My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 399: Anna and Aphrodite afriendship of over 10 years

even has a tail and wings! ”

”Oyy! Don ’t compare me to Aphrodite! I ’ve only had one husband in my entire life! ”

”Why the fuck did you put my name in the middle, demon? ”

”I mean… If you think of Thot… Doesn ’t the name Aphrodite always come to mind? ” The Succubus answered honestly.

”…What the fuck kind of stereotype is that!? I am the Goddess of Beauty and Love! ”

”Well, even some of our Succubi who work taking life energy from men pray to you in their spare time. ”

”… Hearing a demon ’s prayer doesn ’t make me happy! ”

”You have a bad reputation for using men as your personal plaything. ” Jeanne spoke up.

”It was Artemis who did that. She captured the men and used them as prey for her hunters and pets… I just picked the handsome men and women I wanted and had an orgy. ”

”Although I got bored with time, and I didn ’t do it anymore. ”

”… A very questionable sport, and a very questionable attitude. ” Ruby spoke.

”Don ’t come to throw the morals of you mortals on us. We were alive even before the word moral was born. ” Aphrodite spoke in disdain.

”What morals you have, raping and taking advantage of the weakest… Wow, what morals you have. ” Jeanne spoke twice to emphasize her contempt.

”…. ” Aphrodite narrowed her eyes at Jeanne.

”You ’re just focusing on our bad parts, we are the Gods that helped humans the most. ”

”Of course, and you took advantage of them and then treated them like cattle. ” Jeanne continued with a smile on her face:

”Just tell me a Greek hero who had a happy ending in relating to the Gods? ”

”…. ” Veins popped in Aphrodite ’s head.

”Well, all the Gods in Greek mythology are rapists, Zeus being the worst of them all along with his son Ares and his brother Poseidon. I wouldn ’t be surprised by this attitude. ” Jeanne spoke in disdain.

As an ancient saint, she refused to call Aphrodite or any of the Greek Gods, or even Gods of Norse mythology, a ’God ’ .

”…What do you think about it, Mother? ” Victor, who was silent the entire time, asked with a neutral look.

”Umu? ” Anna stopped relaxing in the massage chair and looked at Victor.

”What do I think about what? ”

”About Aphrodite ’s Attitude. ”

”… Hmm. ” Anna looked at Aphrodite.

”… ” Aphrodite shivered inwardly at Anna ’s gaze, bracing herself to hear Anna ’s disappointed words.

After all, she knew all too well the prejudice that modern-day mortals had towards the Greek Gods. She didn ’t really care about those prejudices because, at the end of the day, she understood that they were just hypocrites hiding their dirty nature.

”To be honest, I disapprove, and I don ’t agree. As a woman and a lawyer who has dealt with a number of rape victims, I know how horrible this is for the victim. ”

”… ”

”But it ’s not for me to judge her or to antagonize her… After all, a mortal can ’t judge a God, right? ” Anna asked Aphrodite.

”Well, yes. ” She wasn ’t going to deny those words. A mortal cannot judge the Gods by their standard since they are completely different existences.

”I think the correct words for this situation would be… I ’m just disappointed. ”

”….. ” Aphrodite bit her lip a little. To be honest, having Anna ’s disgust and hatred was better than that word.


”And to think that my friend had done so much shit in the past, I really can ’t help but feel disappointed. Because that ’s the only emotion I can feel. ”

”After all, there ’s no use crying over what happened thousands of years ago. It was another time, with another culture and mentality. ”

”In any culture, I don ’t think rape would be seen as a good thing. ” Jeanne spoke.

”… ” Victor just looked at Jeanne for her to shut up.

”Tsk. ” Jeanne muttered and turned away.

”…But, I have a question for you. ” Anna spoke.

”…? ” Aphrodite looked at her friend Anna:

”In the modern world, have you practiced this kind of act? ”

”Answer me honestly. ” Anna looked at Aphrodite with a neutral gaze, her sapphire blue eyes seeming to pierce through Aphrodite ’s entire existence and look straight into her soul.

Of course, this was just Aphrodite ’s impression:

”I didn ’t do that. I got bored with Olympus, and the day I descended into the mortal world was the day I met you. ”

”… ”

”I just used my powers to work at the same agency as you, secure my job there, and solve some problems related to you. ” She was completely honest.

”I see… I appreciate you helping me in the past. ” Anna smiled gently, then relaxed back into her chair.

”…So we ’re still friends…? ”

”Umu? I thought that was clear. ”

”Oh… ” Aphrodite was happy inside.

”History would be different if you had done it in the present, I would sue you and put you in prison… although you would have walked out there with your powers. ” She joked.

”…. ” Aphrodite flashed a small, amused smile, but Anna didn ’t seem finished.

”But yes… Knowing that my friend is the Goddess of Beauty, that she is a Greek Goddess, and that she has done many questionable actions for a mere mortal like me… ” Anna spoke in disdain to herself.

”It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so can you… Hmm… Let me think for myself? I need peace of mind right now. ”

”I need time to accept that the friend I had for over 10 years is a Goddess… ”

”… ” Aphrodite bit her lip. As expected, she was still thinking about it.

But she understood her friend ’s shock since it was because of that shock that she kept her alter ego close to her for over 10 years!

”Call me, even if it ’s to throw shit in my face. ”

”I definitely will, you know me. ”

”Always honest, huh. ”

”Indeed. ”

A pink power covered Aphrodite ’s body as she disappeared and warped to her home.

”…. ” Looking at her plush bedroom, a dry look appeared on Aphrodite ’s face, and then.

”FUCK! ” She took the table that was nearby and threw it on the wall, then grabbed a vase from her other side and threw it at the wall.

”Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!! ”

Chair, bed, luxurious vases, the entire room was being destroyed by Aphrodite.

She didn ’t know what she was doing, she was just very frustrated.

”Always a trial! Every time! These mortals! Always thinking they are better, but they hide in the flames of ’rules ’, and ’morals ’ to do their dirty deeds! ”

Aphrodite was the one who understood humans the most. After all, she had watched them for thousands of years.

She took her bed and threw it at the wall.


”They are the first to point the finger when something goes against their ’morals ’, but they are hypocrites that when they gain a miserable spark of power, they are the first to use it to satiate their disgusting desires! ”

She ’d seen so many similar situations in the past that she ’d had enough, mortals loved to point the finger at the Gods, but when they gain a wretched spark of power, they become something worse than the Gods.

The phrase:

”Give mortals a little power that surpasses their fellows, and they will show their true nature. ”

It ’s pretty accurate in this situation.

In 99% of cases, when giving a mortal power, they will reveal their disgusting nature, a nature far worse than any God they know.

Aphrodite fell to the floor while looking at the ceiling, as everything around her was destroyed:

”Worst of all, she is not a saint on Earth. She has defended corrupt politicians in the past to advance her career and make money… Hypocrite. ”

Aphrodite knew Anna very well, she knew the woman much more than her children, who she rarely saw, and she knew Anna didn ’t judge Aphrodite too much and asked for time to think since she understood she wasn ’t a saint either.

”…. ” Aphrodite put her arm over her face, and small crystalline liquids begin to fall from her pink eyes and paint her divinely beautiful face.

”I don ’t want to lose my friend… ” A painful and sad voice was heard.

The worst thing that can drive even the Gods mad is not a terrifying enemy but a single, simple, emotion.


An emotion that the Goddess of Beauty had always felt since she began to exist…


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