My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 360: The Power of the Strongest Female Vampire

u killed them all! All my family! ” She roared in anger as her pretty face had become quite demonic.

”HAHAHAHA~ ” All Inari got from Victor was his crazy laugh.

”Yes, indeed, I killed them all. ”

”And I will kill more. ” His tone began to turn dark and somber.

”Much more. ”

”I will kill everyone. ” He remembered the state Ophis had been in, and his eyes became listless and lifeless.

”Everyone… will die… ” Victor ’s face disappeared, and all that remained was a darkness whose only features were his blood-red eyes and his smile full of sharp fangs.

His hair, at some point, grew to his back and started to float around, and that hair was like his face, completely dark and with bright red veins showing.

’Level 2. ’


A wing of blood shot out of his body, and a tremendous pressure descended on everyone.

In that instant, everyone felt as if the world had fallen on top of them.

”…Alucard, what are you doing? ” Haruna growled with a face that promised death.

Victor looked at Haruna and smiled internally when he saw that the woman wasn ’t afraid:

”Your fight is with that man. ”

”The woman who appeared has nothing to do with your struggle, she is mine-. ” Victor suddenly felt someone poking his shoulder.

He turned his head and saw his master ’s face.

She was in her usual battle attire, and her long red hair was fluttering in the wind. In her right hand, she had a rather strange looking red spear, and this spear had several runes carved all over its hilt.

She looked like a maiden who would go to war, she looked stunningly beautiful.

”… ” Victor ’s smile froze a little when he saw his master ’s appearance.

”Follow the damn plan, idiot disciple! ” Soon that gentle face changes to a serious face.


Scathach smacked Victor on the head.

”…Ouch… ” Victor pretends to feel pain, and soon his whole atmosphere returns to normal, ”Well… ”

”I got a little excited… ”

”Just a little? ” She flashed a small smile.

”…. Fine, I got really excited and forgot about the plan. ” Victor felt like scratching his cheek now, but he couldn ’t because he was holding a fox…

A fox who didn ’t seem interested in getting out of his arms. She wasn ’t even moving!

”Hmm, Hmm. ” Scathach nodded twice since she felt she was putting some sense into this man ’s head.

Honestly, Scathach was quite annoyed and frustrated, only Victor was having all the fun, and the plan the two of them came up with was thrown to hell by the man himself.

The entire English dictionary would not be enough to express how irritated she was with this situation and, because of this, when she felt the presence of a god,

She immediately stopped what she was doing and ran at high speed, it only took a few seconds, but she finally reached the battlefield and saw Inari!

And in that moment, she chose the goddess as her target of amusement.

”S- S- S- S-Scathach Scarlett! ” The youkai on the ground around them practically screamed as several feelings passed through their hearts.

Admiration for her beauty, fear of what would happen next, bewilderment to see a woman who was feared the world over acting so casually in front of this man.

Their minds were in chaos.

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at the Youkai.

Looking at the dark cuts on the youkai ’s body, she spoke.

”Well, that ’s an interesting technique, isn ’t it? ” Scathach looks at the fox that was in Victor ’s arms.

”Was that you? ” Haruna replied in a neutral tone, not seeming intimidated by Scathach ’s presence.

”Yes. ”

”It ’s a very gentle technique. ”

”Don ’t get me wrong, I just didn ’t choose to kill them. After all, they will be my subordinates in the future. ”

”Heh~ ” Scathach ’s smile grew since she understood that if the woman had wanted to, she could have killed everyone with that technique.

’A rather interesting technique indeed. ’ She also noticed something else.

That woman ’s eyes…

It was the eyes of someone who found an opponent but did nothing because they didn ’t think he had enough strength.

It was the same eyes that Victor had when he first encountered Scathach.

’A diamond in the rough, Hahahaha~ ’ The feeling Scathach had for the woman completely disappeared like leaves in the wind when she saw her talent.

And what Scathach liked best was talent.

”Now, back to business. ” Scathach starts walking towards Inari while twirling the red spear around her. She was ready to fight.

”Scathach Scarlett. ” Inari spoke as she watched the woman approaching and quickly judged that she couldn ’t help but fight.

Inari tried to ask the gods for help, but… As expected, they won ’t help.

”You must be Inari, the bitch who pissed off my disciple. ”

”Why are you doing this? ” Inari was completely serious, her body was tense, and she was already using her powers to increase her strength.

”I want to have fun… When I heard that my idiot disciple was going to attack all the supernaturals in Japan over a little girl… I couldn ’t just sit back and away from all the fun, you know? ”

”Are you doing all this just for that? Killing every supernatural you come across, causing chaos in a foreign country. ”

”Actually, these are just excuses… ” Scathach ’s smile grew a little, and she continued:

”Do you need reasons to fight? ”

”You are crazy! ” Inari felt like she had lost some neurons while talking to the woman


”Crazy!? ” Scathach ’s smile grew, and a crimson aura exploded over her body.

And in the next moment, everyone could feel as if they were on a battlefield where the entire ground was covered with corpses.

Hundreds, hundreds of thousands of dead bodies.

”…just how many beings did that woman kill? ” Ibaraki douji swallowed hard, he didn ’t even feel like fighting because even he felt it would be stupid. He would just die the death of a mangy dog.

”… Well, she ’s been fighting since 2000 years ago… ” Jeanne was the one who answered.

”Did she ever stop fighting? ”

”Yes, only recently that she became calmer, considering that the world became ’peaceful ’. ” Anna spoke.

”But as far as I know, she participated in all the wars she could… ” Jeanne spoke, thinking;; ’Even when I was human, she participated in my war… ’

”I consider myself quite sane. ” The aura around her began to focus on her spear.

”That ’s not something a sane person would say. ” Inari takes her Katana out of the sheath, and her body is covered in white energy.

”…Today is a good opportunity, I can finally get rid of you. ” Inari had a lot of resentment towards Scathach for what happened in the past.

”Many have spoken that same phrase to me in the past, but few are alive to tell stories. ” Scathach stops swinging her spear and positions herself.

”It ’s been a while since I fought a god… Have fun, okay? ”

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