My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 35: Vampire World.

”BITCH!! ” Violet screamed in uncontrolled fury, her face was distorted with rage, and the fire poured out of her body uncontrollably.

Realizing the danger of getting close to Violet: Maria, Natalia, Ruby, and Sasha quickly run away from Violet.

”Calm down, Violet! ” Ruby screamed, and when she heard the sound of thunder, she looked at Sasha, who was covered in lightning; she looked like she was about to do something.

”You too, Sasha! Calm down! ”

”Calm down…!? ” Sasha ’s face twisted in anger, ”My husband has been kidnapped. How can I be calm!? ”

Ruby started to get angry.

”You fools… ” Ruby ’s voice started to get cold, and the room started to get terribly cold, then she spoke in a tone that made the maids shiver, ”…Have you forgotten where you are? Control your powers. ”

”… ”

Listening to what Ruby said, Sasha and Violet bite their lips in frustration and regain consciousness, so they quickly rein in her powers.

Ruby sighs, ”This place has protection, but what if you decide to get out of hand now? Do you want to hurt Darling ’s parents!? ”

”You ’re right… ” Sasha sighs, ”What should we do now? ”

Violet doesn ’t say anything, she just looks at Ruby, waiting for her words.

”My mom won ’t hurt our Darling, ” Ruby started to explain, ”Remember, what happened in the past when a man she didn ’t think was ’suitable ’ approached me? ”

”…They were exterminated… ” Sasha replied.

”Wrong, their entire family was wiped out, ” Violet added.

”See? ” Ruby smiled, ”My mom approved of Victor, that means he ’ll be fine… I think… ”

”Huh…? You ’re not sure!? ” Violet raised her voice.

”Violet, you know my mother, she is very unpredictable. ”

”… ”

Violet bit her lip in frustration as she muttered various forms of torture she intended to do to anyone who touched Victor.

”I think she ’s going to train Victor? ” Sasha, who was a little calmer, spoke.

”…You ’re right…She likes people who have potential… ” Ruby nodded.

”And my Darling is a man with great potential; what do you think will happen to him? ” Violet asked as her eyes darkened.

”Hmm… ” Ruby was silent, she didn ’t want to answer that question.

”This got interesting, right? ” Natalia suddenly spoke with a smile on her face.

Violet, Ruby, and Sasha look at Natalia with a neutral gaze.

”Natalia, we should go home, ” Violet said.

”I know… But you guys need to sort something out first, ” Natalia said as she pointed up.

”…You ’re right; Darling ’s parents are going to be worried, ” Ruby said.

”How are we supposed to do this? I don ’t think telling the truth would be the ideal option. ” Sasha asked, then she adds,

”A few days ago, Violet had to lie and tell Victor ’s mom over the phone that she was going on her honeymoon with her son. I think this lie won ’t work again, I don ’t know how long it will take, but this time, I think it will take months for him to come home. ”

Ruby puts her hand on her chin and starts to think about what to do.

”Where is Kaguya? ” Violet asked.

”Oh, she ’s in Victor ’s shadow, ” Natalia replied.

”… ”

The three wives all open their mouths in shock. ”She ’s fast… ” Sasha spoke.

”As expected, ” Ruby smiled.

”Good job, Kaguya! I ’m going to raise her salary! ” Violet displayed a happy smile.

”Why are you so happy? ” Sasha asked curiously.

”Kaguya is a dedicated Maid, she will send me Darling ’s location! ”

”Oh, you ’re right, ” Sasha nods in agreement.

”Violet, Sasha, use your head… ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone.

”Huuh? ”

”Huuh? ”

Ruby explains, ”If my mom kidnapped Victor, she probably took him to that place. ”

”… ”

”Fuck, ” Violet didn ’t like it at all.

”That place, huh? ” Sasha puts her hand on her chin, and she looks at Ruby; Sasha ’s eyes suddenly darken, ”Ruby, are your foster sisters in that place…? ”

Violet turns to face Ruby, she has the same face as Sasha.

Ruby started to sweat a little when she saw Sasha and Violet ’s faces, but soon she replied, ”Yes… They ’ll be in that place… ”

”Fuck!!! ” Violet ’s anger explodes again, and soon her body is covered in fire, she looks at Natalia,

”Open the portal! I ’m going back home! I have to protect my Darling! ”

”Yes, Lady Violet, ” Natalia wasted no time, she snaps her finger and then smiles, ”Done. ”

Before Ruby and Sasha could react, Violet opened the door and walked through a portal that looked like the galaxy.

Sasha ’s body started to crackle with lightning, but before she could follow Violet, her body was frozen by Ruby. ”You won ’t run away now; you must work something out with me first. ”

”Natalia, close the portal. ”

”Yes, Lady Ruby, ” Natalia snaps her finger, and soon the portal that looked like a galaxy disappeared.

Ruby unfreezes Sasha.

”Why did you stop me!? ”

Before Ruby can say anything, she asks Natalia, ”What is someone from Clan Alioth doing with Violet? Shouldn ’t you just serve the king ’s family? ”

”This is a secret… ” Natalia smiled gently.

”Tsk, ” Sasha clicked her tongue in annoyance. Then, knowing she won ’t get Natalia ’s answer, she loses interest.

She thinks for a moment and looks at Maria; her eyes glow a little blood red, and she says: ”You can act normally. ”

Maria ’s body trembles a little, and soon she regains control of her actions.

”Why did you do that…? ” Maria asked in a cold, suspicious tone.

”I just don ’t want you to die for a random vampire when we get back home, ” Sasha spoke in an emotionless tone.

”Huuh…? ” Maria didn ’t understand why she did it.

Ruby, who was watching all this, said, ”Come on, Sasha, we have to go somewhere. ”

”Okay, ” Sasha agreed.

”Natália, wait for us here; we ’re going to need your skill… And keep an eye on her. ” Ruby pointed at Maria.

Natalia bowed a little, ”Your wish is my command, Lady Ruby. ”

The evening that same day.

”I was trying to guess why you needed me to change my clothes into this simple outfit… ” Sasha spoke in disbelief as she stared at the door of Victor ’s parents ’ house…

Sasha was wearing simple pants that looked too tight on her thighs, she was wearing a long brown shirt with a ’V ’ neckline that showed a little bit of her F-cup breasts.

”…Y-You are crazy? ” Sasha spoke in a stutter while her face was a little red with embarrassment.

Ruby was wearing simple black pants, she was wearing a simple red shirt that could barely hide her G-cup breasts.

”Y-Yes… ” Ruby ’s face seemed to be frozen.

”Ruby? ” Sasha approached Ruby.

”Are you nervous? ” She asked as she looked at Ruby ’s face stoic.

”N-Nervous? ” she stuttered; seeing the smile on Sasha ’s face, she said, ”I ’m fine! ”

”Shh! Speak quietly! ” Sasha yelled.

”…. ” Ruby just looked at Sasha with a blank expression.

”Let ’s get this over with. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

Ruby clicked on Victor ’s doorbell.

They heard the bell, and the two women wait anxiously for someone to open the door.

”I am going! ” Suddenly they hear a woman ’s voice.

Both girls ’ hearts nearly came out of their mouth when they heard the voice of the woman who was clearly Victor ’s mother.

When the door opens, and they see a beautiful woman with long black hair and sapphire blue eyes, they can ’t help but think that this woman is a lot like Victor.

”Hmm, who are you? ” The woman looked at the two women as if sizing them up, then she looked at Ruby ’s bust for a moment, and she thought; ’So big! Is she bigger than mine!? ’

The woman looked at Sasha ’s legs and thought, ’her legs are so thick. ’

She looked at the appearance of the two women again and thought, ’I don ’t remember meeting a blue-eyed blonde with such thick legs and a green-eyed redhead with breasts bigger than mine. ’

Ruby ’s face was so red at this point that her brain wasn ’t thinking straight, ”M-Mother, W-We are Victor ’s two wives. Nice to meet you! ”

”Huuh? ” The woman ’s brain stopped working.

”R-Ruby!! ” Sasha ’s face turned red with embarrassment, she approaches Ruby ’s ear, ”What are you doing, idiot!? ”

Ruby looks at Sasha with red eyes, almost crying, and speaks, ”I don ’t know anymore! ”

”…Ugh, fix the misunderstanding quick! ” She whispered, almost screaming.

”Why don ’t you help too!? ” Ruby whispered.

”Don ’t ask for the impossible! ”

The woman has come out of her stupor, and she looks at the two women again, ”What did you two say? ”

Sasha was startled by the sudden question, ”Ahhh! Mother, we are Victor ’s wives! Nice to meet you! ”

”… ”

”Idiot! ” Ruby yelled.

”Oh, my boy has two more wives… ” She didn ’t think it was a lie. As an experienced lawyer, she knew when someone was lying, and these two girls weren ’t.

Suddenly the woman touched her head and looked sick, and slowly, she starts to fall.

”M-Mother!? ” Ruby and Sasha yell in unison; they quickly grab the woman and see that she was unconscious.

Ugh, my head is hurting… Where am I?

I look around and see I was in a room I didn ’t know. The room looked old; I felt like I walked into those old movies.

”Heh, you finally woke up, stranger. ”

Suddenly I heard a woman ’s voice, I look towards where I heard the woman ’s voice, and I see a girl with wild long red hair; she was on the ceiling of the room standing as if gravity didn ’t affect her. But then, the girl fell to the ground and stood up.

She was very short; I think she must have been Kaguya ’s height. She was wearing a simple red dress, she looked at me with a big smile on her face.

Suddenly, I remember what happened, and I get out of bed.

”Wow, you ’re big, ” I heard the girl ’s voice, but I ignored her; she seemed to be talking about my height. I look around and see a window, I walk towards the window, and when I see the world outside, I couldn ’t help asking out loud:

”Where in the seven hells am…? ”


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