My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 354: Oni Meets vampire 2


”Indeed, Indeed. This is my mistake, how could I not pay my respects to someone like you? ” Victor ’s smile widened and he said:

”My name is Victor Alucard, the Fifth Vampire Count of Nightingale. ”

”You can call me Alucard. ”

”….. ”

”…Eh? ”

”This one is my daughter. ” Victor ignored Ibaraki and Shuten ’s shocked expressions, and pet Ophis ’ head.

”Ophis Tepes. ”

”Tepes? ” Like chicks the two Oni spoke at the same time.

’Isn ’t that the surname of the Vampire King!? ’ They thought at the same time.

”And this here is my adopted daughter, Nero Alucard. ”

”Huh? ” This time not just Ibaraki and Shuten, Nero herself was speechless.

”I don ’t remember being adopted by you! ”

”…Oh? Did I not tell you? ”

”NOO! ”

”Really? ” Victor put his hand on his chin: ”I thought I would have told… ”

”You didn ’t! ” Nero was freaking out.

”Fumu… ” Victor thought for a few seconds, and then said:

”Meh, just deal with it. I doubt you can run away from my wife now. She likes you very much. ”

”…HUH!? ”

’Deal with it…? Deal with it!? This irrational man! ’

”Not to mention you ’re not the same as you used to be, and… ” He looked deeply into Nero ’s eyes:

”I owe you an unpayable debt, a debt so great that I will have to pay it by protecting you for the rest of my life. ”

”…. ” Nero felt quite shocked and touched when she heard what Victor said, after all, he was acknowledging her efforts, and her shock changed to mild fear when she saw Victor ’s lifeless gaze staring at her.

To be honest, she was really scared!

”Oh, I ’m sorry about that. ” Victor turned his face to the side, and his face returned to normal.

He completely forgot to control himself for a few seconds.

Victor looked back at the Oni, and said:

”These two women behind me are just extras; ignore them. ”

”HEY! ” The two suddenly screamed.

”Shh, extras shouldn ’t talk. ” Victor spoke with a slight glint in his eye.

”Go fuck yourself! I am not an extra! ” Anna stomped to the ground in annoyance, and the building shook a little from her force.

”I know. ” Victor laughed.

And she was taken aback by the man ’s beautiful smile, and his above-normal beauty; she even forgot to breathe.

”…Good-. ” Before she could say anything, she heard,

”You ’re worse than an extra, you ’re cannon fodder. ”

”…Eh? ”

”Don ’t you know what that is? Let me teach you. Cannon fodder are characters that don ’t have names, and they ’re often used in wars as a form of sacrifice to make the villain look more badass. ”

”You ’re Demon number 1 The first sacrifice!! ”

”…. ” Veins started bulging in Anna ’s head.

’I… A former General of Lilith ’s Demons, someone who is feared by everyone in hell, is cannon fodder…? ’

”You piece of shit! I ’ll kill you! ”

”HAHAHAHA~, I want to see you try! ” He spread his arms and got into an open chest position.

Anna looked at Victor with an angry look, she assumed an attack position, but she didn ’t attack, she couldn ’t…

After all, there was a little girl on Victor ’s shoulder.

”…Can you put the little girl down first? ” she asked surprisingly politely.

”Oh? You do not know? ” Victor looked at her as if she ’d committed a serious crime.

”Know what? ”

”The strongest warriors always have a little girl or baby on their shoulder! ”

”That ’s true? ” Ibaraki asked his leader.

”… ” Shuten looked at Ibaraki with a shocked look:

”You ’re listening to him?! Of course it is a lie! ” Shuten ’s voice came along with Anna ’s.

”…What kind of bullshit is this!? ”

”This isn ’t Bullshit, it ’s a way of showing strength. If you ’re not strong enough to make me take the little girl off my shoulder, that means you ’re not worthy! ”

”Oh, that makes sense. ” Ibaraki nodded.

”That makes no sense! Again, stop agreeing with him! ”

”You ’re so weak, you ’re so weak that you can ’t even make me fight seriously! HAHAHAHAHA! ”

”This piece of shit… ”

Anna was going to keep talking until Jeanne tapped her shoulder.

”Okay, this is enough. You can play later. ”

”Huh? ”

”… That ’s true. ” Victor assumed a neutral expression, and all the air around him changed. He looked at a spot in the middle of the street.

”Going to start, huh? ” Ibaraki could feel it too, that oppressive feeling in the air, the Yōuki around him was going crazy!

”…That crazy woman, she brought a huge army this time. ” Shuten also stopped playing around and spoke with a serious expression.

”…Huh? ” Anna didn ’t understand what was happening.

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