me know. ”

”Yes, I will. ” Luna responded unconsciously, as she wasn ’t paying much attention to what Sasha said.

While Victor was going to train with his Maids, Scathach, Sasha, and Eleonor,

Violet was sitting cross-legged as she stared at a bed with a neutral gaze.

On the bed was a woman with long white hair, who was lying on the pillow as tears fell from her face.

”How long has she been like this…? ” she asked in a careful tone.

”Since Victor left here… ” Hilda spoke.

”…I see… ” Violet lowered her head a little. To be honest, it had been hard for her too.

She was used to walking into this room and seeing her father sitting there welcoming her with a gentle smile… But that image would never be possible to see again.

’My father is gone… And to make matters worse, by his own will… ’ Now that she had a clearer head, she could understand Adonis ’ feelings.

Yes, she could understand them… But she couldn ’t accept it.

’He ’s very selfish… How can he just disappear without saying anything to anyone? ’ Violet bit her lip, and small tears threatened to spill down her face.

”Violet… ” Hilda touched Violet ’s shoulder.

”… Yes, I know. ” She wiped her eyes and said, ”This is no time to cry. ” She took on a serious expression.

”…. ” Hilda flashed a small smile of approval when she saw how quickly Violet recovered.

’Can she be like that because she has that man always supporting her? ’ Hilda was a little curious.

”How much do you know about the situation? ”

”Only a little… But I can imagine more or less what happened… ” Hilda was honest.

”Tell me what happened. ” But she wouldn ’t deny an explanation of what happened. It was better for her to work with real facts rather than speculation.

”This will take a while… ” Violet said, and soon she started to explain what happened to Hilda.

30 minutes pass.

”I see… ” Hilda could only say that after hearing Violet ’s entire explanation. What else could she say? What ’s done was done, and she wasn ’t very good at comforting people. She never was.

Despite knowing Agnes since she was a teenager, Hilda could count on her fingers the times she ever needed to comfort Agnes.

The first time was when Agnes ’ parents died, and the second time was when she discovered her uncle ’s treachery against the Snow Clan.

After those times, Agnes never cried or became depressed again; she had become a strong woman… A little broken, after all, she had become a hedonist, but still, she was strong, and that was all that mattered.

”Now that you know, let ’s work this out. ” Violet got up from her chair and walked toward the bed.

She grabbed Agnes by the collar of her shirt and looked into the woman ’s lifeless eyes, ”What are you doing? ”

”… ” Agnes stared into Violet ’s violet eyes, and for a moment, the image of Adonis seemed to replace Violet, but slowly, she began to wake up and saw that it was just her daughter…

”…Violet… ”

”Yes, I ’m your daughter. ”

”And I ’m asking, what are you doing? ”

”… I don ’t know… ”

”Yes, I can see that. ” She felt like rolling her eyes.

”When I decided to visit this place, I was expecting to see my mother furious as she looked for a way to make a fur coat of the Goddess Persephone. ”

”…. ” Agnes ’s brow twitched a little.

”But I never expected you to be in this pathetic state. ”

Agnes ’ eyes began to glow blood red, and anger began to build in her chest.

”How dare you… You don ’t know how much I suffered! ”

”You don ’t know-. ” Before Agnes could say more, Violet interrupted:

”Yes, I don ’t know… The only thing I know is that my father died! And my mother is doing nothing! ” Violet looked at Agnes with her red eyes.

”I ’m not doing anything…? I literally did everything, and it still wasn ’t enough-. ”


Violet slammed her head into Agnes ’ head.

”!!! ” Hilda opened her eyes in shock.

”Ugh. ” Agnes showed a pained expression, her daughter ’s head was hard!

While keeping her face close to Agnes, Violet spoke with a furious expression:

”Do you want to cry!? ”

”Do you want to be depressed? ”

”Do you want to be alone?

”Do you want to mourn my father ’s death!? ”

”Do it after you get your revenge! ”

Violet ’s voice entered Agnes ’ entire being and made Agnes ’ entire existence visibly shake.

Looking into her daughter ’s red eyes in a state of shock, she could see an intense fire burning inside her eyes, a fire that was being fueled by her hatred, a hatred that could burn the world if not managed correctly.

”Violet-. ” Agnes looked like she was going to say something, but Violet didn ’t want to listen.

Violet let go of the woman, ”When that bitch pays for everything she ’s done, when that bitch dies, when her whole existence burns in our fire… ”

”Only when that happens are you allowed to feel depressed and mourn my father ’s death… Until that day comes, I need you. I need the Countess of the Snow Clan. ” Violet turned around and walked towards the exit of the room. When she touched the doorknob, she spoke without turning back:

”And do yourself a favor, and me… Seal this room. ”

”W-Wait, where are you going, Violet? ” Hilda asked.

”For my room, I will wait for my mother to become the woman I know, and in a way that I also respect. ” She spoke in a cold tone.

Violet opened the door and left as she looked down the hall and walked forward aimlessly.

Walking around in a bewildered state, at some point, she arrived at her room.

She entered her room and closed the door.

And the moment she closed the door, her legs seemed to give out, and she fell to the floor.

She sat on the floor and put both hands on her head while crying silently…

”…This is hard, Darling… ” She looked down at her shaking hands and displayed a depressing smile:

”You ’re not allowed to mourn my father ’s death, huh? ” She displayed a disdain for those words.

She was asking for something impossible, as vampires, they felt everything more intensely, and even if they weren ’t vampires,

She was a daughter… A daughter who had just lost her father.

No matter how strong she pretended to be, when she was alone, it all fell apart.

”Pathetic… ” She clenched her fist tightly.

’I said all that, but I can ’t do what I said. Am I just a hypocrite? ’

’Father… you idiot… ’

’Darling… I ’m sorry… ’ Her emotional state was on the rocks.

She needed some time to herself, and because of that, she locked herself in her room.

Without Violet noticing, a shadow moved and left the room.

This shadow disappeared from the Snow mansion and appeared in the Garden, and the appearance of a woman with oriental features and long black hair appeared.

She looked at the Snow mansion and thought; ’That ’s what Lady Kaguya was saying… ’

’I must warn her about this… Count Alucard must know about this. ’ The woman disappeared into the shadows again and ran towards the Scarlett clan ’s territory.

Even though he was far away, Victor always kept an eye on Violet and protected her.

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