My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 309: The promise l made

woman takes a step back.

Victor laughs a little internally, but he doesn ’t show it on his face as he brings his face closer to her ear and says:

”Only two things… Kaguya is in charge of watching over my wife Violet. If she receives reports or needs to do something, I need you to stop her training. ”

”…That ’s understandable. ” She nodded, her cheeks a little red.

”The second thing… ” Victor pulls away from Scathach and looks into the woman ’s eyes.

”Victor? ” She looked confused at her disciple.

”They ’re not me. ”

”…. ” Scathach assumed a neutral face when she heard Victor ’s words.

”Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, they are not me who you can throw everything at, and I will just face it all with a smile on my face. ”

”Remember, don ’t overdo it like you did to me… ” He caresses the woman ’s face and displays a gentle smile:

”You already have me. You don ’t have to worry, I won ’t run away anywhere. ”

”… ” Scathach ’s eyes widened a little in shock.

”Train them, and let them shine expertly through your hands, don ’t break the diamonds I ’m giving you. After all, they are my precious Maids. ”

”Can I count on you? ”

Scathach closed her eyes as, for a moment, she enjoyed Victor ’s caresses. Then, a few seconds later, she opens her eyes and speaks in a gentle tone:

”Always. ”

Victor ’s smile widens into happiness, and he kisses Scathach ’s cheek, ”I knew I could count on you, Master. ” He wore a very innocent smile of happiness, very different from the usual.

badump, Badump.

Scathach ’s heart felt like it had been hit by several arrows, he was too strong for her now.

”Y-Yeah. ”

’…He is too cute now… I almost… I almost… kidnapped him… ’ She always has that kind of feeling when her heart beats fast.

The feeling of kidnapping Victor and being alone with him for a long time.

Victor laughs a little and walks away from Scathach as he looks at the Maids with a neutral gaze:

”Why the depressed expressions? ”

”… ” The four maids looked at him.

”You have my blood, you are my servants, my precious Maids. ”

”You will overcome this training, believe in yourself. ”

”Master… ” Bruna didn ’t know what to say. After all, she was dealing with Scathach here. She ’s already seen how the woman trains or teaches someone, and she definitely knows that they probably wouldn ’t be able to overcome her training.

”…If you can ’t believe in yourself. ”

”Believe me. ” His eyes became serious.

”…Huh? ”

”Believe me, who believes in you. ”

”Believe me, the person who knows how strong you are. ”

”Put your faith in me, and move on because I ’ll always be waiting for my precious Maids. ”

”… ” The Maids opened their eyes wide, including Roxanne.

But Roxanne was surprised at something else. The way Victor spoke was as if he was going to leave and leave them here.

They felt sweet inside to learn how their Master blindly believed in their abilities.

Influenced by Victor, confidence began to grow within the girls, a confidence that had the power to overcome anything as long as their master was by their side.

”Good. ” He flashed a satisfied smile.

”How long are you going to be gone? ”

[M-Master?] Victor looked at Kaguya.

[Take care of your sisters.] Victor just said that.

[…Am I useless to you?]

[Of course not. You are my precious Maid, but I need you to properly develop your powers… Powers you gained from me, don ’t forget to train your clan ’s techniques as well.]

[….Master.] Kaguya was happy to hear Victor ’s words, but she didn ’t want to be away from him.

[Take care of your sisters.] He spoke again.

[Yes… I will.]

He flashed a small smile and answered Scathach ’s question:

”I don ’t know. I just know that I will fulfill my promise. ” He spoke without turning and while looking at Eleanor.

’As expected, he was leaving… ’ Roxanne thought.

”I will take them, Scathach. ”

Scathach nodded and spoke in a stern, cold tone:

”…take care of my daughters. ”

”I will take care of them as if they were mine. I promise nothing will happen to them. ” Victor spoke with the same stern tone.

”… ” Scathach showed a smile of satisfaction. She knew she could count on him, as he was no longer a boy, he was a man… A man she could trust.

A man she can always trust… From the beginning, he was always a man…

badump, Badump.

’That feeling again… ’ She narrows her eyes.

”You should take care of yourself too. ”

”Yes, I will. ” He turned his face and looked at the woman while displaying a gentle smile, ”Take care, Master. ”

”Mm. ” She nodded.

Victor takes a step and appears in front of Eleanor.


Eleanor swallowed hard as she looked into Victor ’s violet eyes.

’He smells so good… ’ She looked numb.

Victor laughs a little as he holds Eleanor with his empty hand and looks at Roxanne:

[Don ’t feel alone, you ’re part of a big family now, and I won ’t be long.]

[… Mm…]

[If possible, try to find out more about yourself and the world, read books, learn about the world, you don ’t need strength now… You need to study.]

[…] Roxanne didn ’t promise anything about it, but her mind was considering what Victor had said.

”Big Guy. ”

”Hmm? ” The gorilla opened his eyes.

”Protect everyone, and learn about the world too. ”

”… Ehhh? I just want to sleep. ”

”That wasn ’t advice. ”

Victor ’s eyes glowed violet hues.

”That was an order. ”

”!!! ” The gorilla ’s entire existence trembled under Victor ’s gaze.

”As her guardian, it is your duty to ensure her safety, and I will not accept a lazy gorilla. You must be strong, you must be smart. ”

”I ’m giving you two options right now. ”

”Study or train with my master. ”

”Choose. ”


The gorilla visibly swallowed, and he humbly spoke.

”I will study… ”

”Good. When I get back, I ’ll ask my wife Ruby to do a simple test for you. ”

The gorilla ’s body broke into a cold sweat.

”If you fail, I will throw you to the wolves. ” Victor ’s smile grew wider.

”D-Demon, are you sure you ’re not a demon in disguise!? How can you do that to your friend!? ”

”I ’m doing this because you ’re my friend. I don ’t want you to die from being weak. ”

”… ” The gorilla was speechless, and he stared into Victor ’s eyes for a long time.

Then he grew a small smile.

”…Okay, I ’ll do it. ”

Victor nodded in satisfaction.

”S-S-Stay away… ” Eleanor complained, but she didn ’t seem to be making an effort to get away.

Did Victor listen to her?

Of course not, he did the opposite and held her tighter.

”Hold on to my neck. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning began to crackle around Victor.

”!!! ” Eleanor opened her eyes in shock, quickly wrapped her arms around Victor ’s neck, and held him tightly since she already knew what he was going to do.

Victor holds Eleanor tighter, and soon he looks up to the sky.

His eyes glowed gold for a few seconds, it was as if lightning had passed through his eyes.

And in the blink of an eye.

He disappeared in a burst of lightning.

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