My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 428: Violet has become agreat woman

Chapter 427:The day my mother in law became my wife

Clan Fulger mansion basement in WarFall.

”Hmm~Hmm~. ”

Natashia was humming the sound of a song, she had an expression of pure happiness on her face, her body seemed to be glowing slightly. After the couple ’s activities, Natashia who was still energetic pulled Victor down to the basement, and started drawing a magic circle on the floor.

”Oops, I messed up here. ” Erasing a letter from the floor with her hand, she picks up the chalk and puts in another unfamiliar letter.

”… ” Victor who was leaning against the wall, just looked at this vision with a smile on his face.

The sight of his mother in law in just her panties and black bra as she crouched down and with a happy expression was a very beautiful thing in his opinion.

They were a little ’sweaty ’ from the previous exercise, an exercise that was stopped by Natashia herself.

At first Victor was confused, he expected it to last longer, in fact he was looking forward to it taking longer.

It was a completely new experience that he had with Natashia, and that experience was incredible.

Natashia being older, she had experience of how vampires did lewd acts.

Victor and his wives were still stuck in the way humans did this act, which is normal, after all, they were virgins, and it ’s not like there is a porn site for supernatural beings.

The experience with Natashia opened Victor ’s eyes to new horizons, and he was definitely going to test that on Sasha, Violet, and Ruby.

’An older woman sure is different… ’ Victor could understand a little now why his friend Andrew would only go after older women.

’Speaking of which, how is that bastard…? ’ Victor made a strange face.

’Come to think of it, it ’s been a while since I ’ve been in touch with my childhood friends… The last time I contacted them was when I was stuck on Earth. ’

”I ’m done~. ” Natashia turned her face slightly, and saw the man who was only wearing black shorts, his face got a little feverish, and she couldn ’t help but look at him with passionate eyes.

”Vic, Vic. Come here. ”

”Hmm? ” Victor wakes up from his stupor, and looks at Natashia.

Getting close to the woman, he looked at the magic circle:

”A wedding ritual? ” He instantly knew the magic circle, this ritual was as much in Adonis ’ memories as it was in his memories.

He remembers seeing it in a book.

”Yeah~. ” Natashia smiled happily.

She approaches the wall, and lightly touches the wall, and soon a compartment is opened, and in this compartment Victor sees various monster materials.

”As vampires don ’t have magic, we should use the materials as catalysts~. ”

”And these materials are only sold by witches, they are acquired through unknown means, and we don ’t even know what kind of animal they are. ”

After all, not every animal has ’mana ’ inside them.

”Monopoly is an amazing thing, isn ’t it? ” Natashia commented in disdain as she took the materials and put them in a bag.

”Are you going to use everything? ”

Victor asked curiously as he looked at the heart that was still beating.

”Of course, I won ’t skimp, this is an important moment for me. ”

”… ” Victor smiled, he knew what would happen next, but he must ask:

”Are you sure about this? You know this is something that has no going back, right? You might regret it in the future. ”

”…. ” Natashia continued picking up the materials while humming, after a few seconds of thinking, she said:

”I ’ve made a lot of bad choices in the past, choices that I deeply regret. ” Finishing with getting all the materials and putting them in the bag, she turns to Victor, and with the same happy and kind smile on her face, she says:

”And what I ’m about to do now is definitely not a bad choice. ” She approaches Victor, and lets her body fall on top of him.

Victor lightly holds her waist, and looks into her red eyes.

Natashia looks at Victor ’s face, she caresses his face:

”You know? I was really surprised when a newborn vampire risked his life to attack two older vampires who were his in-laws. ”

”…. ”

”Although I was a little clouded in consciousness at the time, I still correctly remember the first time I saw you. ”

”And when you did enough damage to the other personality to allow me to appear again in the world of the living, I felt immense gratitude for you. ”

”And with that gratitude, I also felt interest. ”

”You were fun to tease, and when you talked to me, you always looked me in the eye. ” She lightly strokes Victor ’s brow as she gazes into his violet eyes.

His eyes felt like the first time in a long time, I was being looked at by my true ’me ’. ”

”I wasn ’t a countess, I wasn ’t a countess ’s heir… In front of you, I was just Annasthashia, and… I loved that feeling. ”

”…Nat… ” Victor caressed the woman ’s cheeks.

”I admit that at first, I was just interested, I felt like you could give me something I always wanted and couldn ’t get. ”

”And I wasn ’t wrong. ”

”Thanks to you giving me a chance, I was able to get closer to my daughter and our relationship was rebuilt again. ”

”Thanks to you saying that I was to become a good woman, wife, and Clan leader. ”

”I was able to work harder, and thanks to that, I regained everything I lost in the past. ”

’Wife…? Did I say wife? ’ Victor wondered, flashing an amused smile.

…he didn ’t speak…

”…The longer I got closer to you, I realized that after a long time, this choice I made was the most correct choice of all. ”

Natashia lightly kisses Victor, then she pulls away and with a gentle smile, she says:

”Yes, Darling. This is a choice I will never regret in the future. ”

”I don ’t care if you become a tyrant, or if the world hates you, I don ’t give a damn about that… ”

”As long as you love me, treat me well, and take care of my daughter, you can destroy the world and I won ’t care. ”

”I can become the worst of the monster. ” Slowly Victor ’s eyes became a little darker: ”But… My love for my family will never change. ”

”And that is an immutable fact. ”

”… ” Natashia began to slowly grow, her eyes began to darken, and she spoke:

”Love me, take care of me and my daughter, don ’t forget me like Vlad did with his wives, and most of all… Never change that immutable fact, never change the person you are to your family, because that ’s Darling for who I fell in love with. ”

”As long as you don ’t break these conditions. ”

”My Darling, you will have my eternal loyalty. ”

”… ” Victor smiled slightly:

”I have some conditions too. ” He pulled Natashia into the middle of the circle.

”If one day I forget this ’immutable ’ side of me. ” He holds Natashia ’s face with both of his hands and looks into her eyes:

”Annasthashia Fulger, I want you to kill me. ”

”…Wha-. ” She opened her eyes wide.

”I want you to use your lightning, and break my heart. ”

”…I-… ” She couldn ’t form words for Victor ’s determination.

Victor smiles slightly:

”The man known as Victor will always put his family first, if I forget that I am no longer ’Victor ’. ”

”…. ”

”Just like a father doesn ’t need a reason to defend his children. ”

”A husband doesn ’t need reasons to love, protect, pamper, and completely devastate his wife. ”

”…. ” A small hint of red appeared on Natashia ’s face as she heard the last part of what Victor said, and for a moment her insides contracted again.

”Annasthashia Fulger… Do you promise? ” Victor gently held both of Natashia ’s hands.

”…… ” Natashia looked at her Darling ’s face for a long time, until she closed her eyes, and when she opened them again a determined look appeared on her face:

”Yes. ”

”Good! ” Victor laughs, he takes the bag from Natashia and throws it up.

The magic circle began to glow blood red.

The ingredients that were in the air began to disappear and the blue particles began to integrate into the magic circle.

”Annasthashia Fulger, do you wish to spend all eternity by my side as my wife? ”

”One million times, YES! ”

”May this ritual be the proof of our union. ” Victor ’s eyes changed to blood red.

”I, Victor Walker, accept Annasthashia Fulger as my wife. ”

”Till death do Us part. ”

Victor and Natashia ’s voices were heard, the ritual began to glow brighter, and a kind of red magic began to slowly enter Victor and Natashia ’s body.

For a moment, Victor noticed something, a ’blue ’ magic started to come out of Natashia ’s body.

’Finally, I ’m free from my other husbands… ’ Natashia gleamed brighter as she felt her former non-existent bond disappearing, and a new bond that contained four presences being added to her.

And with that bond, she could feel Victor ’s entire existence in a way she hadn ’t felt before, and that made her very happy!

’Wait… Agnes? ’ She narrowed her eyes when she felt the familiar presence, but she decided not to worry about it now, they needed to finish the ritual.

When the ritual ’s magic had fully entered their bodies, they spoke:

”We will stay together for always, and forever. ”

Their mouths started to change and get sharper, they hugged each other, and in the next moment they bit each other ’s necks.

The magic began to dissipate, slowly bringing the two together in a more robust and solid way.

On this day, Victor and his mother in law, Annasthashia Fulger, became husband and wife, effectively becoming the fourth official wife.

And that union was felt by the women who shared their connection.


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