My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 270: Feeding my pet

ave made that decision, I think… I can ’t be sure, considering I ’m just a guard. ”

She started whistling around.

’Just a guard, huh? ’ Victor seriously doubted that statement now.

”Well, there ’s no use thinking about anything now. ” Victor wasn ’t getting anywhere, and he didn ’t have enough information to understand what had just happened.


’I will heed your advice… ’

The man ’s last words seemed to be extremely important. He had that tingling feeling in his neck that it would bite his ass in the future if he didn ’t pay attention.

After all, he has heard the word ’Chaos ’ twice in just one day. The first time was when he saw his titles… And the second time was when that man spoke to Victor.

’Chaos Witch ’, and: ’Child loved by the chaos. ’

There was definitely something there; he could smell the stench from miles away…

Ah, that was just the prisoners who just arrived…

Speaking of prisoners…

Victor narrowed his eyes and flashed a small smile. He finally remembered what he ’d come here to do.

”This shit has distracted me longer than it should… But I finally have what I need… It ’s time to feed my animals. ”

He organized his thoughts and defined a plan of action.

Feed his animals > wait for something interesting to happen to that tree > Date with Sasha > sex > sex again > then he must put out Natashia ’s fire, or this woman will never calm down.

What does that mean?

Sex again!

After that, he will go to Eleanor ’s territory to fulfill his promise.

”Umu. Sounds like a good plan to me. ” His smile grew abnormally

Seriously, Victor loved when things were simple.

Why does everyone like to complicate things?

The simpler things are, the more fun it is.

”!!! ” Natashia ’s entire body shuddered as she felt Victor ’s gaze roaming every corner of her body.

She pretended she didn ’t feel anything and did her best to keep her expression ’neutral ’.

”Let ’s get out of this place, and you come with me. ”

”Huh…? ” The prisoners did not understand the sudden order.

But it ’s not like Victor wanted to explain something, he took a look around, and despite some of them being strong, most of them were as weak as a fly.

’Is this what happens when a vampire goes without food? ’ He felt disgusted when he saw beings that looked like a mummy but were still alive.

”Wait, are you getting us out of this place? ”

”Yes, you will be my pet ’s food. ”

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell around them.

”…I don ’t think you should say that? ”

”Why? ”

”They ’re going to be-… ” The guard was about to say something, but suddenly they heard a scream.

”NOOOOOOOOO! ” Several vampires started screaming, and they were thrashing around in the cell, while some did nothing but had a hostile look while they stared at Victor.

”See? ”

”Useless effort. ” Victor commented in the same neutral tone.

”If my Husband hadn ’t come here today, they would be trapped still, and without a conscience, they should feel grateful that they ’re useful for something bigger than just being in their cell like a vegetable. ” Natashia spoke in disdain. Why can ’t they be more grateful? Isn ’t her husband kind!?

You should be thanking him!

”Your useless existences will at least serve for something. ” The woman ’s smile grew just like the man ’s.

”…. ” Cold sweat started to come out of the bodies of some vampires.

But some still held out the hope of Escape, after all, they are older vampires…-

”The gate has been opened, Countess Fulger and Count Alucard. ” The guard suddenly spoke while flashing a professional smile.

”Oh! Thank you. ” Victor spoke as he looked to the side and saw the same door he had passed through.

”……. ”

’C-C-Counts? ’ All the prisoners thought at once.

They may have been unaware of the outside for a long time, but one thing they never forget.

Vampire Counts are beings that are recognized by the king himself, Vlad.

And some of those vampires present knew how demanding this man was.

Which means that…

’Two vampire counts came to get us…. ’

’We ’re fucked! ’

That was the unanimous thought of all the prisoners present.

Vlad ’s Castle.

The Vampire King was sitting on his throne, he had his eyes closed, and he appeared to be resting.

As if by magic, a card appeared in front of him.

”… ” Vlad opened his eyes and looked at the letter with a neutral gaze.

”The Limbo? ” Finding it strange why that being would send him a letter, considering he hadn ’t asked anything from The Limbo yet.

He opened the letter, ”Oh, it ’s from the administrator. ” Soon he started reading the content:

Vlad Dracula Tepes, The First Progenitor.

Through this letter, I come to inform you that by the authorization given by the Code, Rule. The First Administrator.

The being whose title represents Count Alucard is in the possession of several level 5 – 7 vampire prisoners.

Normally, this kind of information should not be given to you, but as the one who is responsible for the entire race of vampires.

I came to inform you what happened.

PS: Stop being lazy, and go visit your wife!

Sign: Code, Imperial. The Second Administrator.

A vein pops in Vlad ’s head: ’Why is everyone so interested in my love life? ’

’But… ’

’Prisoners Level 5 – 7, Huh? ’ Vlad narrowed his eyes.

’Why does that boy want so many vampires? Is he planning a rebellion? ’ Of course, Vlad didn ’t even feel threatened with such ’power ’, considering that, despite being adult vampires, they were still weak to Vlad.

Even if they all joined together, they would still be weak.

United ants will still end up being ants, not something you need to worry about.

This was not arrogance but an undeniable fact.

”…. ” Thinking a little about Victor ’s personality and what kind of man he was.

Vlad shook his head, denying his own thoughts; ’Impossible, if he were to make a rebellion, he would directly fight me. He is not the type of man who makes plans behind the scenes, he is not a snake, like mine son. ’

… Vlad had a lot of confidence in Victor.

Trust in his way of acting, trust in his way of life.

As a student of Scathach and someone like that woman, Vlad saw Victor as a growing baby lion.

He was not a snake.

…But a King cannot live on unfounded trust… They need proof, and Vlad understood that.

He clenches his fist, and the letter that was in his hand disappeared:

”Investigate Count Alucard ’s movements…- ” Thinking of Alexios ’ advice, Vlad amended his order mid-sentence, ”But do it from afar, we don ’t want to cause unnecessary friction. ”

”Yes, Master. ”

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