My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 56: I cant contain myself anymore~.

”I will start training Victor from today~. ”

Suddenly Scathach disappears and appears in front of Victor.

”Not that again! ” Victor instinctively jumped back.

”You ’re still too slow to avoid me~ ” Scathach appeared behind him and lightly attacked his neck, but a small block of ice stopped her hand on Victor ’s neck.

Victor covers his body in lightning and kicks Scathach towards her face; every time he made these moves, he had a big smile on his face:

”Oh? You have good instincts, I like it~ ” She grabs Victor ’s leg, the lightning striking the ground was heard all around, and even the pressure of the wind made a hole in the wall behind Scathach; it just shows how much force Victor put in his attack.

”But it ’s still not enough, ” She decided to put on more strength, she squeezed Victor ’s foot tighter and pulled towards her.


Victor grits his teeth and tries not to react to his foot being broken by Scathach ’s grip.

He placed an ice shield on his stomach, but this time, Scathach easily passed through the ice as he felt the punch connect with his stomach.

”Cough ”

Realizing he was losing consciousness, he quickly bit down on his tongue; as soon as he felt his consciousness return, he quickly kicked the ground and backed away from Scathach.

”Hahahaha, ” Scathach started laughing when he saw Victor ’s reaction, she seemed to be enjoying herself, she lets go of Victor ’s leg and allows him to step away.

”Darling!? ”

”Husband!? ”

Victor raises his hands to his wives in a Stop gesture, and he looks at Scathach with a big bloody grin on his face:

”You don ’t have to do this to try to get me to go with you; I ’ll gladly follow you. I told you, right? I won ’t run away from you~. ”

Scathach ’s body visibly trembled, her cheeks turned a little red, and her smile grew, ”Good, Good! That ’s the spirit I want! follow me. ”

As soon as she disappeared, Victor used his eyes and continued to keep his senses focused on Scathach, and he said without turning around: ”I ’ll train. ”

”… ” Lacus, Siena, and Ruby are just speechless. As Scathach alumni, they know it ’s not easy to do what Victor has done now.

He suddenly turned to Sasha, ”Don ’t do anything reckless, okay? ”

”I won ’t, don ’t worry, husband, ” Sasha said with a small smile.

”You too, Violet. ”

”Huh? But I never do anything reckless! ” Violet felt a little sad to be parted from Victor.

”… ” Everyone in the room rolled their eyes.

Victor walked up to Ruby, and he patted her head, ”Take care of them, okay? I trust you. ”

”Mm ”

Victor displays a gentle smile, then he disappears.

”… ” The three wives clenched their fists tightly.

”… Fue? Where is Kaguya? ” Pepper asked as she looked around, she was sure Kaguya was beside Maria, but suddenly Kaguya disappeared, and as a maid wouldn ’t leave without the master ’s permission, she thought it was weird.

”… ” The three wives were speechless, but soon they exhibited a small smile:

”As expected of her, ” They spoke in unison.

”Huh? What do you mean? ” Pepper asked.

”Nothing, ” The three spoke in unison.

”… ” A moment of silence descends into the room, then Violet opens her mouth:

”I ’ll go back home… ”

”Heh? ” Ruby and Sasha were surprised.

”What ’s it? ” Violet was upset.

”Nothing, it ’s just a surprise you want to part with Victor, ” Ruby commented.

”Indeed. I thought you were going to scream in rage or something, ” Sasha added.

”Believe me; I don ’t want to part with him… And I ’m really angry too! ” Violet ’s eyes went completely dark, ”…But as long as that old witch is with Victor, I probably can ’t find him… Somehow, I ’m jealous of Kaguya now, she can be with Darling all the time as if she were his shadow. ”

”… ” Ruby and Sasha nodded in agreement with Violet ’s words.

”I ’m going back home, and I ’m going to train, I feel my power steadily increasing, and I don ’t have the confidence to control it like before. ”

”… ” Siena, Lacus, and Pepper were a little surprised when they heard what Violet said. They know that for vampires to get stronger, they have to get older or train to learn new techniques and incorporate them into their fighting style. However, Violet just said that her power was steadily growing; that ’s theoretically impossible for vampires.

Violet ’s powers shouldn ’t have a power-boosting spurt until she ’s 500 years old!

”Oh, now that you mention it, I felt it in me too, but I ignored it because I can control it perfectly, ” Ruby said.

”… ” Sasha looks at Ruby with a neutral expression, ”That ’s because you ’re a small monster trained by an even bigger monster. ”

Ruby was a little annoyed, ”… How rude to call me a monster. ”

”But that ’s what you are; you ’ve been trained by Scathach since you were little. You ’re a little monster. ” Sasha smiled.

”… ” Ruby turns to face Violet and ignores Sasha:

”How are you going to get home? We are in the North, you know? It ’s a long trip to the southern territory, which is where you live. ”

”I will run with the power of my fire; I can boost myself to get back faster, ” Violet spoke.

”This is stupid… That is just a waste of energy. ” Ruby said, ”Why don ’t you use an airplane or something? it ’s easier. ”

”It ’s too slow. ”

”… ” Ruby couldn ’t deny it ’s slow, but it ’s better than wasting energy.

”Why don ’t you call that maid? Speaking of the devil, where is she? ” Sasha looked around but couldn ’t find Natalia.

”Hmm, she said she ’s on vacation until Violet goes back to the human world, ” Luna said.

”…Explain. ” Ruby looked at Violet.

”That maid ’s contract is only for life in the human world; that ’s all I can say, ” Violet spoke neutrally.

”Sigh, what is your family thinking of getting involved with that Clan? ” Ruby sighed.

”Although my mother is a narcissistic bitch, she still has a good head on her shoulders, she got a deal with the king to employ someone from that Clan as a Maid. ”

”… Why did she risk so much? ” Sasha asked.

”She wanted to shop in the human world easier. ”

”… ” Sasha looked at Violet sympathetically, she put her hand on her shoulder, ”It ’s hard to have a mother like that, right? ”

”Yes… ” Violet sighed.

”… ” Ruby didn ’t say anything. Despite Scathach being the way she is, she was still a good mother… At the limit of the possible, of course. She was strict, kind, and never let her crazy things affect her daughters, she was also very overprotective of her daughters.

And she was always there when her daughters needed her.

Overall, Ruby had nothing to complain about her mom, she just had trouble getting close to her mom, she always seemed so far away… Because of that, she feels a little envious of Victor, who managed to bond with Scathach very easily.

And that ’s a thought that is shared by all three of Ruby ’s sisters…

”What are you two going to do? ” Siena asked Ruby and Sasha, and then she got up from the table along with Lacus and Pepper.

”I ’ll train too, although I don ’t think I need it; it ’s always good to go over the basics, ” Ruby said.

”Me too, unlike these two freaks, I ’m not a genius, ” Sasha said.

Ruby and Violet rolled their eyes.

’train and use the Count Vampire Transformation even for a little while. If that ’s not being a genius, I wonder what is ’ Ruby thought.

Not even Ruby could access the Count Vampire form yet, and Sasha and Violet could already do that.

Although different from the two women, Ruby had two elements that were essentially the same element. Ruby ’s ice and water were much more challenging to train than Sasha ’s lightning bolt and Violet ’s fire.

”And you two? ” Siena asked Pepper and Lacus.

”I ’m going to watch anime; I saw that a new season was out. ” Pepper chuckled silly.

”!!! ” Ruby reacted to Pepper ’s words, ”Tell me a little more about this, ” She said.

”Of course! ”

”… ” Siena sighed and looked at her middle sister:

”I ’ll go to sleep~ ” She smiled, then she disappeared.

”Well, I ’ll go back to my job. I predict my mom will be confined for six months with that man… ” Siena smirked, then she spoke in a shocked voice, ”Wait, this isn ’t a bad thing for you guys? After all, you saw what happened, right? I wonder what will happen if my mom is alone with that one for six months~. ”

”!!! ” The eyes of the three wives began to glow, and a suffocating pressure began to leave their bodies.

”Hiiii! ” Pepper, who was close to Ruby, quickly fled and got behind her older sister.

”Forget what I said; I ’ll get my Darling! ” Violet quickly changed her mind.

”Indeed, ” Ruby said in a cold tone.

”It ’s dangerous to leave that woman alone with Victor, ” The three look at each other and then nod to themselves; then they disappear, leaving traces of their respective powers.

”HAHAHAHA, ” Siena laughed, she finally got a little revenge, she was also very petty like Victor.

”Big Sister… ” Pepper whispered.

”Hmm? ” She looked at Pepper.

”Our mom isn ’t going to like this, and if she finds out it was you who came up with the idea… Well. ” Pepper couldn ’t finish the sentence, she just looked sad.

”Oh Fuck, ” Siena ’s face darkened, she felt that every time she tried to provoke Victor, she was digging her own grave.

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