My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 405: The Past ThatDefines Us...2

ow what that woman replied? ”

”… ” Jeanne was breathless. Her heart felt like it was in her hand, and she couldn ’t think straight while she was only listening at this point.

”It was a very simple wish, something that was unconsciously born from spending thousands of years alone, something that all beings sought in one way or another… ”

”The woman replied to the big tree in a gentle and slightly sad voice. ”

”I want a family… ”

Jeanne opened her eyes wide.

”A very simple wish for the tree ’s powers, it was so simple and easy to grant that wish… But unfortunately, he couldn ’t fulfill that wish. ”

”Why…? ”

”He couldn ’t force a relationship with another being, it would go against his nature… ”

”Because of that, the tree decided… The tree spoke to the immaculate girl who was about to cry when she heard that the tree could not grant her wish. ” Victor caressed the woman ’s eyes, and when he finished wiping her tearful face, he looked up.

Jeanne followed Victor ’s gaze, and she saw an immense gigantic tree whose height seemed to have no end. Its branches were huge, and they seemed to stretch to infinity.

”I will become your family. ”

Tears began to fall down Jeanne ’s face, and her tears only intensified when she heard an aged voice.

A voice that carried a sentimental weight that Jeanne didn ’t know existed inside her.

A voice that made her whole existence tremble with nostalgia.

”I will become your family. You will be my sister, and I… I will be your brother. ”

”What do you think, my dear, @#%$#? ” The last word was said in an unknown language, a language that only made sense to the two involved.

Jeanne ’s face began to blur.

Soon a beautiful face appeared, the face of a woman that could be described as pure beauty, her eyes were bright golden, and her golden hair seemed to be blessed by the sun itself.

”Do you accept? ”

”…Yesss… ” She wiped her eyes detachedly as if trying to hold back the tears in her eyes, but this was an action that proved too difficult.

She couldn ’t stop crying, and for a long time, the only thing that was heard was the woman ’s silent crying.

Until the woman broke that silence with her trembling voice:

”H- H-How could I forget about you… ”

”It is inevitable… with the time you lived. ”

”Boredom would kill you, and your mind would break. Nothing would make sense like it did to you… ”

”B-Brother… ”

”Shhh, you need to rest. Everything will make sense when you wake up. ”

”Mm… ” Her eyes started to get heavy, and slowly she fell into the dream world.

”And… This is how the pure woman remembered her past… And now that she knows herself, which end will she go to? ”

”The good old happy ending? ”

”Or the evil and hated bad ending. ”

”… Unfortunately, the continuation of this story is something that even I don ’t know. ” He laughed to himself.

The moment Victor said this, Jeanne disappeared from his arms.

”Even one of the oldest existences needs a purpose to sustain their eternity. If that existence doesn ’t acquire a purpose, eventually time will break them. ”

”Like an empty shell that has lost its essence. ” Victor continued.

”… Indeed. ” The amused voice resounded through the place.

Soon that same voice became incredibly serious:

”…You really took a risk this time, Progenitor. ”

”Why? Why go so far for two women you don ’t even know well? ”

”A strong woman… ” Victor turned to the tree again.

”…. ”

”A woman who walks her own path, a woman who knows what she wants, a woman who smiles freely no matter what the situation is… ” Victor thought of all his wives and their moments together.

”Isn ’t that the most beautiful thing you can find? ” He smiled like an innocent child who had successfully done his homework.

”…you did all this…why do you want to see those two women at their full potential? ”

”Isn ’t it clear? ” His response was instantaneous.

’How could I fight them if they weren ’t becoming a strong woman? ’

”Pfft… HAHAHAHAHAHA~ ” A laugh like an old man ’s laugh was heard.

The world around them seemed to shake violently from the gigantic tree ’s laughter.

”You… Pfft… You ’re really something else. ”

”People say that. ” He laughed.

”You ’re really stupid. You didn ’t have to do this. ” His amused voice slowly changed to a contemplative voice:

”…But… Yes… Even the most random gestures of will can be considered a gesture of kindness. ”

”As thanks for making that girl remember me. ”

Victor ’s body glowed faintly in white:

”Oh? ” He looked at himself curiously.

”Consider it a favor from an older brother. ”

”Your soul damaged by the constant use of your power has been repaired. ”

”Thanks… I really tried not to use it too much, but sometimes… I just use it anyway. ” He smiled to himself. He really was incorrigible in this aspect.

”I never thought she was so special either… ”

”And even knowing the consequences, you didn ’t stop. ”

”After all, I wanted to see her real face. An expression like that doesn ’t suit strong women. ” He shrugged as if he had no choice.

”Hahahahaha~, if those brats had balls like you, the world wouldn ’t be in this shit like today. ”

’Brats? ’ Victor asked himself curiously.

”Take care when using this power, Progenitor. ”

”Messing with souls is a very delicate thing, and it can lead to very serious consequences. ”

”I know… ” Victor didn ’t ignore his warnings, ”Because of that, I haven ’t explored this power much yet, even though I feel it has so much potential. ”

”Just wait a little longer, eventually, your existence will bear the brunt of that power, and… ”

”You have my troubled daughter with you, so I ’m sure you ’ll be fine, HAHAHAHHA~. ”

”Daughter? I don ’t remember getting a tree like… ”

”Oh… ”

”Take good care of her. ” He warned him in a serious tone,

”Of course. ” Victor smiled gently:

”A being of your caliber knows my personality, right? ”

”I think everyone close to you knows your personality, you are an open book after all. ”

”…. ” Victor flashed a thin little smile.

”It ’s time to go. People are worried about you. ”

”Umu? Shit, I have to get back, I ’ll see you another day, old man. ”

”Yeah, we ’ll see you another day, Progenitor. ”

Crack, Crack.

Victor opened his eyes, and he saw the faces of several women who were wearing black armor.

”Well, that ’s definitely a nice sight. ”

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