My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 298: Persephone The Queen Of The Underworld

nds of souls living inside his soul… It was obvious that his soul was no longer the soul of an ordinary mortal. ’

She looked at the being behind the sun, and realized that that being was the representation of his soul.

’What is he… What is this being? ’

He was not a God, she was 100% sure of that.

He wasn ’t a demon either.

’To whom did Adonis offer his soul!? ’

”Are you surprised? ” She heard a voice in her ear.

She quickly jumped back.

’When did he appear there? ’

”I bet you ’re surprised. ” Victor cracked his neck a little.

”… ”

”How can he influence this place? ”

”Wasn ’t this supposed to be the domain of my curse? ”

”What is this being? ”

”To whom did Adonis offer his soul? ” He flashed a small smile that showed off his sharp teeth.

”… Can you read my mind?

”… ” Victor ’s smile only grew.

And that was enough of an answer for Persephone to understand that he could.

But could he actually read her mind?

The answer was no…

But he could predict her thoughts.

’Ah~, my dear Persephone, you are so predictable. ’ During all the humiliation that passed, Adonis did his best to understand the personalities of the two Goddesses.

Before, for Victor, Aphrodite was like a riddle he couldn ’t solve.

But by absorbing Adonis, he had completed this riddle called Aphrodite, and could understand her, and even to some extent predict the woman ’s actions.

The same applied to Persephone.

The years that Adonis suffered at the hands of the Goddesses were not in vain.


’I need to get out of here, I need more information. ’

What were the things the Gods feared most? Powerful beings who reign supreme since the beginning of time?

What did they fear most?

The unknown…

… Ironically, the answer to that question was the answer for all beings existing in this world.

Humans feared the unknown, angels feared the unknown, demons, Gods, Yōkai, vampires.

All beings shared this fear in common.

For Persephone, this being in front of her was something incomprehensible. After all, she never cared about the outside world, she was obsessed with Adonis , thus, completely forgot to socialize.

And that was something Victor wanted to keep, he wanted the Goddess to have a pre-established prejudice that he was ’strong ’.

So that in the future, even if she found out his identity as a vampire count, she wouldn ’t mess with him until he was prepared enough.

He was still a long way from facing a God like Persephone, even if not a God related to battle, she was still a Goddess, her very energy extremely capable of harming Vampires.

And he knew he couldn ’t kill her even if he wanted to. How do you kill someone who lives in The Underworld which was basically ’hell ’?

Gods don ’t die normally, he needed a special weapon to erase her ’existence ’.

So the only answer he came up with to buy time was… Fear.

After all, fear was a good tool to keep someone in control.

Because of that, he put on this whole ’show ’.

And to make the situation even better, Persephone was isolated. Few knew of her obsession with Adonis, the only one who should know about it is Aphrodite.

Even the biggest Simp in the world couldn ’t forgive a betrayal, right…? Well that only applied to normal people.

Unfortunately, Gods were not normal people, they have lived so long that their own brains had remained fried for a long time.

Because of this, the conclusion that Victor came to with the information that Adonis had was,l

Hades knew of his wife ’s betrayal, but even so, he ignored it.

But… Would Hades help his wife with her little problem? A problem related to her lover?

Even though he was the biggest Simp in the world, he was still the King of The Underworld, he needed to have some pride, right?

Victor was betting on it.

Just as Persephone was about to disappear, she felt someone holding her leg.

And she saw that the corpses scattered on the floor began to grab at her..

”Why the hurry? ” He started walking slowly towards Persephone.

”You just arrived, let ’s get to know each other better. ” His smile slowly grew, a smile that showed all of his sharp teeth.

”!!! ” Persephone ’s entire existence shook, she couldn ’t let him touch her, if that man touched her, something terrible would happen!

”Don ’t come near me! ”


An explosion of dark power took place, the corpses flew in pieces everywhere around, and the world around them began to shake.

’…As expected of a Goddess… ’

Although not as big as my soul, the quality of her soul is far superior.

Victor won in ’quantity ’, but as a Goddess, she won in ’quality ’.

If Victor ’s soul was like molded steel.

The soul of a God was like a cut diamond.

The difference in quality was quite visible at this point.

But even if he knew that, even if he was feeling the small effects of Persephone ’s power blast, he didn ’t show it.

When fighting an enemy stronger than you, you must not show weakness.

The teachings of a man who had to use his weak body to survive were very helpful.

And joining these teachings with the teachings of Scathach,

’Use everything around you so, when you are fighting a stronger enemy, the terrain is your greatest ally. ’

Victor became relentless.

”I ’m going to get out of here, and it ’s not you who ’s going to stop me. ” She growled with visible hostility, her whole atmosphere changed, and she became more dignified.

”… That ’s a shame. ” Victor ’s eyes slowly turned violet.

”I wanted to talk to you, I want to get to know more about the woman known as Persephone. ”

Persephone narrowed her eyes: ”…You say that after clearly showing hostility towards me? ”

”If I didn ’t do that, you wouldn ’t respect me. ”

”… ”

”You Gods always think you ’re the center of the universe… It ’s irritating to talk to someone like that. ”

”…. ” Persephone continued to watch Victor suspiciously.

”In fact, it was because of that, that Adonis hated you. ” He flashed a small smile.

Victor knew the fear tactic wouldn ’t work forever, because of that, he was already planning to do other things.

If fear didn ’t work, use curiosity.

If curiosity didn ’t work, use respect.

There were several tools he could use.

He wanted Persephone ’s fear, and… Information.

Information about the Greek Gods, their strength, where they resided, anything that was useful.

And what was a better source of information than a Goddess from the same Pantheon herself?

”…Stop your lies, Adonis could never hate me, after all, I gave him everything. ”

’Oh…? She ’s more composed, I need to step back a little, and make her let her guard down. ’ A wicked little smile grew on Victor ’s face.

”You ’re right, Adonis could never hate you… ”

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