My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 26: Why do you hide behind that mask?

br>The blond-haired man comes down from the third floor and walks towards me.

Soon my smile grows, ”No, you don ’t feel anything. ” In my mind, even though he is stronger than me, he didn ’t deserve my attention; I don ’t know where my pride comes from, but I ’ve felt that way since when I turned into a vampire…

Same with Luan, I thought he was a worthy opponent, but the moment he lowered his head and backed away like a dog, I lost interest… I hate him, but that ’s just my sadistic side and ego speaking. I wanted to see him humiliate himself one more time and, in doing so, I would feel satisfied, but I had also lost interest in him when he proved to be just an unwilling servant.

I had understood something new about myself, but I still had questions on my mind…

I don ’t understand… Why am I like this? I don ’t have the experience of a veteran warrior, I ’m not a martial arts genius, but why am I like this? Why? Why?

I questioned myself several times in my mind while looking at the full moon, I felt strange, it was like this body wasn ’t mine, it was like these emotions weren ’t mine, I felt trapped…

I felt like a wild animal that was trapped and tamed…

I don ’t understand… Maybe I ’m just freaking out… Yes, since I was turned into a vampire, my emotions are very chaotic: I get angry a lot easier, I get attached a lot easier, I hate easier, I feel sadistic pleasure in defeating my enemies, and I feel happy when I step on them with my feet like insects…

Yes, maybe something is wrong with my head.

As I looked at the Full Moon, I heard the vampire ’s footsteps approaching me, he looks at me, ”Today, you ’re going to die, and I ’m going after what belongs to me. ”

I ignored this man ’s words… What was his name again? He looked strong, but what was his name?

Well, I guess he ’s not important after all…

Suddenly, I remember the words of my teacher Adam.

”What do you think, Victor? Why don ’t you loosen up a little? How long are you going to hide behind this ’mask ’ that you created yourself? ”

When I remembered those words, I felt like all the doubts I ’d had the moment I faced this man were cleared up.

”Haha… ” I felt like laughing, laughing out loud, ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ” I laughed madly as I placed my left hand, which at some point regenerated, on my forehead and lifted my hair up; it was the first time I had laughed with all my being, and I finally understood why I was feeling weird. All this time, I was holding back… All this time, I wore this mask because it ’s the right thing to do, after all, everything that ’s weird is excluded from society. I wore a mask to hide the real me…

When did I start using this mask? I asked myself confused.

”What are you laughing at!? Shut up and die! ”

Oh, I remember now… It was that incident when I was a kid and I got lost in the woods…

”Hey, Vic… Can I call you @#$%? ” I heard a child ’s voice in my ears; the voice sounded like static, and I couldn ’t remember who it was.

I suddenly feel a warm feeling coming from my stomach, it was such intense heat, and it was furiously asking me to let go; I flash a smile full of sharp teeth and let that heat run wild.


A pillar of flame suddenly came out of Victor ’s body.

”Ahhhh~! ” Violet who was lying in one of the underground rooms she had asked to build moaned aloud.

Sasha, Natalia, and Maria who were in the same room watching television just looked at Violet confused.

Violet twitched her legs and lay down on the bed, her eyes were blood red, her breathing was ragged, and she was mumbling. ”Darling~! Darling~! Darling~! ” She looked like a broken record that kept saying the same word as she twitched her legs.

”Lady Violet? What ’s going on—…Oh my god, ” Natalia said as she approached Violet, but the moment she saw the erotic face Violet was making, she was surprised.

Sasha approaches Violet, looks at her friend, and when she sees the liquids that were leaking from Violet, she can ’t help asking, with her cheeks a little red with embarrassment, ”W-What is happening? ” She stuttered a little.

”Darling~ Darling~ I can feel it inside me! ” She responded as she squirmed.

”…Huh? ” Sasha didn ’t understand.

”Natalia, do you know something? ” Sasha asked.

Natalia just shook her head no and continued looking at Violet with the same neutral expression, but Maria who was close to Natalia could see that the maid had a small smile on her face.

”Where is Kaguya? ” Sasha asked as she looked around.

”She is in the shadow of Lord Victor, ” Natalia replied, and continued, ”She is protecting him. ”

When Sasha was about to say something, she is suddenly surprised when Violet gets up from the bed, ”I need to see my Darling! ” She spoke with a slightly red face.

”First, you should change your clothes, ” Sasha spoke in a tone that didn ’t allow refusal.

Violet looks down and sees the mess that was her dress, she nods her head and then disappears towards the bathroom.

”I ’ll go ahead, something must have happened to my husband. ” Sasha spoke with her cheeks showing a little embarrassment, she wasn ’t used to saying the word ’husband ’.

Soon, she too disappears, the only thing normal people could notice was a silhouette of a woman; Sasha ’s maid Maria also disappears and follows Sasha.


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