My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 47: like mother like daughter. 2

Soon the two hunters began to organize the room. Not wanting to sit in a spot these two men have already sat in, Ruby creates an ice throne, and sits on it, crosses her legs, and waits patiently for her Maid to return.

A few minutes later, Luna returned with three golden papers in her hand; these were magical contracts made by the witches.

She handed the papers to Ruby and waited patiently beside her. Ruby took the papers, ”Three, huh? ”

”I didn ’t find any more magic contracts; I think Lady Violet only had these. ”

”Unexpected. I thought she would have more. After all, she has frequent contact with that Witch, ” Ruby commented, then she continued: ”Well, three is enough ”

She stands up, bites her finger, and a drop of blood falls on a paper, the paper starts to glow slightly, and then Ruby starts speaking in Latin:

”Primo clausula: Proditione et mortem. ” Translation: First clause. Betrayal and death.

When Ruby spoke these words, the gold paper began to float, and letters began to be written on the paper.

Listening to what Ruby said, Jimmy, who had already tidied up the whole room along with Thomas, said:

”Fuck…we ’re fucked. ” His face darkened.

”Huh? Why are we fucked? ”

”… ” Jimmy looked at Thomas with a tired face.

”Sometimes, I ’m envious of your simplicity… ” He sighed

”…? ” Thomas didn ’t understand.

Jimmy wasn ’t in the mood to explain, and he just looked at Ruby with a tired face. He seemed to have given up on trying to resist; he was already in the vampires ’ lair. What could two mere budding hunters do?

Ruby flashed a cold little smile:

”Secundi clausula: Magister et secreto.. ” Translation: Second clause: Master and confidentiality.

”…Great…Just Great… ” Jimmy already understood where this was going; sometimes, being a smart guy is a curse.

”Tertium clausula: Exploratorem. ” Translation: Third clause: Spy

The gold paper has stopped glowing gold; Ruby raises her hand and takes the paper, then she looks at Thomas:

”The contract is simple, be my spy. If you betray me, you die. If you leak information about this conversation, you die. If they find out you ’re under a magical contract, you die. ”

’This is basically a slave contract! ’ Jimmy wanted to scream.

”…Do we have choices? ” He asked.

Ruby looks at her healing finger, ”No, you don ’t. ”


Jimmy sighed; he looked very depressed now.

Thomas looked at Jimmy curiously and asked, ”Hey Jimmy. Why are you so depressed? Something happened? ”

’This motherfucker!… ’ For a moment, Jimmy almost exploded with rage, but he swallowed that rage and tried to control his emotions.

”Just be quiet, okay? Don ’t make our situation worse. ” He spoke in a low voice as he bit his lip.

”… ” Thomas nodded.

Jimmy knows it was Thomas ’s fault that they were in this situation; he warned him several times to come back and stay close to the more experienced hunters. But, he was obsessed with looking for the vampires alone, and, in the end, they both got stuck in this situation.

But, despite knowing that, he couldn ’t lose control of his emotions right now. He needed to think about how to get out of this situation; ’The witches ’ contract can only be canceled by another witch, we can cooperate with that vampire now, and the first opportunity we meet a witch in the future, we ask her to void that contract… But canceling the contract requires an exorbitant amount of money… Fuck! Damned mercenary witches! ’

”Have you finished thinking? ” Ruby asked in a disinterested voice.

”… Can we try to negotiate the terms of the contract? ” He asked, a little unsure.

”… ” Ruby looked at Jimmy.

Jimmy felt his body tremble with fear when he saw Ruby ’s cold gaze.

”You seem to be getting something wrong. ” She spoke in words that made both Jimmy and Thomas ’ spines go cold, ”You two are of no use to me; or to my husband. I just didn ’t let the vampires of this house feast on your guts only for the reason I believe anyone can be helpful with a little encouragement. ”

”Death… It ’s a good incentive, right? ” She exhibited a small smile.

”… ” The two hunters were silent, and they didn ’t dare say anything now.

”Then? What are you going to do? ” She asked and added, ”Death, or become a spy? ”

Luna looked at the slight smile on Ruby ’s face and couldn ’t help thinking that Ruby was having fun with this situation, she was very similar to her mother; they both have the same cruelty and sadism… The only difference is that Lady Ruby is not as crazy as her mother.


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