My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 371: Scathachs feelings.

do you mean, Violet? ” Scathach ’s eyes narrowed, and Violet broke out in a cold sweat.

”Ruby, let her go. ”

”…But-. ”

”Ruby. ” Scathach ’s eyes shone brighter.

”Yes… ”

”Now, spit it out. ”

”…. ” Violet ’s brain started to spin, she thought of a million excuses, but they all sounded so stupid.

She screwed up, and couldn ’t find an excuse to get out of this situation, so what would be the most logical thought to do in this situation?

”Darling was basically saying he ’d like to have a baby with you. ”

”….. ” Ruby looked at Violet in pure shock.


She threw the shit in the fan!!

If you can ’t solve the problem, just make the problem worse! Eventually, the problem will fix itself!

She is a staunch believer in that questionable dogma.

As silence fell around.

Scathach ’s inner thoughts were in chaos.

’A child with Victor? He wants to have sex with me… If he said those words, it ’s because he wants to, right? He also has potential, and he ’s a progenitor… If I was in the same mood I was in the past before Ruby, I could use his genes and have a strong son… But I don ’t see the need for that anymore. ’ She thought of the vampire who had the power to control water.

In the past, she was curious and, on a whim, decided to have a child, but she didn ’t want a useless, potential-less child, so she kidnapped someone who could add something to her bloodline, and that ’s how she found Ruby ’s father and basically used him up to what she wanted.

After she had what she wanted, she threw the man away, since he was no longer needed.

And Ruby was one of the best decisions she ’s made in the past…

But when she thought of doing the same to Victor, she felt a revulsion of herself and shook her head in denial. She no longer had any desire to have a child like that.

”Hmm, I don ’t intend to have another child. I will treat this as a bad joke. ” She completely misunderstood what Violet said.

”…Huh? ” This time it was Violet who was shocked.

”I mean, Ruby is enough for me, and I don ’t want to throw Victor away. ”

Violet narrowed her eyes, and her mood worsened when she heard the way Scathach spoke:

”Woman, are you misunderstanding something? ”

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at Violet in confusion.

”He likes you, and because of that, he wants to have a baby with you. ”

”…Eh? ” Scathach opened her eyes wide.

”Didn ’t you hear, idiot? He loves you, he wants you as a wife. ”


”Oh, fuck off, Ruby. I ’m tired of this shit. Someone needs to tell her the truth, and I didn ’t like the way she talked about my Darling. ”

”No one is going to throw him away, not even you… I dare you to say that again. ” Violet ’s eyes glowed blood red.

She didn ’t display her power, she didn ’t do anything. She just looked at Scathach.

And for the first time in a long time… A really long time.

Scathach felt… Afraid?

It was the same feeling she ’d had when she ’d first encountered her human master, the same feeling she ’d had when she ’d first seen Vlad.

But Scathach wasn ’t normal, she reacted to fear differently.

She would be excited! And want to fight with that person, after all, if she felt afraid, it was because that person is strong, right?

But… She didn ’t feel it now, she just felt fear and a confused feeling.

And she particularly didn ’t understand her fear, considering that she knows very well that Violet is weak, she wouldn ’t even get to her feet…

But this woman now can ’t help but feel threatening to her.

Yes! That ’s the correct word.

Violet looked very menacing to Scathach right now.

Thinking of Violet ’s words.

She remembered everything that happened between Victor and her.


Every little memory she made with the man.


”Master, I miss you. ” His cute moments,

”Scathach, shall we shower? ” His exciting moments.

”HAHAHAHAHA~, Scathach, you are the best! ” And his moments of struggle.

Soon her entire mind was painted with Victor ’s face that had his signature small smile, and she opened her eyes wide as she realized what Violet meant.

”…I see… ”

badump, Badump.

Her heart was beating several miles an hour, and she felt it was hard to even breathe now.

”He loves me… ”

’And I love him? ’ She asked herself, confused. Every time she thought of Victor, her heart sank, and an absolute truth popped into her mind.

”I love him. ”

Crack, Crack.

She felt as if something unimportant had broken, and a new worldview appeared to her.

”Yeah, congratulations, you had the breakthrough of the century. ” Violet rolled her eyes as she huffed, not feeling particularly happy.

But now that she ’s screwed up, as a faithful advisor to the dogma she ’s created, she ’s just going to mess things up even more!

… And be what God wants…


”Violet, Idiot! You had better ways of saying that! ”

”Fuck off, Ruby. This woman just pissed me off, and I acted on an impulse, okay? But I don ’t regret anything. ”

”But-. ” When Ruby was about to say something, she heard.

”Ruby, did you know? ”

”!!! ” Ruby ’s body shook a little, and she looked at her mother.

”Well, yes… Actually, everyone knew. ”

”Everyone? ”

”Natashia, Agnes, Adonis, Violet, Pepper, Siena-… ” Ruby started to list everyone she knew and literally everyone close to Victor.

”…Wha–… ” Scathach couldn ’t believe what she was hearing.

And then memories of Natashia talking to her came to her mind.

’…I ’ll know in the future, huh?… Is that what she meant? ’

Vlad ’s insinuations started to make sense to her too.

’That old man knew, and because of that, he gave him the title of count… ’

”Victor wants to be my mate, huh… My husband… ” She started to think about it.

And the moment she thought about it, a memory came to her mind.

She was in a village, and in front of her was a woman very much like her, her mother… A woman she thought she would have forgotten the face of a long time ago.

”Listen, Scathach, if you ever have a husband, that man has to be stronger than you! And you have to like him! Don ’t forget to check if he has a personality too, don ’t be fooled! Not every strong man is good… ”

”I don ’t want to get married now, woman. ”


The woman hits the girl on the head with an iron club.

”Listen when adults are talking, fool. ”

”Ugh… ”

”Listen to me, Daughter… If you meet a man like that in your long life… Never let him get away! Not even if you have to torture him all day like I do your father, HAHAHAHAHA~. ”

”Believe me. He was just a weak piece of shit with a pretty face when I met him, but I liked him. He had a good personality too, so all he had to do was to be stronger than me! ”

”All I did was make him stronger! With willpower and a little torture, you can do impossible things! ”

”Now, he ’s a strong warrior who loves to fight, amazing, right!? Praise me! ”


”Whatever, Mother. Let ’s get back to training! I want to fight the neighboring tribe! ”


”Why!? ”

”That ’s because you ’re stupid. ”

”I didn ’t do anything! I just want to get back to training, woman!

”…Sigh, why did you have to be born so like me… ”

Scathach ’s memories shatter like a glass mirror, and she returns to the present.

Slowly, a little red-hued bloody pressure began to release from her body, her smile grew, and her eyes glowed blood red.

”… A husband, huh… Husband, a husband… Husband, husband… pfff… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~. ”

”… ” The bodies of the two women visibly trembled when they saw the state of Scathach.

”Look what you did, you broke her! I ’ve never seen her like this before! ” Ruby practically yelled at Violet.

’Looks like I found someone, Mother… ’ The bloody pressure from Scathach ’s body started to get stronger than before, as everything around her was breaking down on its own, while she was just standing there!

”Well, Fuck… ”


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