My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 323: Seductive Vampire Tricks Greedy Witch

Given personal circumstances, I can ’t stay in charge of Clan Snow for long, and knowing my mother-in-law, I know she will neglect her job as Clan leader.

And that ’s okay, after all, she needs her time.

I also know that at some point in the future my wife, Violet Snow, will have to temporarily assume the role of Clan leader.

Especially if my mother-in-law neglects her duties.

Keeping that in mind, I ’ve decided to write this letter with the intention of helping my wife.

I know very well how competent my wife is, and she doesn ’t give up easily. She ’ll get the hang of things quite quickly, but leading a Clan that has existed for hundreds of years is a difficult task.

Especially for someone who ’s never had the inside scoop on politics.

This white envelope contains all the plans I had in mind for the Snow Clan. Use it however you see fit.

NOTE: These documents are only my suggestions. You must decide whether to use my suggestion or not. Don ’t be influenced by me. You are a Clan leader, you must make a decision that you think is best for your Clan.

Even though I am your guide, and I have shown you many paths. Remember that it is you who must decide whether to walk this path or not.

Don ’t worry about making mistakes, making mistakes is normal. Repeating the same mistake twice is stupid. Even if you make a mistake, I will always be there to support you, even if it is from the shadows, never forget that.

NOTE 2: …How are you Violet…? Are you ok…? Be strong, and… I ’m sorry… I made a decision again without consulting anyone.

I don ’t regret my decision, I still think it was the best decision I could have made at that time.

But now that I ’ve calmly thought about it, I should have consulted with you and Agnes who were the main people who were going to be affected.

I should have gathered you in the room and talked about Adonis ’ plan…

I should have asked for your advice…

Adonis and I got it wrong. We were both selfish, and because of that, you ’re in this state…

”Darling… ” Tears fell from Violet ’s face and onto the letter, she felt her heart tighten with every word she read, her feelings were in chaos.

She didn ’t know what to think. She didn ’t hate Victor, far from it, she was the person who loved him the most. She was just sad about everything that happened.

She was sad both for herself, and for Victor.

Violet knew that Victor ’s biggest fear was having his Wives hate him. She knew that, because she felt the same way.

Just the thought of Victor hating her, Violet ’s chest ached. She didn ’t want to imagine it, she didn ’t have to.

After all, she knew he would never hate her any more than she could hate him.

Victor couldn ’t hate Violet

Their feelings of love were very heavy.

But… But… Despite everything, the only feeling she had now was…


Her father died, she had the right to be sad.

Even though he ’technically ’ didn ’t die, and was alive inside Victor, it didn ’t matter.

His existence has disappeared, and she can no longer hear his kind words, simple words that warmed her heart.

Simple words like,

”Welcome back, Violet. ”


”Are you okay? ”


”How was your day? ”

She wouldn ’t be able to hear those words coming from Adonis, her father anymore.

And that made her sad.

She continued to read.

That ’s my only regret. I always take actions, and forget about the people around me… I ’m not perfect, but I ’ll try to improve that side of me.

Now that I have Adonis with me, I am more ’stable ’? I don ’t know if that ’s the correct word, but… I think many unknown things changed in me when I absorbed Adonis.

… Anyway, I said a lot, this is also one of my faults, haha.

”…This fool… ” She muttered in a low voice with a small amused smile on her face. She wiped her tears with her arm, and laughed softly. She could even imagine what kind of expression he was wearing when he wrote that sentence.

As someone who ’d watched Victor since he was little, she could clearly tell that when he wrote that sentence, he was scratching his cheek while smiling wryly.

And that was exactly the image that popped into her head.

By the time you read this letter, I will probably be in Clan Adrastea ’s territory. Focus, my honey, I will always be with you, forever and ever.

”What… ”

Darling went to the Adrastea Clan… Alone… With that bitch from the west!? ’ Violet ’s violet eyes completely darkened, and they looked like a swirl of darkness.

”… ” Hilda looked curiously at Violet who had a shocked expression.

”…Can I read the letter? ”

”… ” Violet just nodded her head in shock.

Hilda read the letter quickly, she read it all with a neutral expression, but when she got to the end, she cringed, and for some reason, she felt like her throat was full of sugar, she ’s going to die of diabetes!

She received a lot of emotional damage unintentionally.

Suddenly, a portal appeared, and Natalia arrived with Ruby and Sasha.

Ruby was in the same outfit.

Only Sasha was wearing a different outfit, she was wearing a blue outfit with golden details, the outfit seemed to be a mix of a dress and a suit of the nobility.

She was wearing two high heels that made her a little taller, and a long blue sock with gold trim that went up to her thigh.

This outfit really highlighted her thick thighs.

[A/N: Sasha is wearing the same outfit as the illustration my artist did, the character illustration for this novel is all on my novel ’s Discord server, or on my pat reon.]

”Hmm? ” Ruby looked around curiously: ”Oh my… ” Ruby put her hand to her mouth in shock, she didn ’t believe this vision, Violet was working.

Hell would definitely freeze over today.

”What mess is this? ” Sasha spoke up.

”More importantly, is Violet working? My God! ”

”… What happened to her? ” Ruby asked when she saw Violet ’s state, she was displaying the same expression when looking at a woman trying to get closer to Victor.

She knew this expression very well, after all, she had known her friend for a long time, and she herself made this expression from time to time.

Although it was not intentional.

”… ” Hilda just handed the letter to Ruby.

”Read. ” Hilda spoke.

”…Okay… ” Ruby started reading, and at some point Sasha approached Ruby and started reading too.

A few seconds pass, and they spoke.

”…Darling, you really have a way with words… ” Ruby flashed a gentle smile.

”Anna, you taught him well. ” Sasha laughed with a smile of amusement and at the same time kind.

”Although I must say those words are mortal harm to a single woman, right…? ” Sasha flashed a mischievous smile as she looked at Hilda.

”Why are you looking at me? ” The woman spoke with a cold face without any change of expression.

’…A rival… ’ Ruby laughed when she realized that there was a woman who could hide her feelings completely, this woman even surpassed her.

”Nothing~. ” Sasha laughed in a very Natashia-like way.

And Natalia seemed to be the only one who noticed it.

’This woman is increasingly taking influences from her mother. ’ She felt the situation just got 1000x more troublesome.

’Ugh… Should I resign? ’ She felt that quitting was the most viable option if she didn ’t want trouble, but…

Natalia looked around with a small smile on her face.

’I just can ’t live away from these people, they are so much fun. ’ Natalia thought.

”…? ” Violet looked up at the sudden noise that appeared around her, and she saw her childhood friends and her Maid who came out saying she was going to help her husband with something.

”Girls? ”

”Hi, Violet~. ” Sasha and Ruby spoke at the same time.

”How are you? ” Sasha asked in a gentle tone.

”… I am fine. ”

”… ” Ruby and Violet didn ’t believe Violet ’s words, they could clearly see that she was not well.

’But at least, she ’s doing something, and not staying in her room in a depressed state. ’ Ruby thought with a small smile.

Violet ’s eyes returned to normal, and they looked and focused completely on Natalia.

”…Natália, where is my Darling? ”

”Currently… He is on his way to Clan Adrastea ’s territory. ”

”Is Eleanor with him? ”

”Yes. ”

”…This bitch. ” A vein bulged in Violet ’s head, she knew that Victor would go to Clan Adrastea territory, but she wanted him not to go alone. If at least one of the wives was with him, he would be safer.

”And my sisters went with him too. ” Ruby added.

”Huh? ” She looked at Ruby confused.

”Why are your sisters with Victor? ” She didn ’t understand anything.


”Mom ’s idea… She thought that bringing the girls to an environment like Clan Adrastea would make the girls stop being lazy. ”

Ruby had a faint feeling that this was also Victor ’s idea.

”Of course, knowing my sisters, they wouldn ’t accept this easily, because of that, Victor had to drag the girls along against their will. ”

”….. ”

”…He kidnapped them, huh? ” Violet spoke with a sigh.

”Yes. ” Natalia, Sasha and Ruby all spoke at the same time.


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