Scathach house, two days later.

At a ridiculously large table, several people were seated. And, not far from the table, Luna, Kaguya, and Maria were waiting to take any requests from their respective masters.

”…Victor, I ’m really wondering if it was the right decision for my mom to bring you here, ” Siena asked, she was sitting next to Lacus and Pepper.

”Oh? ” Scathach looked at her daughter with curious eyes.

”Hmm? ” Victor, who was sitting on a couch next to Violet, Ruby, and Sasha, looked at Siena with a disinterested look.

”Question, ” He continued with the same disinterested look, then he added, ”Are you the owner of this mansion? ”

”No, ” Siena denied.

”Then why are you poking your nose in matters that don ’t involve you? ”

”… ” Pepper broke out in a cold sweat when she heard what Victor said.

Violet and Sasha looked at Siena with a neutral gaze.

”Heh~, these past two days, all you ’ve done is just…play with your wives… ” She wanted to offend him, but she didn ’t want to offend his wives, who were her friends. In the end, she didn ’t know what to say. ”I can ’t sleep because of the noise. ”

”I ’m doing what your mother asked me to do… ” Victor flashes a sneer, ”I ’m relaxing~. ”

”… ” Siena frowned.

”If you ’re so upset, why don ’t you move somewhere else? Or rather… Why don ’t you ask your mother about it and throw me out? ”


Unconsciously, Siena broke the wood of the table. Moving to another place? That is impossible, she always wants to be close to her mother. Question her mother? She would rather die than do something like that, she respects her mother a lot.

”Sigh, ” Ruby sighed.

”Can ’t you get along with her? ” She spoke while looking at Victor with the same cold face as always.

”… ” Victor felt his heart moved, it ’s been a few days since his and Ruby ’s relationship progressed, and he understood better his wife, who didn ’t show many emotions.

He wanted to get along with Siena, but in the end, he couldn ’t lie to himself:

”…It ’s impossible, ” Victor said.

”Impossible, ” Siena agreed.

”She looks at me like she ’s looking at a cattle; I don ’t like that, ” Victor said. He didn ’t really care about Siena; he just wanted to get along with her because of his wife. But, he was never a man who accepts being stepped on by other people. Even before he turned into a vampire, he was a very vindictive man, and he doesn ’t care if she ’s Scathach ’s daughter or Ruby ’s sister.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and blood for blood. That ’s how he thought before, and that way of life has only been enhanced by his evolution to a vampire.

”But isn ’t that what you are…? A cattle? ” She smiled disdainfully, but soon her expression changed to neutral as she felt the air of the three women standing next to Victor change.

”Bitch… repeat what you said…? ” The air around Violet began to heat up, her face distorted, and she looked at Siena like she was going to pounce on her neck at any moment.

”Big sister… ” Ruby didn ’t say much, but from her cold stare and the chilling temperature around her, Siena could tell she was furious.

”Siena, I suggest you don ’t say this in our presence… ” Sasha advised coldly, she was trying not to act too reckless despite being annoyed.

”… ” Siena looked at all of this with a little shock.

’Violet is understandable, she has the same personality as her mother, but Sasha and Ruby too? How did he get their affection so fast…? ’ Siena thought.

”I ’ll be careful, ” She backed off; Siena was very fond of Ruby, and she didn ’t want to get into conflict with her sister. The interest she had in Victor still remained, but from the moment she learned that Victor was a human in the past, half of her interest was lost. However, she was still curious to know how a ’commoner ’ had so much power.

”Kakakaka, ” Scathach laughed as if she found it all funny, she shook her wine glass of blood.

”She must be irritated because, since you arrived, she can ’t sleep. ”

”Yes…I can ’t sleep either; what in the name of the seven hells are you doing in that room? ” Lacus added.

”… ” Pepper ’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Victor patted Violet ’s and Ruby ’s head, who were beside him. Since that moment in the woods together, Ruby seems to have acquired some of Violet ’s personality traits.

”… ” Feeling Victor ’s caresses, Ruby ’s face continued with the same cold expression, but the air around her became more peaceful. Violet was more expressive, she just flashed a satisfied smile and ignored Siena.

”Relaxing with my wives~ ” He replied to Lacus.

”… ” Pepper ’s face turned redder. Then, feeling Victor ’s gaze on her, she quickly turns away and ignores everything.

”…Can ’t you make it more silent…? I want to sleep… ” Lacus commented in a low, shy voice.

”Impossible; I can ’t control my wives ’ voices. ” He chuckled a little.

”…Fuck it. ” She cursed under her breath.

”Kakakaka, don ’t tease my daughters so much… ” Scathach laughed, and then she added with a big smile, ”Or do you want to feel my teasing? ”

”Mother!? ” Ruby and Siena spoke at the same time.

”I ’m looking forward to it, ” He replied with a Scathach-like smile.

Suddenly Victor felt three fists in his stomach.

”Oof, ” He looks at his wives.

”Oh? ” Scathach found it all very interesting.

”Darling… What are you implying? ” Violet asked with blank eyes.

”Indeed… Don ’t flirt with my mom, ” Ruby spoke in a colder voice than usual.

”Husband, control yourself… Or do you want to lose your little brother…? ” Sasha threatened.

Victor ’s whole body shivered, then his smile grew disproportionately, ”HAHAHA, ” he started to laugh.

”…? ” The three women didn ’t understand his reaction.

”…Sigh, he really has problems with his head, ” Sasha said, suddenly she felt someone kissing her face.

”!!? ” She looks to the side and sees Victor smiling.

”Yes, I have head problems, ” He nodded in agreement, then he looked at his three wives with a gentle smile that looked like it was being lit by the sun itself:

”I just love my wives too much~. ”

”!!! ” Sasha, Ruby, and Violet received critical damage from this unexpected attack.

And the damage didn ’t stop there; the damage swelled and spread AOE and hit Lacus and Pepper.

”Wawawawa, ” Pepper began to shake her head several times to get the indecent thoughts out of her head.

”… ” Lacus just looked at her sister as if she had lost her mind.

”Sigh, Lord Victor is becoming a Playboy, ” She commented in a low voice.

”…I ’ve never seen Ruby with that expression… ” Luna commented.

”… ” Maria just looked at everything with a neutral gaze.

Ruby turns her face to the side, and her sisters could see that her ears were a bit red.

Sasha did something similar to Ruby, she was not used to this display of affection in public.

Violet simply hugged Victor possessively and started saying, ”Darling~! Darling~! Darling~! ”

Victor chuckled a little and started stroking Violet.

”…You ’re good at this, ” Siena praised, she realized what he ’d done.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at her, confused.

”… ” Seeing Victor ’s genuine expression, Siena thought; ’Don ’t tell me he did all this naturally!? ’

Seeing that Siena didn ’t say anything, Victor lost interest; he looked at Scathach and saw the wine glass in her hand.

’Blood… ’ His eyes change to blood red, and unconsciously, he thinks in disgust; ’Rotten blood ’, and soon he gets up from the couch.

”…? ” His wives didn ’t understand why he suddenly got up.

He walks to Scathach ’s side, ”Allow me? ”

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked curiously at Victor. Seeing his gaze on the cup, she was curious about what he intended to do, so she hands the cup to him.

Victor takes the cup and dumps all the liquid on the floor.

When he did that, his face had an expression of disgust.

Seeing that the cup was empty, he bit his wrist with his sharp teeth, and soon his blood spilled into the cup.

”Darling!? What are you doing!? ” Violet practically screamed, she was going to jump towards Victor, but she was stopped by Ruby and Sasha.

”What!? ” She looked at Ruby and Sasha.

”Just watch, ” Ruby said, and Sasha nodded.

Ruby and Sasha expected to see something interesting; after all, they know that when Victor ’s blood leaves his body, it loses its delicious taste and turns to blood with a disgusting taste.

”!!! ” Smelling blood in the air, every vampire in the room was hit with a strong scent, and all of them, without exception, were influenced in some way.

”… That is, ” Siena gulped, she could now understand the girls ’ obsession; the smell of blood was very delicious.

”…That looks good, ” Lacus muttered.

”… ” Pepper just looked seriously at Victor ’s blood; unconsciously, she started drooling.

’The aroma is better than before, ’ Kaguya thought with an expressionless face.

”Ugh, ” Maria clenches her fist and swallows hard, she somehow tries to hold back her instincts to jump on top of Victor and devour his body. She was the one most affected by the scent of blood, she too was confused; ’Why didn ’t I feel this before…? ’

She remembers seeing Natalia draw Victor ’s blood, but she didn ’t react as strongly as she did now.

Seeing that the glass was full, he nods his head satisfied.

Then he lifts his wrist, and in less than a second, the cut he made has regenerated.

”Try it, ” He offered the cup to Scathach.

”… ” Scathach looked at the goblet filled with blood.

Smelling the yummy aroma, she asked, ”What do you intend to do with this…? ” She swallows dry at the end.

”I don ’t know, ” He replied, smiling.

”…Huh? ”

”I just felt it was the right thing to do. So what are you going to do? ”

… She hesitated for a few seconds, but soon she reached out and took the cup.


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