My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 347: Hunting Day Hunters Day

nt who has almost the same influence as the King of Vampires himself. ”

”…is he that important? ”

”Genji, Inari ’s subordinate, went to Nightingale and he came back with his tail between his legs when he visited that man, and you remember the recent incident involving the Yōkai. ”

”How could I forget? ”

”Economic sanctions, despite lasting a few hours, were quite severe for our market. ” She answered.

”He was responsible for that incident. ”

”… Wha-… ”

”Does he have that much influence? Influence enough to command the other Vampire Counts? ”

”… ” Tsukuyomi ’s silence was all Yomi got from her husband.

And his own silence was confirmation for Yomi ’s questions.

Yomi was silent and started thinking about this matter.

”Tengu, pass on my orders. ” Tsukuyomi suddenly spoke up.

”Yes! ” The Tengu lowered his head.

”Tell Inari about this conversation, and ask her not to leave the world of the Gods. ”

”…And if she leaves the Divine World, tell her she ’s on her own, the Gods won ’t intervene. ”

”Yes! ” The Tengu waited for any more orders from Tsukuyomi, but all he gained was the man ’s silence.

’Just that? He won ’t do anything about the Yōkai dying? ’ The Tengu thought.

”… That ’s all, go ahead. ”

”Yes. ” He didn ’t respond as motivated as before.

Yomi stopped thinking, and looked at her husband:

”Are you going to abandon the Yōkai? ”

”Yes. ” His reply was short and cruel, he turned to face his wife: ”He is cleaning up this filth from Japan, I should be grateful to him. ”

”…. ” Yomi narrowed her eyes a little. She didn ’t like the man ’s tone, after all, she was a Yōkai herself.

Seeing his wife ’s mood and face, he spoke:

”Protect your Tengus, when that Vampire is satisfied with his carnage, the Tengus will be quite useful. ”

”… In the end, am I just a tool? ”

”Don ’t wallow in useless sentimentality, and don ’t play the saint. From the beginning, this relationship was a mutually beneficial one. You and your Clan gain the protection of the Gods, and become the messengers of the Gods, and we use your Clan members to watch over Humans, and Supernatural Beings. ”

”That ’s… ” She didn ’t know what to say.

”This is the relationship you proposed thousands of years ago. It wasn ’t me who came down to the Mortal World, looking for you. It was you who came looking for me. ” Tsukuyomi got up.

”Don ’t forget my orders. ” He disappeared in a white light.

And all that was left in the room was Yomi.

”…I thought the thousands of years together would soften his heart, but he still remains the same… The same arrogant God… The same prejudiced God who hates Yōkai. ”

Yomi knew that the man only married her by order of the Gods ’ council, specifically speaking by order of Amaterasu.

If it weren ’t for that, he wouldn ’t have even married her, and even after thousands of years, the man never touched her because he was disgusted.

’…Sigh… I thought his heart would fail when I made that expression, but he ’s quite stubborn. ’ She sighed to herself.

’Well, at least my Clan will be safe here. ’ The woman got up and two crow wings appeared behind her. She went through a small door hidden behind where she was, and flew towards somewhere.

A few more hours later.

”Kurama, Inari, Gyuki, Genji, and Fukuyo, a nine-tailed fox who has the remaining Noble Vampires of Japan… ” Victor spoke aloud as if remembering his targets.

”And the Hunters, General Leonardo, Jimmy and Thomas. ” Even after fighting Leonardo, Victor did not ask Scathach for any information.

The reason for this was because he didn ’t have to. The woman would say something if she wanted to. The two understood each other well enough to know that they shouldn ’t interfere with each other ’s ’prey ’.

Currently, the group was somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, in a very luxurious building.

… Yes. They weren ’t trying to hide.

Next to him were Ophis, Nero, Sasha, Scathach, Roxanne, and Natalia.

Nero was having her head petted by Victor, she was a little annoyed that he had turned her into a full Vampire, but was happy that she no longer felt the weakness in her body that she ’d always had.

She was also getting comfortable with the caress on her head, but that was something she ’d never say out loud.

She was in a very complicated state…

Ruby had actually been back to Nightingale for a few hours. She couldn ’t contain her enthusiasm to research the two Hybrids she ’d received from Victor.

On his other side were Alexios, Jeanne, and Anna.

”These are all the names of the individuals involved in this incident, this was easier than I expected. ” Scathach spoke as she touched her chin.

”…You may not know it, but the Supernatural Beings of Japan fear you, Countess Scathach. ”

”…Eh? ”

”But I did not do anything? ”

”… ” Alexios ’ face visibly trembled.

Jeanne and Anna wore amused smiles.

”Killing all the Onmyo Mages, and causing a great massacre 500 years ago, a night that the beings of Japan dubbed the Crimson Nightmare. ”

”…Did I do something like that? ”

”Yes. ”

”…Oh…Cool…Anyway. ” She turned and looked at Victor who had Ophis sitting on his shoulder and grabbing his neck, she was refusing to part with Victor since the man stopped fighting.

’Now, what are you going to do? You have all the information on your desk, and the stream of Supernatural Beings being captured by your Maids is still going on… ’ Scathach had high hopes for what Victor was going to do.

”…. ” Alexios visibly sighed.

”Hahaha~. ” Sasha laughed softly as she looked at Alexios, ”You of all people should know what Scathach ’s personality is like. ”

”Indeed, my Father is just pretending to have misunderstood. ” Natalia backed up Sasha ’s words.

”…why are you against me? ”

”Habit. ”

”…I see you still hold a little grudge against me. ”

”Who told you to go around looking for women! ”

”I need a vacation, okay? I am human too. ” he complained.

”…Sigh. ” Natalia didn ’t complain much because she knew her father ’s job was very difficult.

”Am I supposed to be expecting any brothers or sisters soon? ”

”Huh? Of course not. ” Alexios looked at his daughter curiously:

”Why did you ask that? ”

”Just checking. From the way you ’ve been active these months, I wouldn ’t be surprised if I gained siblings in various places on the planet. ”

”Oyy! I just had a little break in Hawaii, Philippines, Brazil, and Alabama! ”

”…Yes. I wouldn ’t be surprised if I gained enough brothers and sisters to fill an entire Football Team! Are you planning to coach a team and play in the Champions League? ”

”…Ugh, it ’s impossible to argue with you. ” Alexios touched his hand to his brow as if he had a headache.

”Father… ”

”Umu? ” Victor turned to face Ophis.

”Siblings? ”

”Not yet. ”

”Good. ” She hugged him.

”…. ”

”It ’s amazing how much they understand each other with just one word. ” Anna spoke.

’Their relationship really is like a father and a daughter… It was this relationship I wanted with my children… Sigh… ’ Jeanne sighed.

”It ’s normal. ” Scathach and Sasha spoke at the same time.

”… ” The two looked at each other for a few seconds, then show a small smile as if they have agreed on something.

”Speaking of which, who are you? ” Victor asked as he looked at the two women.



”You ’re slow, huh? ” Anna raised an eyebrow in amusement. She was helping this man, yet even then, he never questioned their identity.

”Well, I had important business, and you were with Scathach, soo…yes. ”

”Hey? Do you trust me that much? ” Scathach flashed a small smile.

”Is that still a question? ” Victor smiled the same way she did.

”Maybe… ” Her smile changed to a seductive smile.

”… ” Anna, Jeanne and Alexios visibly opened their eyes wide when they saw Scathach ’s feminine aura explode.

Victor flashed a smile that hurt Jeanne and Anna ’s eyes:

”…I trust you with my life, Scathach. ”

Scathach ’s cheek turned slightly red, but not from embarrassment but from something else:

”…I see… ”

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