My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 327: Master Scathach Scarlett has acquired newdisciples

n her chin and pondered for a moment.

”Punch here. ” She raised her hand, wanting to test her hypothesis.

”…? ” Bruna was confused but didn ’t question the woman, so she just threw a normal punch like she always did.

A small cracking noise was heard, but no damage was done to Scathach ’s body.

”As expected, for some reason, upon becoming a Vampire, your natural powers were directed towards strength. ”

This was not something common for beings who were turned into Vampires.

Depending on your thoughts and your inner self, a mutation could occur when you transformed into a Vampire. After all, you were basically being reborn into a new being that you subconsciously desired.

And this effect was most visible in Vampires created by the Progenitors.

’Perhaps when she was in the state when she was about to be raped, her subconscious wished she were strong enough to overpower her attackers, and that was one of the catalysts for this mutation. ’

That little punch that Bruna threw was equivalent to Pepper attacking using some of her martial arts, and Bruna ’s punch was completely inefficient. It didn ’t carry the proper momentum it should ’ve had, had she thrown it with proper technique. She didn ’t use her whole body nor put her weight into it.

And yet, that punch had so much destructive power.

”I ’ve decided. ” Scathach took a step and disappeared, only to reappear again, holding a pair of black gloves and a pair of black boots.

”Use these. ”

”… Why-… I mean, yes! ” Bruna was going to ask why, but one thing she ’d learned was to never question the older woman ’s methods.

Bruna quickly put on her gloves and boots, and soon her whole body felt heavy.

”Ugh, ” She fell to the ground as if the gravity around her had gotten heavier.

”The basis of any martial artist who uses their fists as their main weapon is the balance of their body, and the movements of their feet. ”

”Do you remember how Victor and I can disappear just by taking one step? ”

”Y-Yes… ” She tried to get up, but she couldn ’t, which was absurd given how much strength she had.

”That ’s one of the results of this training. Even if you give up using fists in the future, your footwork training will always be with you, and that ’s what matters. ” That was one of the reasons Victor was so proficient at hand-to-hand fighting.

The woman had tortured him for six months. Unlike now, where Scathach had several people to train,

Victor had 100% of Scathach ’s attention in those six months and coupled with his monstrous talent, Scathach ended up creating a monster in those six months.

”Hehehe~. You ’ll have fun, don ’t worry. ” Scathach chuckled when she saw Bruna ’s state.

Bruna made a face of reluctance but didn ’t say anything since she knew that if she talked, the training would only get worse.

”For now, try to stand and correct your balance. ”

”Y-Yes… ”

”Oh, don ’t forget to think about the weight your breasts cause. ”

”Eh? ”


Scathach sighed as she cupped both her breasts, ”That ’s one of the disadvantages of being a voluptuous woman. Your breasts are heavy, and unconsciously, you ignore that weight. And that ’s wrong. If you want to have a good balance, you always have to think about how heavy your breasts are until eventually, you compensate for it. ”

Boing, Boing.

Seeing the ’indecent ’ moves that Scathach was making, Bruna was speechless; ’Is this woman doing this unconsciously? She has that look like she ’s looking at something useless. ’

”Since your breasts are bigger than mine, you ’re going to have a lot of trouble managing your body weight, and so, because of that, I ’ve been saying this from the beginning. ”

”I… I understand, Master. ” Bruna answered with a little difficulty.

”Umu… ” She nodded satisfied:

”When you regain the ability to move around, I will teach you martial arts. For now, do exercises and practice your basics. ”

”Y-Yes. ”

Scathach took a step and appeared in front of Roberta:

”Just like the others, I will train your foundations and teach you proper martial arts. A proper martial art for you would be something that can take advantage of your special eyes and that has enough strength and agility. ”

”…I will be in your care, Master. ” She spoke with a gentle tone.

”… ” Scathach nodded as she looked at the woman ’s body, specifically an area of her body.

’Ugh, this is going to be complicated. Why does Victor only choose Maids with big breasts…. Doesn ’t he know what a pain it is to train their foundations because of that? ’ Scathach was a little irritated.

Having big breasts was inconvenient for training!

”Master, don ’t look at my breasts like you ’re looking at something useless… ” She cupped her breasts as if protecting her children.

”… ” Looking at the pout on the woman ’s face, Scathach rolled her eyes.

”Tie up your long hair. It will get in the way of training. ”

”Yes~. ” Roberta pulled at her long black hair that reached the floor and secured it in a ponytail.

Scathach knew how much her heroic spirit appreciated her own hair. This must be one of the reasons why she didn ’t cut her hair, although her hair didn ’t stink because she took such good care of it.

”Master, you might find these useless… ” She touched her breasts with a playful smile and continued:

”But my Master likes them a lot… ”

”… ” Scathach raised her eyebrows. She had no idea where this woman was going with that.

Of course, she knew that her stupid disciple liked that. After all, when they showered together, he always looked at her figure shamelessly.

As she felt satisfied by her disciple ’s attention, she didn ’t say anything either.

”When we were stuck on Earth, my Master would always say that he missed you and missed laying his head on your breasts. ” Roberta lied as easily as if she were breathing.

Victor missed Scathach, but he wasn ’t going to say it out loud. After all, his mother had taught him to be a knight and not a degenerate pervert.

And Scathach knew it, she knew it was a lie.

Roberta also told the lie, knowing that Scathach would know, but Roberta ’s goal was to show how much Victor appreciated them.

”I see… Well, they ’re not completely useless since you can use them to make your male opponents lower their guard and cut off their genitals. ”

”Fufufufu~. ” Roberta smiled with satisfaction when she saw the slight smile on Scathach ’s face.

The woman might not realize it, but any compliment coming from Victor seemed to sweeten her Spartan sergeant personality, who trained her recruits to death. However, in the case of Roberta-

”Licking my boots isn ’t going to make your training any less difficult, you know? ” Scathach raised an eyebrow as she flashed a wicked smile.

”Yes, I know~. ” Roberta displayed the same smile as the woman…

The two stared at each other for a while and realized something.

In a way, the two were similar…

Stopping their chat,

Scathach began giving Roberta instructions, and when she was done, she looked at the gorilla with a smile that promised death.

’Fuck… She won ’t ignore me? ’ The gorilla wanted to cry as he looked at his Master, only to see that Roxanne was smiling at him with her sharp teeth.

[I know you have traumas with her, but deal with it. You need to get strong to protect me.]

Tears started to fall from the gorilla ’s face, he felt abandoned now. He knew he ’d told Victor that he would study and learn about the world. And that he could do, but train? He didn ’t want that! But now this woman was focusing her attention on him!

He ’s just a poor gorilla who wants to lie in the tree, scratch his ass and eat bananas!

”Hey? Are you crying with tears of joy? Good! That gives me even more motivation! ” Scathach ’s smile shook the gorilla ’s entire existence.

’Fuck, how can that man like this woman? He has a couple of screws loose! ’

The gorilla was seriously questioning Victor ’s crazy female tastes.

”This will be my first time teaching a demon beast~. ” She laughed as she approached the Gorilla.

”This is going to be so much fun~. ”

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