My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 334: Pepper And Lacus training with her daddy?

es… ” Victor stopped stroking Pepper ’s head and started backing away.

”Scathach shares my concerns. So, because of that, she allowed me to take you to this territory. Training with me and fighting monsters would be a form of training that would help you three improve even more. ”

Victor turned to the girls and smiled gently, ”Don ’t worry, you won ’t die as long as I ’m around. ”

”…Vic… ” The two spoke at the same time, they finally understood their mother ’s and Victor ’s concerns.

The problem was…

’He couldn ’t have said that from the start! He ’s as bad as my mother in terms of communication! ’ Lacus felt quite frustrated now.

Victor snapped his fingers, and a pair of gloves appeared in Pepper ’s hands.

”…? ” Pepper looked at her hands, and soon her smile grew when she saw her gloves.

Victor createdtwo daggers and threw them to Lacus.

”Your training, and my training is going to be about weapons. ” Victor lightly stomped the ground, and suddenly the entire training area became a field of ice.

Slowly, several ice weapons started to be created from the ground, and soon the field became a place where there were thousands of weapons, it even looked like a weapons graveyard.

”Scathach taught you not to rely on just one weapon, correct? ”

”Yes, she said that if I lost my dagger on the battlefield, my fists would be my only weapon left. ” Lacus was the one who answered.

”That is true. ” Victor felt confused for a few seconds, after all, that was not the lesson that Scathach had given him.

’Why didn ’t she tell them to use other weapons? ’ He thought for a few seconds but soon understood why: ’They ’re not like me, huh. ’

The safer option was to use a weapon you were confident in than a weapon you were not.

”But… This only applies to master level beings like Scathach. If you ’re fighting minions, any weapons, or weapons you find on the ground are usable, even a log or stone. ”

”If you don ’t have that available, use your claws. ” Victor raised his hand, and his hand hardened and long claws appeared.

”Scathach has already taught you the basics, I will only hone your battle senses. It ’s up to you to develop yourself in the future. ” Victor wanted to teach the girls to be more flexible on the battlefield.

Victor raised his hand and grabbed the handle of a weapon close to him. He looked at the weapon he ’d picked up and saw it was a Halberd.

This training was also training for Victor himself. He wanted to know how to use all existing weapons on the battlefield, so that if necessary, he could change weapons at will on the battlefield.

He swung the Halberd back and forth, trying to understand the scope of the weapon. After getting a feel for it, he looked at the girls with his eyes glowing blood red.


”…. ” The two swallowed hard.

And seeing this scene, Lacus couldn ’t help but think of the first time she ’d fought Victor: ’Before I even knew it, this man overtook me and became a terrifying existence. ’

”Let ’s dance. ”

With a step, Victor suddenly appeared next to Lacus, swinging his Halberd and cutting towards Lacus, who was taken by surprise.

However, Pepper suddenly appeared, defending against Victor ’s attack with her fists.


Sounds of two metals colliding echoed out from their position.

”Oh? I like that expression. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”Shut up. ” Pepper spoke, a little red in the face. She parried Victors strike with her gloves, and stomped on the floor violently.

A crater in the shape of a spider web rippled out on the ice floor from where she stomped, and soon water began to spurt out of the ground.

Soon every inch of the training ground that was previously ice, turned into water.

”Pepper… ” Lakyus started.

”Don ’t lose focus. ” However, Pepper suddenly spoke with a serious face. She didn ’t even look like the little girl who was crying earlier.

She assumed a martial arts stance, and as if surfing on the water, she approached Victor at high speed.

She seem as though she was prepared to attack Victor ’s chest, but instead of doing so, she crouched to the ground, spinning herself around, as she attempted to trip Victor up with a leg sweep.

Victor jumped slightly to avoid Pepper ’s maneuver, however, that proved to be the wrong decision.

Pepper ’s smile grew as the water enveloped her entire body, before rushing towards her fist. Using the momentum of her spin from before, she attacked Victor who had yet to touch the ground from his jump to evade.

Victor quickly defended.


A crash was heard as Pepper ’s water fist hit Victor ’s Halberd.

”Pfftt… HAHAHAHAA~! ”

’And to think that the power of water could be used like that. ’ Victor thought as he laughed in amusement.

A mist appeared behind Victor, as Lacus emerged with her daggers in hand, thrusting out at blinding speeds to shred Victor apart.

Cut, Cut, Cut.

Victor ’s body was cut several times in that millisecond… At least that ’s what Lacus thought had happened.

She returned her gaze but was shocked when she saw his body was undamaged.

”If Countess Annasthashia Fulger considers herself the fastest woman alive… It wouldn ’t stand if I were considered slow in front of my dear wife, right? ” Victor laughed.

”…. ” A clash fell between the Valkyries and Mizuki.

’Really? Her too!? ’

”Fucking monster. ” Lacus laughed.

’And to think that he dodged all those attacks in that awkward position. ’

”Thanks for the compliment. ” Victor spoke with a smile on his face as he made an attack towards Lacus.

Lacus becomes mist again, and appears alongside Pepper.

Victor fell into the water.

”Let ’s continue. ” Pepper pounded her fists together with a big smile on her face as the water around her exploded.

”It is clear. ” Victor spoke as he dropped his current weapon, and created two ice gauntlets.

Soon the water around Victor started acting strangely, Victor strikes a martial arts pose, and as if it had a life of its own the water began to surround him.

”…I forgot you could use that too… ” Pepper muttered as her smile broke.

”This is unfair! Your existence is unfair! You are using HACKER! Somebody call the ADM! ”

”Hahaha~. The ADM was fired for a long time for stress at work, he couldn ’t stand me. ”

”…Then it ’s up to me to kick him out of this game. ” She spoke while striking a martial arts pose similar to Victor ’s.

”Let ’s see if you can. ” Victor ’s smile grew, he felt that this was a good opportunity to train the power of water that he had never touched.

’If I could control the liquid from the opponent ’s body, wouldn ’t I be invincible? Victor could already do this with the power of blood, but it was quite limited to one opponent, he didn ’t have enough control in his blood control to do it on multiple opponents.

And the power of blood was not flexible like that of water, he felt that if he trained enough, he could control any liquid as long as it had water, and on Earth… a planet that is mostly made up of water. , wouldn ’t it be a natural disaster?

Just control the seas, and create tsunamis and voila, a country has been destroyed.

”Lacus cover me, and don ’t try to cut him, with his reaction speed, he will just dodge, try to attack his blind spots with lunges. ”

”…To think I would listen to my little sister ’s orders. ”

”Are you angry? ”

”Far from it, it ’s fun to watch you grow. ”

”… ” Pepper ’s cheeks turned a little red: ”Just do it. ”

”Okay~. ” Lacus turned to mist.

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