My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 412: Anna is the bestmom

rday? ”

”Yes. ”

”Oh, I remember some men who were under Violet ’s subordinates asking me to drink at a bar, and as I knew them, I didn ’t refuse. ” When Leon walked into that bar, his eyes were immediately drawn like a pregnant woman to the attendants.

It ’s like they say, the bigger the size of an object, the bigger the attraction.

And those attendants had pretty devastating Nukes.

Leon was a simple man, and even if he was a faithful man, at the end of the day, a man was still a man, gravity would affect him.

…Although he wouldn ’t take long or do anything, after all, he loved his wife very much, he also didn ’t have the energy for it…

As far as he could tell, his wife was becoming a succubus lately, he wouldn ’t be surprised if she was a sex Demon…

”…. ” His eyes went lifeless as he imagined what he would spend the night with.

Make no mistake, he loved it, what man wouldn ’t? He also made sure to satisfy his wife, never that he would admit defeat in bed, his bricklayer ’s pride couldn ’t stand it.

… He was just… Tired.

So kids, if you see Leon walking around tired, don ’t forget to salute in respect.

He is a real man.

… But honestly, Leon was curious about something:

’How the fuck can my son handle so many women? ’

He knew very well that female Vampires were thirstier than male Vampires. He ’d even heard that there had even been cases of male Vampires being killed because they were dried by an older female Vampire.

”Ohh… You were in a bar, huh. ” Anna ’s eyes gleamed slightly as she looked at Leon.

”… ” The man ’s body shook a little, but he still kept looking at the air with dead eyes.

”Do you count or do I count? ” Renata asked while ignoring Leon ’s lifeless gaze.

”…Ugh, I ’ll do it, it ’s my responsibility. ”

”Fine. ”

”Leon. ”

”Hmm? ” Leon looked at his wife.

”See this woman? ”

”Yes? ”

”Renata, my best friend. ”

”…. ” Aphrodite ’s cheek turned slightly red as she heard Anna openly speaking the words ’best friend ’.

’Seriously, this woman is very honest… That ’s why I like her! ’

”She is the Goddess of the Thots. ”

”Oyy! I am the Goddess of Beauty! The Goddess of BEAUTY! ” She made sure to spell it out for Anna.

”Bleh. ” Anna stuck her tongue out at Renata.

Veins bulged in Renata ’s head: ’I take back what I said, I hate this woman! ’

”Huh…? ”

”Is this some new prank from you two? ” Leon said, ”Is it like that time when you guys pestered your neighbor with the loud music because she was a grumpy old woman? ”

Yes, Anna was a woman who held a grudge, and when she hooked up with Aphrodite things only got worse, because Aphrodite had no common sense, and anything fun she would do with Anna.

”Nah, that ’s very different from that grumpy old woman… Speaking of which, thank goodness she died. ” She made a prayer sign:

”RIP, no one will miss you. ”

”…. ” Leon didn ’t really know what to say when he saw what his wife was doing, but it ’s not like he wasn ’t used to it.

”Anyway! I ’m serious, she ’s the Goddess of Beauty, she ’s Aphrodite! ” Anna stood in front of Aphrodite as she opened her hands as if she was expecting something.

”….. ” A silence fell around them, and nothing happened.

”Anna, are you okay? ” Leon was really starting to worry now.

”Ugh. ” Somehow her husband ’s gaze hurt.

Anna quickly got close to Aphrodite ’s ear.

”W-What- ” She didn ’t have time to question Anna because she soon heard:

”Idiot, this is the time you transform, become a power ranger, take the power out of your ass or something like that! ”

”Ohhh…Wait, are you treating me like a clown or something? ”

”Eh…? You are not a clown. ”

”Correct, I ’m a Goddess-. ”

”You are the entire circus. ” Anna flashed a shitty smile.

”…… ” Veins bulged all over Aphrodite ’s face.

’This bitch, she became more unbearable than usual when she found out I ’m a Goddess! ’

”Anyway, just transform! It ’s faster to explain that way! ”

”Yeah yeah. Whatever. ” She was too tired to deal with Anna right now.

Her appearance began to slowly change.

And then a woman with long pink hair, a body that can only be described as perfect, who was wearing a Greek dress appeared.

”Tada, this is the Goddess of Beauty. ”

”…What the hell… ” Leon looked like a goldfish as he looked at Aphrodite with his mouth open, the woman wasn ’t doing anything, she was just standing there with an irritated pout on her face as she looked away.

And yet, he was completely caught up in her charm… and also in the shock of the revelation that his wife ’s friend was a Goddess.

”Umu, I was surprised too. To think that my longtime friend was a Goddess… ”

”… ” Aphrodite looked at Anna.

”I must admit I was surprised. ” Her tone of voice became more neutral:

”I had time to think… And I thought, I thought, I thought… And I ended up not moving. In the end, I gave up thinking and just acted like myself… And only when I acted like myself did I realize that in the end, it didn ’t change anything. ”

”Anna… ”

”Don ’t look at me like that, it ’s all thanks…- ”

”Thanks to Ruby ’s advice… ” Anna looked at Ruby who was standing with her arms crossed.

”…. ” Aphrodite looked at Ruby for a few seconds, and then looked at Anna again.

Anna showed a small smile: ”In the end, I realized that regardless of whether you are a Goddess or not, whether you are a being from different times and customs or not… ”

”You would still be my friend, this interaction we had just reaffirmed my thoughts. ”

”… ” Aphrodite opened her eyes wide, her heart pounding, in her view only her friend ’s face was seen.

”…Hmm, and how do I say this? ” Anna scratched her cheek while looking a little to the side:

”When I woke up in the morning, I missed talking to you… And for a moment I was sad to know that maybe this routine that we ’d built for over a decade would be destroyed and I wouldn ’t be able to talk to you anymore. ”

Tears threatened to fall down Aphrodite ’s face as she bit her lip.

”Ugh, I think I ’m really pathetic-. ” Anna couldn ’t finish talking because soon she was hugged by Aphrodite.

”Eh…Ehh? ”

”W-Wait, what are you doing you perverted Goddess, just so you know, I ’m straight okay!? ”

”Anna… Just… Shut-up. ”

”…. ” Feeling liquids wetting the area of ​​his chest, and feeling Aphrodite ’s body trembling, Anna sighed.


Anna sighed a little and smiled gently.

”Seriously… What a worthless Goddess you are. ” She began to gently stroke the Goddess ’s pink hair.

”S-Shut up… Bitch… I ’m not crying, this is just a normal reaction to smelling your stinky breasts that smell like onions… Yes! It ’s all your smelly breasts fault! ”

”…. ” Veins bulged in Anna ’s head and her smile nearly broke. For a moment, she felt like squeezing Aphrodite ’s head.

…But as a benevolent Goddess herself, she decided to forgive Aphrodite for that insult… For now.

”… A crying Goddess. ” Ruby was sure that if she told this to someone, people would laugh at her. She looked to the side, precisely at the man who was leaning with his arms crossed against the wall.

”That ’s interesting, isn ’t it? ”

”Darling. ”


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