My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 319: Rubys Experimentsand Discoveries

Sasha was staring at her mother with a neutral gaze and breathing heavily as if she had made a great effort. Her whole body was dripping with sweat, and that sweat was pouring down towards her big mounds, causing a very erotic sight.

On the other hand, her mother seemed to be completely fine:

”Our power is one of the most malleable powers of the four Clans of Vampire Counts. ” She spoke while ignoring Victor ’s Clan. After all, it would be unrealistic to try to compare that monster with any member of her family or the Scarlett Clan family.

She lifted her hand up, and lightning started crackling in her hand.

”We can use our power so much to increase our body ’s speed, we can also use our power for direct attack, you know that, right? ”

”Yes. ” Sasha, who was in front of Natashia with a heavy breath, spoke up. She had just finished a long fight with her mother.

She looked at the iron daggers in her hand. They were simple daggers that Natashia had given to Sasha to teach Sasha the martial arts of Clan Fulger.

Although Sasha knew a few things, she never thought the Fulger Clan ’s martial arts would be so profound, and she couldn ’t help but be inwardly shocked at how many variations of techniques this martial art had…

”Fighting using lightning as an attack is the most recommended if you don ’t have enough control to use lightning on yourself. ”

”Using lightning to speed yourself up is a big risk since you need very fine control to do that. ”

”And not all people can use lightning to give themselves a boost without worrying about the consequences. ”

”Even me, I was only able to use this power without worries because of my Darling. ”

”…. ” Sasha ’s brows twitched. Looking at her mother ’s dazzling smile, she felt like sighing.

Slowly her face started to turn red as she remembered what she had done with her mother and Victor in the bathroom.

’And to think that I would get drunk on my husband ’s blood, and I would end up doing that. ’

Just remembering the indecent way the private part of Natashia, who was her mother, opened and closed as if it wanted to greedily devour her husband ’s member.

Just remembering how her mother was soaking wet as she greedily devoured Victor ’s member with her indecent mouth.

Just remembering the noise she made when she licked his member like it was a very tasty popsicle and swallowed everything he released inside her with a perverted smile.

Her face turned completely red, and she felt an overwhelming urge to hide in a hole and never get out of that hole.

’Mother is very perverted! She is a degenerate! ’

She knew very well that if it weren ’t for the respect that Natashia had for her daughter, if it wasn ’t for Victor ’s promise that she would be the next to have her…

The two Vampires wouldn ’t have held back, and they would have easily given in to each other ’s desires.

Sasha felt very grateful for that. After all, it was proof that the two of them didn ’t forget about her even in the heat of the moment and respected her.

And it made her very happy since, even in a horny state, the two of them still hadn ’t forgotten about her. They knew that the two of them could have just crossed that barrier easily and ignored Sasha and her feelings.

Because of these reasons, despite feeling a little annoyed in her heart seeing how her mother called her husband, she was not upset since her mother was respecting her feelings. She lusted after her husband, but she would not walk over her daughter to have him.

This attitude proved once again that she was not that bitch Natasha, who would easily ignore this and would have attacked Victor right there.

Remembering what happened in the bathroom, she felt an itch in her private parts.


She swallowed her saliva as she rubbed her legs together in an attempt to stop the itching.

’…Next time I meet Darling…I will definitely kidnap him and take him to the room…I can ’t wait any longer… ’ Her face turned redder, and her breathing became ragged while thinking about what she was going to do with Victor.

Sasha couldn ’t deny it anymore, she was just as perverted as her mother, and Victor ’s taunts had reached a critical threshold.

She needed that member inside her and filling her insides! Just imagining what it would feel like to be filled by that, her whole body shuddered like an electric current had passed through her entire body.

”The beings that can use the power of lightning without consequences on their own bodies are so limited that they can be counted on one hand. ” Natashia continued with the same smile on her face as if she was ignoring her daughter ’s inner battle.

Natashia continued to explain:

”Victor, me, you, and your grandmother. ” Showing the number four with his finger.

”… Eh? And about that man? I ’m sure he can use lightning just like us too. What is his name again…? ” Sasha touched her chin as she tried to remember someone ’s name.

”Huh? What man? ” Natashia looked at her daughter, confused.

”That man who fought with Victor, he was of our Clan, and he is my aunt ’s son. ” She tried as hard as possible to remember the man ’s name, but she couldn ’t.

It ’s not like it ’s her fault, her head was just like Violet ’s, and surprisingly Ruby didn ’t store unnecessary information about other people either.

Even though Sasha and Ruby were better than Violet about it, they would still forget if they didn ’t contact this person for a long time.

”Hmmm… ” Natashia narrowed her eyes a little as, just like her daughter, she seemed to be using her brain to the fullest to remember him.

Suddenly a memory of her sister stroking someone ’s head popped into her head:

”…Oh… Dragon Boy, huh? ” Natashia seemed to remember and, at the same time, not…

’What was his name again? ’ Natashia, as someone who was like Violet, completely forgot about the man, and he was someone who lived in the Fulger Clan mansion!

Well, we couldn ’t blame her. 90% of her brain was thoughts of her beloved daughter.

And 9% of her brain was devoted to her sister, and only 1% of it was on Clan Fulger ’s responsibilities.

Although, with her leadership ability that 1% is enough to manage her entire Clan, it just showed how capable she was.

And now the question, what about Victor?

Well, Victor occupied 696% of the thoughts of her younger sister, who by now was a little wet from their previous encounter.

Just like men, women also thought with the lower half.

Which meant she had two brains!

…Which also meant she was horny the entire time!

’Ahhh~, I mustn ’t think about it, or I ’ll be awakened even more. ’ Natashia quickly shook her head several times not to think about what happened in the bathroom. All her insides twitched anxiously as she thought about what had happened.

’Seriously, sometimes I think Darling is doing it on purpose, is he playing a game of neglect? ’ Her cheeks turned slightly red at feeling the tip of the modest bunnies becoming completely erect and pushing at the shirt she was wearing.

”…Cough. ” She coughed a little as she contracted her legs a little as if she had an annoying itch in her bottom.

’Calm down, calm down. ’ She thought to herself, but it wasn ’t working.

”Yes, that man uses that dragon technique and fights with illusions. ” Sasha nodded as if remembering him just now. The man ’s technique was more striking than the man himself to the two women.

”Anyway, the way this boy used lightning is different from us. ”

”Oh? ” Sasha woke up from her thoughts and looked at her mother, while she promptly ignored the way she was acting and the way the shirt she was wearing highlighted her bunnies ’ peaks.

She couldn ’t judge her mother, considering she was in a similar state.

She was just grateful that the two were alone and had no one around. After all, they were in an area much further away from the coliseum.

”He uses his lightning bolt on his Katana as some kind of support, he doesn ’t use it directly like Victor or me. ”

”If put in simple words, he just takes his Katana and uses the lightning as a secondary means, and only rarely will he use the lightning on his entire body, as the use of the power on the body is minimal, he does not take damage. ”

Tatsuya used the power of lightning in a very different way compared to Sasha, Natashia, and Victor.

As his lightning was not as powerful as the people mentioned, he decided that this was the most efficient way to use his power.

”Ohhh… ” Sasha understood now.

Natashia nodded, satisfied, ”Ehh… where was I? ” She touched her chin and then returned to her explanation:

”Only these beings can use lightning without harm to the body. You have inherited your father ’s toughness, and because of that, you are able to use the power without harming yourself. ”

”Victor, because he inherited your features when the ritual took place. ”

”Me, because I kept drinking my Darling ’s blood, and drinking his special blood allowed me to get stronger and tougher. ”

”And your grandmother, Carmila Fulger, although in her case, was much more special compared to us. ”

”…What do you mean by special? ” Sasha asked curiously. She knew next to nothing about her grandmother, she just knew that she was quite a powerful figure for Clan Fulger, but that was it. The only things she knew about Carmila were through books at the time.

Despite having this doubt, her other half was thinking about something else:

’…Victor is in Clan Adrastea territory… I will visit my dear friend Ruby… Depending on Violet ’s condition, I will or will not go to Clan Adrastea… Yes, I will. I hope all is well with Violet. ’

Sasha wasn ’t thinking clearly, and she was letting her desires guide her actions, but despite being in that state, she never forgot to worry about her friend.

”Well, she was a damn monster. ” Natashia rolled her eyes as she had her arms crossed.

”Huh? ”

”My mother had such precise control of lightning that it was ridiculous. It was as if the lightning obeyed her will. ” Natashia was still in awe of the things her mother did with lightning. She had techniques and control that Natashia could only do 1500 years later!

”Although, I have a slight suspicion that she could control her power so well because she was a lightning spirit before she became a vampire. ” She extended both hands forward.

”…Huh? ” Sasha looked at Natashia with a stupid look, seriously doubting her hearing ability now.

’Did she just say that my grandmother was a spirit? ’ The shock was so great that she completely forgot her indecent thoughts!

’Was that story real!? ’ She couldn ’t understand how a spirit could become a Vampire.

Rumble, Rumble.

Soon two golden daggers appeared in front of Natashia.

”In all of my childhood, my mother was never far from these daggers. Wherever she would go, she would go along with these daggers… As stated earlier, these daggers help in controlling her powers as well. ” Natashia spoke as she took the two daggers and approached Sasha.

”I never told you the name of these daggers, right? ”

”No you haven ’t… ” Sasha spoke as she dropped the daggers she was using on the floor and took the two daggers from Natashia ’s hand.

”The name of these daggers are: Taranis, the Daggers of The Ancestral Spirit. ”

Rumble, Rumble!

The blades seemed to emit its own lightning, and interestingly, that lightning did no harm to Natashia.

Natashia showed a small smile when she saw her daughter ’s interested face and continued:

”Just FYI, it was made by the same dwarves who made Thor ’s hammer. ”

”…What!? ” Wasn ’t it just any dwarf!?

”And from this day forward, you will train with them. ” Natashia flashed a seductive smile as she looked at her daughter ’s expression.

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