My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 64: Do you want it?

”Let ’s talk business… ”

Everyone could feel a little pressure coming from underground.

”Oh? ” Einer displayed a curious face.

”Below, ” Zwei spoke and drank the tea again; he didn ’t look interested.

”Looks like you guys rushed through the ritual, ” Einer spoke with the same goofy grin on his face.

”My partner was anxious, and she decided to rush the ritual. ” Lucy tried to comment indifferently.

But Einer realized that Lucy was holding himself back from going underground.

”Kakakaka, let ’s go down. I want to see the results. ”

”Okay, ” Lucy nodded since he was also curious.

Zwei got up from the couch and started walking ahead.

”Hmmmhmmm~ ” Einer approached his brother and started making sounds like he was singing a song.

Karen opened the coffin and left, she quickly started checking her body, but she immediately noticed something important, nothing changed!

”What happened!? ” She was trying to figure out what went wrong, she was so focused on her thoughts that she didn ’t notice someone approaching her.

”Kakakaka, are you disappointed~? Nee, Nee. Are you disappointed? ”

”!!! ” Unconsciously, she made a fist and attacked the man ’s face.

But her fist was held by another man:

”Stronger, ” Zwei spoke.

”Yeah yeah. She got stronger~ ” Einer just laughed at everything.

”Did the ritual work!? ” Lucy asked as he looked quite anxious.

”I don ’t know…- ” She started to speak but was interrupted.

”The ritual failed~ ” Einer chuckled.

”Impossible. We did everything right. ” Lucy couldn ’t believe it.

He looked at both of them with the same smile on his face and said:

”Didn ’t you think it was too easy? Steal a sacred artifact from the church, ask a witch to perform a ritual, fill the coffin with the blood of the innocents, and use the blood of a random noble vampire, then you put all those ingredients in the blender, and Boom! You become a noble vampire? ”

”… ” The two were silent, now that they thought about it, was it really that easy to change races?

”Right? Of course, it ’s not easy. Are you underestimating the noble vampires? ” With the same silly smile on his face, he spoke in a serious voice:

”You might be called ’vampires ’, but you ’re not the real vampires. We are totally different species, and you are a subspecies of us, a flaw, a product that was created only for use as a weapon… You are no better than the Ghouls. ”

”… ” Lucy and Karen clench their fists tightly.

”…But~ ” He returned to the playful voice, ”You were successful this time. ”

”Huh? ”

”The ritual was correct. After all, you got a little stronger, right? ”

”But you didn ’t get reborn because the main ingredient was missing. ”

Einer claps his hands, and soon a tall man appears beside the twins holding a briefcase in his hand.

”!!! ” When did he get here? Karen and Lucy thought.

”The ritual to become a noble vampire is easy, but getting the last ingredient is an impossible task. ” He opens the briefcase, and soon everyone can see a small vial of blood.

”!!! ” By the time he opens the briefcase, Karen and Lucy ’s throats are starting to go dry, they are looking at the bottle with thirsty eyes, but there is also a bit of fear in their eyes.

They were afraid of a small vial of blood!

”T-That is… ” Lucy stammered, he didn ’t know what that blood was, but one thing he was sure of, he needed that blood!

”T-This blood… ” Karen was thinking the same thing as Lucy.

Einer took the bottle out and showed it to them: ”The blood of the king… It ’s not the blood of his descendants, it ’s not the blood of his wives, it ’s his blood. The king ’s blood. The Progenitor, the strongest creature on Earth, the being that has been walking this earth for over 5000 years… That ’s the last ingredient. ”

”Do you want~? ”

”We want it~ ” Lucy and Karen reached out and reached for the bottle.

”Do you really want it? ” He kept smiling as if he was luring two little rabbits into a trap,

”Yes, we want it. ”


He slammed the case closed with a loud bang!

”But I refuse! ”

”… ”

”KAKAKAKAKAKAKA ” Einer started laughing madly, and he looked like he was enjoying himself.


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