Chapter 331: Karma is always coming back.

A few minutes before Vlad killed Theo and his wife.

”Theo, you are going to die. ” Niklaus ’ voice came over the phone.

”…This is definitely not something I wanted to hear when I woke up. ”

”Stop joking around. Your father will kill you and your mother in less than a few hours. ”

Seeing Niklaus extremely serious, Theo stopped joking and asked:

”… What happened? ”

”You do not know? ”

”I ’ve been pretty busy these days. ” Theo spoke as he looked at the woman who was sleeping in his bed.

”…Did you miss almost two weeks because you were busy with her? ”

”…. ” Theo was silent and said nothing.

”Sigh… ” Niklaus didn ’t even try to hide his disappointment.

”Short story, someone got their hands on a memory of his nightly encounter with your mother, they made a video about it and sold it to anyone with enough money. This video is spreading across Nightingale as we speak. ”

”… ” Theo narrowed his eyes; Niklaus didn ’t need to explain much since, with just a few words, Theo already understood what happened.

And he had a doubt, actually, he found it very unbelievable.

”That ’s impossible. For someone to get their hands on this kind of memory, that person would have to be… ”

”…You seem to have an idea of what ’s going on. ”

”There is a man who slept with my mother in the past, and that man was the count of the Snow Clan. ” Theo spoke in a venomous voice.

”Adonis? ”

”Yes. ”

”…Even someone like her didn ’t escape Adonis ’ clutches? ”

”The more correct thing to say would be, my mother was the one who desired that man. ”

”…Oh… ” Niklaus understood now what had happened.

’Was that retaliation for the incident where Alucard cleared the Snow and Fulger Clan territories? ’ Niklaus started to think about the possibilities and realized that it didn ’t make sense.

’Those men only had connections with me, so it ’s impossible for them to know about Theo ’s involvement. ’

”… Anyway, after we ’ve discussed this, you have to get out of this place, and fast. ”

”It ’s impossible. ”

”Huh? ”

”You know the old monster, you can ’t get away from him. ”

”…So we ’re going to use the machine to get you safe? ”

”You of all people know that it ’s impossible to use this method when your opponent is Dracula. ”

”The moment I die, my father will add my soul to his collection. ”

”Do you intend to give up that easily? ”

”…Of course not, I started this fight knowing that the chance of victory was small, and now that I ’ve come this far, I don ’t intend to give up… ”

”…But. ” Theo ’s eyes softened a little as he looked at his mother.

”I don ’t know how to live without my mother around anymore. ” He sighed.

Niklaus ’ voice remained cold.

”Don ’t worry, I won ’t die a useless death. ” Theo gets up, walks towards a dresser, opens a drawer, and soon he sees a bottle with black liquid, which has a slight red coloring. He could also see tiny golden bubbles inside this bottle.

”You seem to have accepted what ’s going on. ”

”Haha~, I ’m the man who knows this old man the most. Even though he doesn ’t care about my mother anymore or me teaming up with her, he ’s still going to do certain things if it involves his pride. ”

”He ’s really like a dragon in that aspect. ”

Theo sighed a little and drank the liquid from the bottle.

And the moment he drank it the effect was immediate, he immediately spat out blood, and he felt his whole body ache.

”You took… ”

”Yes. ” Theo adjusts to his appearance and acts as if everything is normal.

”I could never do much damage to my father… And to think that the only way I would be able to do that was when I died. ”

’The blood and venom of a hybrid, the blood of Elder Gods, and… The Faith of the hunters… Combining it all with high-level soul-cleansing magic, ’ Niklaus thought with a cold gaze.

Niklaus nodded in satisfaction. Now even if Theo dies, no information will leak out.

’And even if he is a true vampire, he won ’t be fine after absorbing Theo ’s blood. ’

”…Before you hang up, I want to know something. ”

”What is it? ” Theo asked as he looked out the window.

”Why?… Why did you decide you wanted Vlad ’s throne? ”

”As his son, you must know how dangerous that would be. ”

”It was my birthright… The throne was mine… But… ” He flashed a sneer:

”The real reason was my mother. ”

”… ”

”As long as I have had memories, she was never really happy with my dad, even before he started ignoring his wives, he always had that attitude. ”

”He finds an interesting woman, he bonds with her, and time passes, when thousands of years pass, he loses interest, and he starts looking for a new emotion. ”

”My father currently ’loves ’ my little sister ’s mother, but I know… When 1000 years pass, he will forget that feeling and go in search of a new emotion. ”

”But like a dragon who likes to hoard treasure, he will never let his ’treasure ’ go… even if that treasure has been at the bottom of his storeroom gathering dust for thousands of years. ”

”As the first wife, my mother had to watch her husband pick up women while ’ignoring ’ her. ”

”I wanted to get her out of this hell, and at the same time, I wanted to have what was rightfully mine. ”

”You were greedy, huh. ”

”That ’s who we are. We are greedy, depraved, and selfish beings… We are vampires. ” Theo flashed a sneer.

”Why do you need to choose something when you can have both? I wanted the throne, and I wanted my mother. ”

”And mostly, I want that man off the throne. He ’s ruled long enough, he ’s not efficient anymore, and Nightingale needs someone to make decisions, not someone who sits on an illusory throne. ”

”…Nightingale needs someone like you? ” Niklaus raised an eyebrow.

”Yeah. But unfortunately, even if I were the king, I wouldn ’t be strong enough to fight certain beings… ” The appearance of several giant beings appeared in his mind as he said that.

”Nightingale needs someone like you, Uncle. ”

”… ” Niklaus was silent.

Feeling someone hugging him from behind, he looked back and saw the woman lying there.

”Mothe-… ”

”Shhh… Don ’t say anything, we don ’t have much time, right? ” She laughed as she hugged him, she didn ’t look like someone who was going to die anytime soon.

’My son… I really blame myself. If I had run away with you when you turned 1000 years old, maybe things would have been different… But I was a foolish woman, and I believed that Vlad just needed time to look at me again. . ’

”… ” Theo showed a small smile, but his hand was squeezing tightly, feeling quite frustrated now…

”…Uncle. ”

”What? ”

”One last request, you can ignore it if you want. ”

”… I ’m listening. ”

”Let Jessica out of this mess. ”

”… ” Niklaus ’s eyebrows rose a little.

”… What is this sudden sentimentality? You never cared about her. ”

”Hahahaha~, that ’s true, but just treat it as a warning? Or a wish from someone who is about to die? Perhaps the ravings of a madman. ”

”… If Jessica joins with that being, the being that sponsors us, everything she ’s built will disappear into dust. ”

”And the one who will allow that to happen is you, Uncle. ”

”You ’re not making any sense, that girl doesn ’t have that kind of power. ”

”Oh, indeed. She has that power. ” Theo laughed.

”Unlike the two failed products, she is your blood daughter. ”

”And as they say, blood ties are heavy, and they always come back. ”

”You of all people should know that these words are true. ”

”… ”

”I ’ve talked too much, and before I die, I want to have a good time with my mother. ”

”I will see you in that monster ’s belly, Uncle. ” He spoke with a teasing smile.

”I will not stop at that place. ”

”We ’ll see if that ’s true in the future. ” Theo hangs up the phone, and with a shake of his hand, he breaks the phone.

He turns around and grabs the woman by the waist and speaks in her ear:

”Let your voice out, scream, and let the whole castle hear your moans. ” He spoke with a distorted smile.

”That is a good idea. ” She laughed the same way he did as she hugged him.

”Ahhh~. ” Her voice echoed throughout the castle.

Some minutes later.

A man appeared in front of this scene with a cold stare. He intended to solve this problem later, but after a woman ’s moan echoed throughout the castle, he couldn ’t ignore it anymore.

”Oh, Father. You came at a good time. ”

Vlad ’s entire appearance was distorted, and all that existed in front of the two was a completely dark being whose only visible feature was his blood-red eyes.

”… ” Theo and his mother had seen this scene so many times, and unlike the last few times, they didn ’t feel anything… They didn ’t feel fear or that creepy feeling.

It was a strange feeling not to be afraid of it since they were always afraid, but it seems that in accepting their inevitable fate, something has changed in them.

”As my blood son and my first wife, I must ask this as a generous act. ” Vlad ’s demonic voice echoed throughout the room.

”What are your last words? ”

Vlad looked at the woman.

The woman bit her lip, after several years, these are the words that her ’husband ’ spoke, the man to whom she swore allegiance… And that in the end, that same man abandoned her.

”I really regret meeting you. If I had a second chance, I wish I never met you. Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life. ” She spoke with a smile on her face, but her eyes were dead and lifeless.

Vlad looked at his son.

Theo gets up, and with a step, he appears in front of his father. For the first time in his entire existence, he stood fearlessly in front of this monster.

”My last words, Father, will be curse words. I curse you, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to lose everything and live alone forever, for all eternity… All the blood ties you created will be broken, and all that ’s left is a lonely king in his puppet kingdom. ”

Theo clenches his fist, and with all his might, he slashes at his father ’s face.


A part of the castle was destroyed, but that ’s all…

Vlad himself had no change.

”…As expected, that wasn ’t-. ” Before Theo could finish speaking, his entire body was dismembered by Vlad ’s own hands.

”Theo-. ” The woman didn ’t even have time to say anything, and then the scene repeated itself.

The man himself didn ’t even move, he just raised his hand, and they died, along with another part of the castle.

”…. ” Vlad watched their bodies in silence.

”It was just a sentence… ” He spoke in a hushed tone as he continued to observe their bodies in silence.

Currently, in a room in Nightingale ’s castle, Vlad was looking at two women who had just woken up.

’They ’ve changed. ’ Vlad noticed immediately that the moment they woke up, the two women looked at him with a cold gaze as if they were looking at an enemy.

One of the two checked her condition for a few seconds and cracked her neck a little.

A woman with long black hair and violet eyes with black horns on her head, a tail on her lower back, and long bat wings, stretched out her sinful body.

Snapping sounds can be heard when she does this.

”I want a divorce. ” Anna spoke in a cold tone.

”…Huh? ”

”Are you deaf? ” Anna looked at the man, her eyes gleaming with a cold, hateful look.

”I want a divorce. I want you to fix my blood dependency that I have for your blood with your powers. After that, I will leave. ”

”Do you think I ’ll accept this? ”

Before Anna could say anything, Jeanne intruded.

”Do you know why we never drank someone else ’s blood or betrayed you? ” Jeanne spoke in the same tone as the woman.

”It was because we were already weak, and we didn ’t want to risk you killing us. ”

”It wasn ’t out of love or loyalty to you. ” She spoke in disgust as if looking at garbage:

”You don ’t deserve me, you don ’t deserve my love… If I ’d known this would happen, I ’d rather have burned in that damn fire. ” She whispered in a low voice, but everyone in the room heard what she said.

”Jean… ”

”Don ’t call me by that nickname… It makes me sick. ”

”… ” Vlad narrowed his eyes and was silent.

”Do you understand now? ” Anna spoke in disdain.

”… ” Vlad looked at Anna.

”I hate you. I ’ve never hated anyone so much in my life, and I want to get as far away from you as possible. ”

”… Sigh… It was a mistake to wake you up. ” When Vlad takes a step forward.

”Take one more step, and soon this whole place will be infested with demons. ”

”… ” Vlad narrows his eyes and looks at the woman more closely.

”The moment I woke up, the first thing I did was contact the woman I served thousands of years ago. ” She showed a black tattoo that had begun to grow on her arm. For someone who is a demon and a former general, it was very easy to get in touch with Lilith.

The tattoo was Lilith ’s symbol, half a contract was in progress.

”In exchange for eternal slavery, Lilith must protect me from you… As you can see the contract is incomplete, but the moment you attack me or do something against me, the contract will activate, and Lilith will possess my body. ”

”…You would go that far? ”

”To get away from you? I would do anything. Just being here in your presence makes me sick, just feeling my body lusting after your blood makes me sick… I regret so much that I let you turn me into a vampire. I really was a fool. ”

”Just the thought that I have the last name of ’Tepes ’ disgusts me. ” She whispered in a low voice, but as with Jeanne, everyone could hear her words.

”… Vlad, please let us go. ” Jeanne tried to talk.

”… ” Vlad ’s eyes widened in shock when he saw an angel wing tattoo on Jeanne ’s body.

It was a symbol, a contract. A contract with God himself.

”… How? How is this possible? ”

”Even if I ’m a vampire, I was Saint of Orleans, god won ’t ignore my existence, even if I need to sacrifice my freedom, and my soul for that being, I ’ll stay away from you… So. .. Please let us go, don ’t fight. ” She practically begged at the end.

”…. ” Vlad gritted his teeth. It wasn ’t in anger, it was frustration.

”If you ever loved us, mend our blood addiction, and let us go. ”

Looking at Jeanne, Vlad suddenly remembered his son ’s words:

’My last words, Father, will be curse words. I curse you, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to lose everything and live alone forever, for all eternity… All the blood ties you created will be broken, and all that ’s left is a lonely king in his puppet kingdom. ’

Karma is a bitch. Every action you do today, you will pay for in the future.

And that was the retribution of Vlad ’s actions.

Vlad narrowed his eyes as he felt something trying to gnaw at his insides.

He spits on his hand and sees that his blood has been corrupted by some kind of energy.

’He left a very troublesome gift. ’ Vlad could smell a little of the stench of the Elder Gods ’ blood and the hunter ’s magic, but he didn ’t know what the last composition was.

He closes his hand, and his eyes glow blood red. He has work to do.

”You are free. ” Vlad turns around. He thinks it ’s not worth looking for a fight with God and the devil at the same time, as he opens the door and starts walking.

”W-Wait, fix our blood addiction! ” Anna screamed.

”…I am not obligated to fix that problem. ” Vlad spoke in a cold tone without any kind of feeling.

”And that will be your curse. ” His body starts to slowly disappear, and he says, ”Don ’t even think you ’re going to take my children away from me. You can go, but my children can ’t. ” He makes a gesture with his hand, and soon the two women feel something hitting their faces as the women ’s vision changes quickly, and before they know it, they are outside the royal capital.

They didn ’t even understand what had happened.

The tattoo on the arm of the two women starts to disappear since the contract was not fulfilled.

”Adam… ” Jeanne didn ’t care what happened, she just felt sorry for her son.

’I will rescue you, my son… Even if I have to destroy this little paradise that this damn man has built. ’

”Fuck! ” Anna stomped on the floor in anger while she thought about her daughters, especially her youngest daughter, who she had left in a very deplorable circumstance.

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