My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 322: Feelings Put on a Piece of Paper


”…Can I read the letter? ”

”… ” Violet just nodded her head in shock.

Hilda read the letter quickly, she read it all with a neutral expression, but when she got to the end, she cringed, and for some reason, she felt like her throat was full of sugar, she ’s going to die of diabetes!

She received a lot of emotional damage unintentionally.

Suddenly, a portal appeared, and Natalia arrived with Ruby and Sasha.

Ruby was in the same outfit.

Only Sasha was wearing a different outfit, she was wearing a blue outfit with golden details, the outfit seemed to be a mix of a dress and a suit of the nobility.

She was wearing two high heels that made her a little taller, and a long blue sock with gold trim that went up to her thigh.

This outfit really highlighted her thick thighs.

[A/N: Sasha is wearing the same outfit as the illustration my artist did, the character illustration for this novel is all on my novel ’s Discord server, or on my pat reon.]

”Hmm? ” Ruby looked around curiously: ”Oh my… ” Ruby put her hand to her mouth in shock, she didn ’t believe this vision, Violet was working.

Hell would definitely freeze over today.

”What mess is this? ” Sasha spoke up.

”More importantly, is Violet working? My God! ”

”… What happened to her? ” Ruby asked when she saw Violet ’s state, she was displaying the same expression when looking at a woman trying to get closer to Victor.

She knew this expression very well, after all, she had known her friend for a long time, and she herself made this expression from time to time.

Although it was not intentional.

”… ” Hilda just handed the letter to Ruby.

”Read. ” Hilda spoke.

”…Okay… ” Ruby started reading, and at some point Sasha approached Ruby and started reading too.

A few seconds pass, and they spoke.

”…Darling, you really have a way with words… ” Ruby flashed a gentle smile.

”Anna, you taught him well. ” Sasha laughed with a smile of amusement and at the same time kind.

”Although I must say those words are mortal harm to a single woman, right…? ” Sasha flashed a mischievous smile as she looked at Hilda.

”Why are you looking at me? ” The woman spoke with a cold face without any change of expression.

’…A rival… ’ Ruby laughed when she realized that there was a woman who could hide her feelings completely, this woman even surpassed her.

”Nothing~. ” Sasha laughed in a very Natashia-like way.

And Natalia seemed to be the only one who noticed it.

’This woman is increasingly taking influences from her mother. ’ She felt the situation just got 1000x more troublesome.

’Ugh… Should I resign? ’ She felt that quitting was the most viable option if she didn ’t want trouble, but…

Natalia looked around with a small smile on her face.

’I just can ’t live away from these people, they are so much fun. ’ Natalia thought.

”…? ” Violet looked up at the sudden noise that appeared around her, and she saw her childhood friends and her Maid who came out saying she was going to help her husband with something.

”Girls? ”

”Hi, Violet~. ” Sasha and Ruby spoke at the same time.

”How are you? ” Sasha asked in a gentle tone.

”… I am fine. ”

”… ” Ruby and Violet didn ’t believe Violet ’s words, they could clearly see that she was not well.

’But at least, she ’s doing something, and not staying in her room in a depressed state. ’ Ruby thought with a small smile.

Violet ’s eyes returned to normal, and they looked and focused completely on Natalia.

”…Natália, where is my Darling? ”

”Currently… He is on his way to Clan Adrastea ’s territory. ”

”Is Eleanor with him? ”

”Yes. ”

”…This bitch. ” A vein bulged in Violet ’s head, she knew that Victor would go to Clan Adrastea territory, but she wanted him not to go alone. If at least one of the wives was with him, he would be safer.

”And my sisters went with him too. ” Ruby added.

”Huh? ” She looked at Ruby confused.

”Why are your sisters with Victor? ” She didn ’t understand anything.


”Mom ’s idea… She thought that bringing the girls to an environment like Clan Adrastea would make the girls stop being lazy. ”

Ruby had a faint feeling that this was also Victor ’s idea.

”Of course, knowing my sisters, they wouldn ’t accept this easily, because of that, Victor had to drag the girls along against their will. ”

”….. ”

”…He kidnapped them, huh? ” Violet spoke with a sigh.

”Yes. ” Natalia, Sasha and Ruby all spoke at the same time.


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