My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 320: The Wives Are United

Ruby ’s lab in Clan Scarlett ’s castle/mansion.

Ruby was looking at the results of her experiments with a satisfied gaze.

She was wearing a simple outfit of jeans and a red shirt, and a white doctor ’s coat that had small bloodstains on it.

She took off her latex gloves and threw them in the trash, and looked at her experiment.

The ’experiment ’ of course were the Hunters that Victor had fought in the past…or at least what was left of them.

By spending a year of study, Ruby had discovered a few things.

She looked at the man ’s body that was hanging like pork. He had died a long time ago, and all that was left was his body which until now was still ’alive ’, the proof of this was that the blood was still being produced inside of the dead body.

In order not to cause a mess in her lab, she dug a large hole in the floor where blood was constantly spilled.

She looked at her report that she created, and read it.

Hybrid/Hunter experiments by The Inquisition.

1: They were human in the past.

Their identities have been completely erased, but I assume these hunters were orphans that the church adopted, and grew within the organization.

According to Maria, a former Hunter for the the organization, The Inquisition prefered to raise its soldiers from an early age so that they could indoctrinate the men and women to become weapons of war.

2: Hunters who are chosen to be turned into Vampire Hybrids needed to match certain conditions that are still currently unknown.

According to my research on technology stolen from The Inquisition ’s base in Texas,

To create a Hybrid Vampire, extremely calculated processes must be done.

3: The sample of the liquid inside the tube, indicates healing properties, and pain-inhibiting properties.

4. The bodies found inside the tube have their DNA completely destroyed, they are dead.

5. Human scientists seem to understand the Vampire race very well, seemingly having studied our species for a long time…

Ruby clearly wasn ’t surprised by the ’5 ’ point. After all, humans were treated like cattle, and were the weakest species. She wasn ’t surprised that some scientist had an interest in Vampire anatomy.

She stopped reading her long report for a while, and looked at her computer.

Ruby looked at the DNA image of the Hybrids, specifically Hunter Bruno, and then she looked at the DNA image of a normal Noble Vampire, and then the image of her husband ’s blood.

”As expected, there are similarities…although they are very few. ” She nodded, crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

”A Hybrid ’s DNA is a complete mess, if it were normal science, they couldn ’t even be alive. ” Ruby noticed that many necessary parts within Bruno ’s DNA were missing.

It wouldn ’t be possible for him to be walking without outside interference.

She took the mouse and clicked on another document, and soon the DNA of the first Hybrid Hunter was shown.

”Codename Zandriel, the first of its kind, documented as Patient Zero… You are more interesting than I initially thought. ” She flashed a small, amused smile.

She looked at Zandriel ’s DNA, and she could conclude something after several searches.

”He is perfect. ” She nodded.

Unlike Bruno who had parts of his DNA missing and who seemed to be surviving thanks to outside help from some kind of magic,

Zandriel was a perfect Hybrid.

His DNA wasn ’t missing anything.

”He has all the shortcomings of a Hybrid, and he also has all his strengths… But that ’s all. Unlike Vampires, he couldn ’t get stronger with time. After all, his lifespan was limited, and unlike humans who could strengthen themselves with the Hunter ’s magic, he couldn ’t use that magic for a long time, or it would cause harm on his Vampire side. ”

”They tried to create the best of both species, but in the end, they ended up with a defect. ” She laughed in disdain.

Another thing Ruby discovered was that Zandriel was initially a human with 1/4 Vampire blood.

”Your ancestor, or specifically your grandfather, was a noble Vampire. ” That was the most interesting part about Zandriel for Ruby.

By having a Vampire ancestor, he was much stronger and more developed than an ordinary human. To put it in simple terms, he was a superhuman compared to ordinary humans.

And he also had access to the Hunter ’s magic.

”Through experiments, he managed to increase his Vampire ancestry from 1/4 to 1/2. ” She touched her chin.

In theory Zandriel was a perfect Hybrid.

His only weakness was that, he couldn ’t access his Vampiric powers, and because of that, he was subjected to experiments to try to increase his Vampiric ancestry, but in the end it ended in failure.

A funny fact that Ruby discovered was that, if Zandriel hadn ’t been experimented on and had kept his DNA with only 1/4 of Vampire blood,

She predicted that he would ’ve lived around 200 to 300 years.

A very long time compared to normal humans who had a life expectancy of 80 – 100 years.

And a very low number compared to Vampires, even slave Vampires who were ’lifeless ’ beings who could live forever if they weren ’t killed by Hunters or sunlight.

She looked at Carlos ’ DNA.

If Bruno ’s DNA was an organized mess that was being forced by something outside to maintain itself,

Carlos ’ DNA was much worse.

Half of his DNA was missing.

Ruby didn ’t know if this was because of the consequences of using his Vampire powers unchecked, or if it was because of outside interference like Bruno.

”Although… ”

With a few mouse clicks, she looked at the double Helix that represented Victor and Carlos ’ DNA.

Her husband ’s DNA consisted of thousands of genes, and it was impossible to study everything because it was constantly changing.

It was like it was changing, adapting, and evolving at a very fast pace.

She would need a supercomputer to calculate the changes in Victor ’s blood in real time, and even if she had a supercomputer, she believed it wouldn ’t be enough.

And just like Carlos, a part of Victor ’s DNA was missing… Wrong, the correct word is ’inactive ’. It was there, but Ruby couldn ’t see it.

She studied the two DNA with her eyes, and for a moment her eyes open a little, she seemed to have discovered something.

Ruby clicked the mouse again, and Carlos ’ DNA was placed on top of Victor ’s.

”… ” She studied the DNA again in front of her, and realized she ’d run a computer test.

A loading bar appeared, and in less than a few minutes, the result was ready.

”78%… ” She was a little shocked by the high percentage. It is worth saying that she did this test with all other bloods, and always gave a conclusion below 10%.

”The missing part of Carlos ’ DNA was completed almost perfectly by Victor ’s DNA. ” She rested her head on her hand, and crossed her legs.

She stared at the double Helix with a cold and neutral gaze, several thoughts were running through her head, as well as several theories.

”My dear husband is a Progenitor, which being is like him? ” She asked herself aloud, but the answer was obvious.

”Vlad… The DNA that was missing from Carlos ’, was Vlad ’s DNA. ” She touched her chin and remembered the fight between Victor and Carlos.

She clearly remembered the man using a type of black power.

’The color of power is not important, it ’s more about the sensation. Victor didn ’t realize it, but that power felt very similar to his. ’

As a noble Vampire, Ruby could feel the ’pressure ’ of a Progenitor.

Despite living for a long time with Victor, drinking his blood, and becoming somewhat resistant to this kind of pressure, she clearly remembered that feeling.

”While fighting Victor, the man completely lost access to Vlad ’s DNA… Because of that, half of his DNA is missing? ” She spoke her thoughts aloud, but she felt that wasn ’t it.

After all, how the fuck had he stayed alive for a few weeks while Maria, Violet, and Sasha tortured him?

”I wonder who gave you worms that blood… ” Ruby ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds.

Taking Vlad ’s blood was an impossible task, unless the man donated his blood voluntarily, or…

”Oh… ” Ruby remembered something, a conversation she had in the past with her mother.

”In their childhood, younger Vampires need the blood of their father and mother to develop better. ”

Ruby also remembered that when she was little, she fed on her mother ’s blood.

”The King ’s sons, huh. ”

’The question is, who…? Who was giving Vlad ’s blood to the humans? ’ She thought of all the King ’s children. She didn ’t know their personalities, after all, the only King ’s children she ’d come in contact with were Elizabeth, Lilith and Ophis.

She had no idea about the personality of the King ’s male children.

’Maybe I should ask Lilith the next time I see her…? ’ After a brief thought, Ruby decided this was a bad idea.

’I ’ll keep these thoughts a secret for now. ’ She thought.

Rumble, Rumble!

She heard a flash of lightning.

”Umu? ” She looked towards another computer screen, the screen showing the security camera at the entrance of the mansion, soon she saw that Sasha and Natashia had returned to the mansion.

”Oh, they came at a good time. ” Ruby got up from her chair, and took off her white coat and put it on her chair.

”I will talk to them. ” She muttered as she walked towards the lab exit.

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