My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 355: Fox Girl Meet Vampire

‘Divine energy. ’ Victor thought: ’No wonder he ’s Inari ’s favorite. ’

”Doesn ’t he look tired…? ” Jeanne spoke.

”…Really? ” Shuten spoke, he looked at the man and he could actually see signs of tiredness in the man.

”He must have been quite busy these days. ” Victor chuckled lightly as he stroked Ophis ’s head.

The woman looked behind Genji ’s gate with a smile that could rival Victor ’s own.

”Looks like you didn ’t spare your strength… Good. ” ’Showing the dragons last time was so worth it! ’ She thought.

The man came fully prepared.

”…Haruna. ” Genji ’s voice resounded through the place.

”Do you really want to go through with this? This isn ’t the time to be fighting-…!? ” He stopped talking and looked at the building.

Seeing the Vampire sitting on an Ice Throne while looking at the situation with an amused smile, his face darkened.

Noticing the look on himself, Victor just nodded slightly while making a mouth gesture saying, ”Keep on with your show. ”

Seeing that the man was treating all of this as a joke, he could only utter one word:

”Shit. ”

”You will not run away from me, I will have you in my Hyakki Yagyō. ” A dark power started to come out of Haruna ’s body, and she pointed at Victor with her fan.

”The foreigner is not important, so what if he causing chaos in Japan? That ’s not my problem, it doesn ’t interfere with anything in our fight! ”

”Ugh, irrational woman. ” He closed his eyes and put his hand on his head as if he had a bad headache.

Because of a certain someone, he had never stopped working since he arrived, his work had basically tripled! He was quite stressed about this whole situation!

”Pfft… HAHAHAHAHAHA~! ” An amused laugh echoed throughout the place.

”Well said! ” Victor spoke while looking at Haruna with a crazy look:

”So what if the world is ending? So what if Japan is in chaos? So what if the Gods have their thumbs up their asses and tails between their legs as they hide in fear of me? It doesn ’t change anything, this fight must happen! ”


Lightning thundered in the sky, but it only made Victor smile even more. The Gods were furious! And that only made his smile grow!

”You ’ve decided already, so you must go all the way! Fuck the rest! ”

”Right!? ”

”…. ” Haruna ’s smile widens, her nine tails fluttered excitedly and she said:

”Finally, someone who understands! ”

The blood red eyes, and the eyes black as darkness met, and soon a similar smile appeared on both faces.


They laughed in sync, and as they laughed, the two beings ’ powers seemed to clash in midair. They weren ’t doing it intentionally, it was more like a consequence of having similar personalities.

And this encounter was making the surrounding Yōkai nauseous. They felt like they could faint at any moment from the stifling atmosphere.

”Ibaraki, don ’t intrude. ” Shuten held Ibaraki ’s arm, who looked like a child who wanted to join in the fun.

”Huh? ”

”Don ’t make the situation any more complicated. If the Onis fight now, we won ’t be safe in the future. ” He spoke in a very serious tone, clearly he wasn ’t asking, he was ordering.

”Tsk, I wasn ’t going to do anything. ” Ibaraki turned his face to the side. He knew his leader was right. To intrude now would be the same as offending the Gods.

And they couldn ’t handle that consequence.

”We both know that ’s not true. ” Shuten Douji sighed in relief.

Hearing the rumbling laughter,

’Well, shit… As if that woman wasn ’t enough. ’ Genji felt like sighing.

Genji closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then he opened them, revealing the change that had taken place.

His blue eyes turned an oppressive neon green.

”!!? ” Victor and Haruna stopped laughing and look at Genji at the same time.

”Very well, you ’ve made your choice… Now, live by that choice, and don ’t regret it later. ” He spoke in a neutral tone, but his voice sent shivers through Haruna ’s body.

”Finally…Finally, you ’ve stopped your shitty acting! ” With the same smile on her face, the woman ’s aura exploded everywhere, and only her aura alone was causing damage all around.

She pulled her fan, and pointed to Genji:

”From the beginning I ’ve never regretted a decision I ’ve made! ”

”You know why!? ”

”…. ” Genji was silent.

”Because from the beginning I always did what I wanted, when I wanted, and wherever I wanted! ”

”There ’s no room for petty in my hadō! ’ ”

”…. ” Victor ’s eyes widened when he heard the familiar sentence.

[A/N: Hadō, it can mean many things like ’wave ’, or ’move ’. But in the context that Haruna talked about, it ’s something like a path of achievement, it ’s something like a creed that she believes in. The phrase literally means no room for remorse on your path of conquest.]

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