek god is quite useful in an emergency. ” The moment Kaguya finished speaking, the whole place around her became more suffocating.

”Shit… ” Kaguya forgot that Roberta was sensitive to the word ’God ’, and she was even more sensitive when the word ’God ’ came together with ’Greek ’.

Kaguya looked at Roberta, seeing the woman ’s snake-like gaze.

Maria walked away from Roberta.

The woman was free, and she asked in a voice so dark it could easily make any being piss in fear:

”Who is it? ” Her hair was floating as if it had a life of its own, and her tone carried a hatred so heavy, so thick that Kaguya sometimes doubted if this Roberta was the same one she knew.

”…. ” Kaguya was silent for a few seconds and then replied:

”…Hephaestus. ”

”I see… ” The woman ’s ’hatred ’ seemed to subside a little, but it was still there.

”Why does the master need this? ” A confused look appeared on Roberta ’s face.

”The power of a god can only be countered with the power of another god… Master needs this tool, and we also need to defend against that bitch in the future. ”

Bruna and Maria narrowed their eyes when they heard Aphrodite ’s name spoken.

Yes, Kaguya didn ’t say her name, but when she said that ’bitch ’, every woman 10,000 km away who knew a certain goddess of beauty would think of Aphrodite.

”But…didn ’t he do that to that werewolf? ” The pressure around Roberta slowly started to return to normal as she understood Kaguya ’s purpose.

”…Huh? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand what the woman was implying.

”Anderson… That man is a demigod, and that attack he summoned, that great wolf was charged with divine energy, and our master easily countered it back. ”

”… Eh? ”

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