My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 370: Ruby and Victor.[+18]

Chapter 369: Sasha Took Her Mother ’s Teachings Very Seriously.

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Chapter 369: Sasha took her mother ’s teachings very seriously.

”Is this information true? ” Victor, who, unlike his usual outfit, was wearing a black Yukata which contained rather simple red details but, with Victor ’s divinely stupid beauty, made him quite attractive.

Currently, he was sitting on a couch with Violet at his side, Sasha on the other side, and Ruby, who was calmly sitting on his lap as she hugged his body possessively. Occasionally she would look at Violet with a gaze that seemed to pierce her body.

”Hmm~, Hmmm~. ” But Violet was in her own world and completely ignored Ruby.

’I finally feel satisfied. ’ She lightly touched her belly, she could feel the liquids that painted her insides white still inside her, and that couldn ’t help but make her feel calmer…

Having been bombarded from all the positions she liked and having all her insides painted in white liquids, to have done all this while drinking her Darling ’s delicious blood.

Her bloodlust.

Her thirst for Victor.

Her longing.

And more importantly… Her lack of Vitamin V.

It was completely filled to 10000%

She was finally calmer… For now.

As a vampire, she could continue as long as necessary with her nightly activities since she wouldn ’t really get tired, just for a few minutes. Then her entire body was back in peak state, and she didn ’t particularly mind falling into depravity if it was with her husband.

Wake up and have sex.

Sleep and have sex.

Eat and have sex.

She didn ’t mind performing this act for all eternity.

Preferably, she preferred to hide Victor in a rather luxurious basement where they stayed together…

… But unfortunately, she couldn ’t do that, and they had business to attend to.

’Tsk, if Darling wasn ’t so Darling, I could somehow make this work. ’ On the one hand, she likes Victor to be just like her, but on the other hand, she hates it if he were weaker mentally and not too ’active ’.

She might as well lock him in a basement.

Thinking about the pink-haired girl she saw in an anime that Ruby introduced her to, she can ’t help but think that girl was lucky. If her husband was like that protagonist the girl liked, she would have hidden him a long time ago in an isolated place.

’It ’s a shame she wasn ’t determined enough… ’

”Ugh, Ugh… ” Those were the sounds of Ophis, who was looking at Ruby like someone who stole her favorite spot.

”Calm down, calm down… ” Nero was by her side as she tried to appease the little girl, but she avoided touching Ophis ’ skin because she knew her ’curse ’ and only touched her clothes.

”… ” Just like Ophis, Sasha can ’t help but look at Ruby with a piercing gaze.

Scathach, who was sitting on a couch next to Victor, was elegantly crossed-legged and seemed to watch all this with a little amusement and annoyance, which she hid very well with her usual smile.

And near Scathach were all of Victor ’s Maids.

Roberta, Bruna, Eve, Roxanne, Maria, and Kaguya.

The group was all gathered together today due to information Kaguya received and because of a certain woman who suddenly appeared.

”…Yes. ” Kaguya looked at her master ’s appearance, his messy black hair that had grown out sometime last night due to a ’certain ’ event that all the women could hear very well.

His Yukata that showed a little of his muscular chest.

She couldn ’t help but gulp when she saw this image, she ’s seen Victor in every way possible, but for some reason, when he was wearing her homelands clothes, he looked quite…

VERY… Tasty.

She could even feel her throat watering and a small itch in a delicate spot.

One thing she ’s never felt for her master before, having him in that kind of outfit is dangerous!

Very dangerous!

”!!! ” Kaguya shakes her head internally and forces herself to wake up from her inappropriate thoughts.

”… ” Roberta can ’t help but show a small smile when she sees the state of her Head Maid.

She looked at her master for a few seconds, and just like Kaguya, she couldn ’t help but enjoy this sight a little.

’So she likes it, huh… ’ Roberta ’s eyes gleamed slightly, and a plan began to form in her mind.

’Don ’t worry, Kaguya… This is all for your… Wrong, our happiness. ’ She can ’t help but laugh internally.

”… ” Maria looked at Roberta with a look that understood what she was thinking.

Eve, who was nearby, just looked at all this confused. She might be smart, but if we are talking about emotional intelligence, that status is below negative.

Because of that, she didn ’t understand the exchange between the two experienced women.

Although the same can ’t be said for Alter Eve…

’Kekekeke~, this is going to be interesting… As a certain clown said, it just takes one bad day for a man to go crazy… In the case of the Head Maid, she just needs one night having her interior being filled! HAHAHAHA~. ’

After laughing a little, she continued,

’Maybe with this, I can get the same treatment as Violet. ’ Alter Eve was giving Roberta and Maria full internal support.

Other Maids who were oblivious to what was happening were Roxanne and Bruna.

The first was practically a newborn baby, and the other was a nun who, despite having a sinful body, was too innocent and kind to have that kind of thoughts for her ’god ’.

Assuming the usual expression of a perfect Maid, Kaguya spoke.

”A few hours ago, this scroll suddenly appeared in one of the bases that ’coincidentally ’ Roxanne, along with Bruna, was attacking. ” She said this because she felt quite suspicious of this situation.

How did the information her master wanted so much ’appear ’ suddenly in a place where his subordinates were?

She can ’t help but be skeptical about it.

”Hmm… ” Victor patted Sasha ’s head a little, he was feeling the woman ’s feelings from their connection, and he wanted to give her some peace of mind.

”… ” Sasha looked at Victor, and her eyes gleamed with obsession.

Victor swallowed a little hard when he saw Sasha ’s eyes, she had the same look as Natashia.

’Fuck it, I won ’t wait any longer. If you want something, you must just take it for yourself! ’ Unconsciously, her mother ’s teachings were now blooming in her head.

”Love is a war… You just have to attack, attack, attack until you become the winner. Peace was never an option! You need to attack! … But if you are in a situation like me, you have to be patient and walk with baby steps until you reach your goal. ”

She found her mother ’s advice quite questionable at the time, but she was right…

’I had decided from the beginning to stop hesitating… I must be more proactive. ’ Her eyes glowed brighter, and without realizing it, she slowly began to fall into the same deep hole that Violet had been in since the beginning.

The hole called obsession and obsessive love.

And Victor ’s smile couldn ’t help but widen a little. It wasn ’t like he intended on making her wait, it ’s that just like Violet and Ruby, he wanted to give Sasha a memorable date.

’Well, Well… I ’m in Japan, right? Why don ’t we go to Kyoto? ’ Victor was already planning his date with Sasha.

’…Although it wasn ’t my intention, she got even more beautiful because I kept her waiting. ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think internally when he saw Sasha ’s face.

He could feel that slowly, she was getting closer to where he and Violet had been from the beginning.

He stops thinking about it for a bit.

He looked at Bruna and Roxanne:

”Girls? ”

”…While we were checking out some suspects in the Ophis incident, we found this scroll on the table. ” Roxanne, the dryad with long red hair and sharp teeth, spoke.

”We charmed the human we were chasing and forced him to talk, and he didn ’t know anything about the scroll. His only involvement with this whole situation was that he received the information about Ophis, he was planning to profit from it, but when he saw that he had too many competitors, he gave up. ”

”…And ironically, that decision saved his life. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”Indeed… After we got this scroll, we immediately returned here. ”

”Leaving that aside for a bit, what are we going to do with Alexios? ”

”… ” The girls looked at Maria.

”I told you he ’s returned to Nightingale, and he ’s definitely going to let the Vampire King know what happened. ”

”Hmm, I understand your concern, but you shouldn ’t worry too much about it. ” Scathach was the one who spoke.

”Why? ”

”What happened a few days ago will eventually reach the ears of all factions. ”

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠ ᴇʟ, ᴄᴏᴍ ”It is literally impossible to completely stop information from leaking… But we can choose which information will leak. ” Scathach flashed an amused little smile.

She ’s been playing this game for thousands of years, so she knows very well what she ’s doing.

A game that Victor started playing in as well, and with Adonis ’ experiences, he was doing pretty well in Scathach ’s opinion.

’Isn ’t that pretty face good for something? ’ She couldn ’t help but laugh when she saw what her disciple looked like and how he was evolving thanks to what happened between him and Adonis.

”And I ’m sure the witches will take advantage of this situation to profit. ” Ruby spoke in disdain.

She leans her voluptuous body against Victor and rests her head on his muscular chest.

She starts caressing Victor ’s chest, a little sign they made when one of them was in ’the mood. ’

Victor laughs a little and starts to caress Ruby with his other hand. He understood very well what she wanted.

He lowers his head close to Ruby ’s ear and says,

”Later… ”

”… ” Her face turns a little red, and she nods in satisfaction.

”Indeed… Vlad will only know a few more things, but we made sure Alexios didn ’t know about our ’very important ’ matters. ” Scathach spoke as she looked at her daughter ’s state with mixed feelings. She was pleased that she had found a good husband but also slightly irritated, and she didn ’t know why.

”Hmm~. ” The woman gives a small groan of approval and closes her eyes.

”That was also one of the reasons why I left Alexios there. ” Victor continued what Scathach said.

”Speaking of which, what about the Ghouls? ” Victor asked as he looked at Maria.

”They are inactive and ready to be used at any time. ” Maria replied.

”…Let ’s take over a morgue. ” Victor suddenly spoke up.

”Oh, that ’s a good idea. ” Scathach was the one who said, ”This will supply the need for corpses for these ghouls, and we can keep them in stock in case you need to use them. ”

”… ” Understanding what the two were talking about now, the first one who spoke was Sasha:

”But with that many Ghouls, one morgue won ’t be enough. ”

”…Yes, and there ’s the transportation problem too. ”

”We can ’t abuse Natalia too much. ” Violet was the one who spoke this time.

”…We need a base of operations. ” Violet suggested.

”Well, Victor gave me a whole castle… But that ’s at the North Pole. ”

”Honestly, that place would be ideal to do anything in the human world without attracting attention, but the problem is transportation… And that place needs a remodel, my mom, Victor, and I might not mind the cold, but you wouldn ’t like it very much. ” Ruby continued as she opened her eyes a little.

”Hmm~… ” Victor touched his chin as he thought of something.

”Master, Master. ”

”Umu? ” He looked at Eve.

”Can ’t Natalia do what Alexis did? A gate with strange runes. ”

”… I don ’t know, I didn ’t ask her… But if she can do it. ”

”It will be easier to transport things, we just need to create a base of operations in some country in the human world, and all the supplies that go there will be automatically transferred to the North Pole. ” Ruby ’s head was already spinning and thinking of a plan.

”As expected, if we are going to make a base, will it be in the United States? ” Sasha spoke up.

”I think so, considering that Victor ’s parents are in that place, and it will be a good way to keep them safe… ” Ruby said.

”Most of my subordinates and Ruby ’s subordinates are in that place too. ” Violet continued.

”… ” Nero watched all this in silence, and her eyes couldn ’t help but fall on Violet.

’Another wife…Another mother? ’ She still wasn ’t used to it.

”Then it ’s decided. ” Violet decided suddenly.

”Wait, we don ’t even know if Natalia can do this or not. ” Sasha spoke up.

”Meh, she can push her limits, and learn that. ”

”…. ” The girls thought that Violet had become more irrational than before.

”Back to topic… ” Kaguya caught the girls ’ attention.

”What are we going to do, master? ” And quickly, their attention went to Victor.

”…Let ’s call Shinji and Gintoki. ”

”…As expected, you won ’t let these men go so easily. ” Scathach laughed. She could understand Victor a little since the man ’s powers were simply too valuable.

”Of course not, I ’d be stupid if I did that. ”

”I ’ll give them what they want, but they have to stay with me. ” Victor ’s eyes lit up a little. He had made the final decision.

”…If Master wishes, it must come true. ” Kaguya bowed a little, like a maid who trains to be perfect, she will make sure her wish comes true, and then turned around:

”Roberta, you come with me. Your powers will come in handy if need be. ”

”Yes, Yes~. ” Roberta happily accompanied Kaguya.

”… ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes in suspicion when she saw Roberta ’s hyper state. She knows the woman well enough to know that when she is like this, she is excited to do something.

And that something usually never ends well. An example of this is the kitchen being destroyed.

’I ’ll keep my eyes on her. ’ Kaguya decided to keep an eye on the excited Maid.


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