My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 323: Seductive Vampire Tricks Greedy Witch

t this man understand that if this information leaks out, it won ’t just be a ’little chaos ’ that will happen? ’

Betrayals are common in a royal family, but usually this kind of problem is solved in the dark, after all, the king of all vampires has a ’reputation ’ to uphold.

Even though Vlad, and his 5000 years of experience knows of his wife ’s betrayal, by closing his eyes and ignoring this subject for so long, he only opened a gap for someone to take advantage of this ’weakness ’.

Despite being something insignificant, if used intelligently, it can cause enormous damage.

After all, if the first wife cheated on him, how about the second, third and fourth wife?

What did they do?

Even if these women didn ’t betray the King of Vampires, just because this rumor exists damages the King of Vampires ’ reputation.

Of course, rumors can be easily controlled, but…

The important point here is that this man in front of her has evidence of his first wife ’s infidelity.

If she sells this information to Vlad ’s enemies that she definitely has contacts with everyone, the damage will be huge.

And to make the whole situation better, this is a memory sphere, with the magic that Selena threw into the sphere, she can easily see that the witch this man came into contact with has left a ’gap ’ of a possible edit.

That is, Vlad ’s enemies can edit this video any way they want, they can put names and voices of whoever they want in this memory.

This is an editable memory.

’This man… He… He ’s scary, he offered the sphere even though he knew about this ’small ’ problem. In fact, it ’s not even a problem, it ’s an opportunity. ’

”That is my intention. ”

”… ” Selena wakes up from her thoughts.

”How much do you want for this…? ” Selena immediately regretted having spoken those words, she knows she just took a wrong step because of her greed.

”… ” His smile grew a little.

’Tsk, I hate that smile. Yes, I ’m interested, this is simply too important an item for me to ignore. ’

”Theo Dracul. ”

”…Huh…? ”

”That ’s all I want. ”

”… ” Seeing the silent man with a small amused smile on his face.

Her brain started to think.

’… Does he want to use the name of the king ’s son? Theo, the son of the King of Vampires, slept with his own mother wife!… The scandal will be much bigger than if someone uses someone else ’s name! ’

In vampire society, incest is not uncommon, many Clans practice this act, when marrying a family member, the chance that the main power of that family will come stronger in the next generation is many times greater than normal.

And they are vampires, they are not humans that when practicing incest the child is born with a genetic defect.

Vampires are a different species with a different culture and customs,

The problem here is how this incest happened, everyone knows that Theo ’s mother is Vlad ’s wife.

That is, this is a betrayal, the son himself put a green hat on his father! Scandalous!

’Even if this is a lie, only if this rumor gets out, and there is evidence for it, the damage done to that man ’s family will be enormous! ’

’Incredible! This man is incredible! ’

’If we weren ’t negotiating now, I could kiss this man! ’

Selena never thought she would get the opportunity she ’s been waiting for so long from someone her mother asked to handle.

On the outside it looked like Victor was waiting for the woman to stop thinking, but it wasn ’t quite like that.

All the while Selena was silent with her finger on her chin as if she was thinking about Victor ’s offer.

Victor never took his eyes off the woman.

In his view, the woman was moving so slowly, so slowly that he could see any microexpressions she was making.

All his superhuman feelings were focused on the woman.

Eyes, breathing, small changes in micro-expression, even the sweat that falls on her large breasts.

He could see everything, she was like an open book to him.

If Victor ’s opponent was someone without emotions, something like a robot.

Victor had doubts if he could read this person.

But if the opponent is a humanoid living being, he would be absolutely sure that he could read that person.

And even if the opponent tries to hide his expression.

Your body will betray you.

With a little change in emotions, it will show up somewhere on your face or body.

And for someone like Victor who could read all this…

This woman never had a chance from the start.

Seeing a micro smile on his cheek, Victor inwardly chuckled, and stood up.

”!!? ” Selena woke up from her thoughts when she saw Victor suddenly get up.

”Alucard? ”

”My work here is done. ” He spoke as he walked towards her.

”Huh? ”

He crouched in the woman ’s ear, and spoke in her ear: ”… I want 50% of the sales of this sphere, you can send it all to this account. ” He knows she won ’t have a problem with that, after all, that ’s usually how it goes when someone offers a product that the witches will sell.

He puts a paper on the table, and a phone on the table.

”…Frost Bank? ” As she didn ’t question the percentage value, Victor knew she agreed.

’He ’s too close! He smells so good!! ’ She was confused about this bench she ’d never heard of, but her thoughts were chaotic due to the man ’s scent.

”See you in the future, my beautiful crimson-haired Witch. ” He spoke in such a loving tone that Selena looked like she would melt just hearing his voice.

He chuckled inwardly when he saw her red ears, she might be expressionless, but as usual her body betrayed her.

Victor takes a step and disappears.

”Wha-… ”

All Selena felt was a slight breeze, along with the fact that she ’d just danced in the palm of a man ’s hand, not just any man, a damn beautiful manipulative vampire seducer!

”Fuck… ”

She looked at the sphere in her hand with a red face, and she squeezed it tightly, she completely forgot her purpose here.

’Alucard, huh… He ’s a lot more interesting than I initially thought. ’ She couldn ’t help but flash a small smile as she looked at her cell phone on the table.


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