med in surprise.

”Why did you understand her confusing explanation and not mine!? ” Lacus yelled.

Victor ignored Lacus…

Kaguya suddenly said, ”Your wives ’ Clan doesn ’t need to do this. ”

”Let ’s use Ruby as an example again. ”

”Countess Scathach was already a powerful woman when she decided to have a daughter, and when she had a daughter, the daughter was born with the ’potential ’ to surpass her own mother, in the end… It all depends on the parents themselves and the children ’s effort; after all, the children have a better start than the parents had. ”

”I see… I don ’t understand something. ”

”If vampires have this quirk as a race, why aren ’t they stronger than other factions? ”

”Well… There are noble vampires with the same personality as Corneliu… ” Kaguya explained.

’Who? ’ Victor thought, confused.

”80% of vampires worldwide are like that man, lazy, proud, and never train… ”

”… ” I just looked at Kaguya with a blank expression.

”But don ’t despair! 19% of vampires are workers! And only 1% are crazy about training like Lady Scathach! ”

’…Vampires are fucked…80% of the vampire population is just useless. ’ Victor thought.

”…Just out of curiosity, my wife Violet ’s mother, and my wife Sasha ’s mother, are they just like Scathach? ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed for a moment.

”…They ’re not the same… Lady Violet ’s mother is… Narcissistic and obsessed with her husband. ” She tried to find better words, but in the end, she just gave up:

”Lady Sasha ’s mother. .. She is obsessed with gambling, and rarely trains, but with the two women living over 1900 years, they are powerful… But they are not on the same level as Ruby ’s mother… ”

”Oh… ” Victor looked disappointed for a moment.

”…Why this sudden curiosity with the two women- ” Lacus was about to ask something, but suddenly Pepper yelled in a cute voice.

”Are you ignoring what he just said!? ”

”Huh? ” Lacus looked at her sister.

”Didn ’t you hear!? He just said ’my wives ’! ” She mimicked Victor ’s voice perfectly at the end.

”Oh-… ” Lacus looked at Victor,

”Do you have any more wives? ” She asked curiously.

”Yes, ” I replied with a gentle smile.

”Who are they? ” Lacus asked with the same curiosity.

Victor was going to answer the question, but…

”Didn ’t you hear!? ” Pepper yelled again, ”He was talking about Violet and Sasha! Kyaaaaa! I need to tell my friends! The three flowers of the vampire world have been taken by a stranger! ”

”… ” Lacus looked at her sister and said, ”Why are you just smart for these things? ”

”Lady Pepper likes to gossip… ” Kaguya sighed.

”She ’s just bored… ” Lacus sighed too.

”Why don ’t we train? We ’ve already talked too much, ” Victor suggested and started walking toward a more spacious place.

”Lord Victor is right, ” Kaguya started to follow Victor.

The two sisters look at each other and nod; then, they follow Victor too.

Some minutes later.

As Victor walked through the forest, he suddenly felt his throat go dry.

”Ugh, ” He dropped to his knees on the ground, his eyes changed to blood red, and his teeth started to change and get sharper.

All ​​the symptoms that were quite common, Kaguya said, ”… Bloodlust, ”

”…This is a good time! ” Pepper yelled like she had a good idea, ”We should train bloodlust control. ”

”I disagree; Lord Victor ’s bloodlust is stronger than that of ordinary vampires. Therefore, the chance of him going mad is very high, ” Kaguya strongly disapproved.

”Why is his bloodlust is stronger? ” Pepper asked in curiosity.

”Something happened in the past that made him like this, ” Kaguya spoke ambiguously.

”… ” Pepper looked at Kaguya with a cute look.

”So, what are we supposed to do? ” Lacus asked.

”…You don ’t need to do anything…I ’m fine. ” Victor stood up and forced a ’gentle ’ smile on his face, but it failed miserably because his sharp teeth were showing.

Kaguya looked at Victor with a stoic expression, ”Lord Victor, are you sure everything is alright? Hasn ’t your bloodlust gotten stronger compared to before? ”

”Yes… it got stronger… ” Victor kept walking, then he explained:

”Even if I wanted to quench my thirst… My wives aren ’t around now, and it ’s impossible for me to quench my thirst with common blood. ”

”… That ’s true. ”

”Because of that nuisance, I don ’t want to get married! Just imagine being dependent on someone else ’s blood for eternity? No thanks. ” Lacus snorted.

Victor ignored Lacus and continued walking, Kaguya looked at Lacus with a neutral expression, but she didn ’t say anything.

”I found a place with space to train, ” Victor said while looking at a distant place with his vision, and soon he used his speed and ran towards that place, Kaguya who was close to Victor, just ran along with him.

Pepper looked at her sister with a cute look but just shrugged and followed Victor.

”…huh? W-Wait! Don ’t leave me behind! ”


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