My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 28: The woman who kills Oni.

these demons!? We must kill them! ” A more fanatical hunter spoke.

”Fuck it, I ’m not going to die over bullshit like that! ” When this hunter was about to flee, he hears Mizuki ’s voice:

”Is that the attitude of a hunter? If you ’re not prepared to die, you shouldn ’t be in this job! ” She spoke in obvious contempt, she hated that hunter ’s cowardly attitude.

She ignores the useless men; this monster is strange. He ’s strong, but he has the feeling of inexperience; he ’s just using his power directly… Let ’s try something.

”Bishamonten, give it to me a weapon to destroy my enemies. ” She spoke in a neutral tone, and her fan began glowing red, then, suddenly, her fan turns into a two-meter-long Odachi.

Mizuki lifts the Odachi with her right hand as if it were not heavy and puts it on her shoulder, and displays a predatory smile. Everyone could feel that the air around Mizuki changed, if before she looked like an elegant woman, now she looked like a wild beast!

Mizuki takes a talisman from her pocket with her left hand, closes her eyes, and holds the talisman in front of her.

”Abe-No-Seimei, lend me your wisdom to defeat this Oni. ”

The talisman disappeared in blue light, and soon that same light began to cover Mizuki ’s body. When she opened her eyes, a magic circle was carved in them.

Mizuki crouches a little, and slowly the sword blade starts to be covered in blue energy; she bends her knees and with a thrust, and flies towards Victor like a missile.

When she got close to Victor, she brandished the Odachi diagonally.

Realizing the threat, Victor suddenly disappears in front of Mizuki and appears beside her, then he attacks her trying to rip her head off.

”It ’s useless, ” She said smiling while blue energy glowed in her body.

Victor didn ’t understand what happened, but he suddenly screamed from a pain he ’d never felt in his life:

”AHHHHHHHHH! ” He screamed like he was a beast being wounded.

”Victor! ” Ruby cried out in concern when she saw the cut on his chest.

Victor holds his bleeding chest, slowly, the fire that was covering his body began to weaken considerably.

Realizing this was an opportunity, Mizuki flashed a maniacal smile and brandished Odachi again, this time she wanted his head!

But before her sword ripped off Victor ’s head, a huge wall of ice appeared in front of her.

Mizuki ’s Odachi cut through the ice wall easily, but soon she realized the monster was no longer in front of her, she also heard a woman ’s neutral voice. She turns her face and sees a woman wearing a maid outfit, she looked into the woman ’s blood-red eyes and realized she was a vampire.

”Sorry but I can ’t let you kill my master, I haven ’t had enough headpats yet. ”

Seeing the darkness covering the maid ’s feet, Mizuki spoke: ”The Kuroyami Clan… ”

”Oh? It ’s been a while since I heard that name. ” Kaguya flashed a small smile.

Mizuki looks around and sees that the monster was being hugged by Ruby, the monster had a much weaker fire than before, and she also saw that Ruby was using her ice ability to close the wound she caused the monster:

”When I destroyed the noble vampires of Japan, I looked in their records that talked about a clan of vampires who could control the shadows. They were the best assassins in Japan. A clan of vampire ninja controlled by a noble vampire who had friendly relations with Toyotomi Hideyoshi. ”

She looked around a little further and noticed that Ruby ’s maid had disappeared; ’Where is she? ’

”They kept records about us… What a surprise, I thought they had forgotten us. ” Kaguya spoke in an emotionless tone.

Mizuki was looking at the monster with dangerous eyes and with a big smile on her face. With the previous confrontation, she can understand that the monster was inexperienced in fighting; he had great power, that ’s a fact, but he didn ’t know how to control it. Power, and not knowing how to control it, in a fight against a hunter is deadly.

’I need to eliminate him, a monster like him can ’t stay alive; I shouldn ’t miss this opportunity ’ She thought with determination.


Victor coughed up black blood on the floor, and soon the fire that covered his body began to slowly die, and eventually, his transformation was undone; he was back to normal.

’The poison is taking effect, good. But, this is only temporary, this poison is not strong enough to kill the noble vampires; I need to eliminate it! ’ Mizuki thought.

”D-Darling!? Are you okay!? Darling!? ” Ruby tried to talk to him, but Victor ’s eyes were unfocused as if he were lifeless.

Seeing the black blood on the floor, Kaguya looked at Mizuki: ”What did you do? ”

”That is not something you need to know. ” Mizuki spoke as she positioned herself. She placed the Odachi on her shoulder again, and flexed her knee, she then pulled a talisman from her pocket. The talisman began to glow, and soon she spoke as she threw the talisman at Kaguya:

”Ken, Zo, Fa, Oder! ” A wave of flame erupted from the talisman and flew towards Kaguya.

Kaguya looked at the fire neutrally approaching, ”Onmyoujutsu, this is something rare these days. ”

Kaguya ’s body began to be covered by darkness, and soon two daggers appeared in her hands, she cuts the fire horizontally, and when the fire died out, she saw Mizuki running at high speed towards her.

Kaguya ’s darkness began to grow, slowly, the darkness began to leak towards the ground, and soon all the ground around her was covered with blackness; it was as if Kaguya had created a ’territory ’ just for her.

When Mizuki enters Kaguya ’s territory, suddenly thousands of black hands start coming out of the ground and heading towards Mizuki.

”Tsk, annoying ” Mizuki ’s sword starts to be covered in thunder, and with a diagonal swing, she eliminates all of the shadow hands created by Kaguya.

”Where is she? ” Mizuki said as she looked around.

”You hurt my master, that is a serious crime. ” She heard a voice in her ear.

Mizuki tried to run away, but she couldn ’t, as soon as she felt a dagger piercing her heart, her face took on an expression of disbelief. It was as if she didn ’t believe she would be eliminated so easily.


She coughed up blood on the floor.

Kaguya pulls the dagger out of Mizuki ’s heart and when she goes to cut off her head, she hears an ancient and powerful voice:

”Enough! ”

A blue power left Mizuki ’s body, and Kaguya quickly disappears into the shadows and returns to Victor ’s side.

”A guardian spirit… ” Kaguya stared in shock as she looked at the old man who was floating around Mizuki.

The old man waves his fan in his hand and soon the wound Kaguya inflicted on Mizuki began to regenerate at high speed.

He nodded satisfied, and looked at Kaguya with a neutral look:

”Oni, you use very sneaky techniques. ”

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