My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 66: Something happens!

Six months later.

Around the coliseum.

A woman with long white hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin was looking at the coliseum, which was in a degraded state.

She was wearing a modern Maid dress:

”Finally, that creepy killing intent has disappeared, ” She circles around the coliseum and focuses her attention on the structures:

”Amazing~… How did they manage to destroy this structure? I see several high damage resistance magic enchantments around, and yet the structure has been compromised. ” She spoke in a beautiful voice that sounded like the voice of an angel.

”Tsk, ”

She puts her hand on her chin, ”Hmm… I think it should be time anytime now. ”

”Tsk, ”

”… ” The woman looks to the side and sees a Maid with oriental features.

”What- ” She was going to say something but couldn ’t because the Maid turned her face away.

”Tsk, ”

”… ” The woman was speechless.

”Can you at least try to hide your annoyance? ”

”…Hmm? I feel like I heard an insect talking to me… Of course, it must be my imagination. After all, insects don ’t have intelligence. ” The Maid spoke as she looked around.

”… ” The woman ’s expression started to look like an annoyed squirrel, but quickly her expression changed to a ’cool ’ expression.

”…Kaguya, don ’t be a child. I didn ’t want this job either, but I was given orders and, I must follow them. ”

”… ” Kaguya looks at the woman for the first time.

”…You ’re right, Yuki. Sorry for my inappropriate behavior. ” Kaguya apologized.

”So, are we okay? ” Yuki smiled gently.

”Hell no. ” Kaguya displayed a professional smile.

”… ” Yuki ’s smile broke.

”Oh? Kaguya and…who are you? ” Sasha appeared along with Ruby, Siena, Pepper, Maria, and Lacus.

Kaguya looks at Ruby and Sasha; ’I don ’t see or feel any drastic changes… Didn ’t they train? ’ She thought.

”White hair, blue eyes, dressed as a maid, and accompanied by Kaguya, ” Pepper spoke.

Suddenly, she made a water microphone and pointed at Ruby, ”The answer is? ”

”The Snow Clan ”

”Papaparun, correct answer~! ” Pepper laughed.

”Your reward is all the One Piece volumes! ”

Ruby ’s eyes lit up, ”Everything? ”

”EVERYTHING! ” Pepper yelled.

”That is a good deal… ”

”… ” Everyone ignored Ruby and Pepper ’s jokes; they were used to it. Except for Yuki, who was startled by Pepper ’s sudden scream.

Kaguya looks at Yuki, ”She ’s not following me. She ’s just existing next to me. ” Then she turned her face away.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha, who knew Kaguya the most, were speechless.

”What did you do to make her react like that? ” Sasha asked curiously.

”Tell me if you ever find out, ” Yuki spoke with a small sigh at the end.

”Who are you? ” Ruby asked.

”Eh? But we already know she ’s a Snow Clan Maid—. ” Pepper started to talk, but Lacus covered her mouth. ”Hmmmhmmm? ” She produced indecipherable sounds.

Yuki bowed with traditional Maid etiquette and said:

”At the order of Countess Agnes Snow and Count Adonis Snow, I came here to serve my new master Lord Victor Walker. ”

Ruby and Sasha opened their eyes a little in surprise; they didn ’t expect this.

”Tsk, ” Kaguya was annoyed again.

She returns to her normal position and says, ”My name is Yuki Snow. Nice to meet you. ”

”Nice to meet you! ” Pepper approached Yuki and took her hands.

”… Eh? ” Yuki didn ’t expect this sudden intimate contact.

Pepper started bombarding Yuki with questions. But, unfortunately, Yuki was so surprised that she couldn ’t answer any questions.

Sasha looked at Ruby for a few seconds, and then she nodded at Ruby like she was trying to say something.

Understanding what Sasha implied, Ruby decided to keep an eye on Yuki. For Ruby, the action of sending a Snow Clan Maid, who was the Main Clan, was quite suspicious; she was thinking that Yuki was sent to watch Victor.

Which would make sense, after all, their only heiress had married a stranger; ’Violet ’s clan must know about Victor, but they must not have cared at first. They must have been thinking that Victor would just be Violet ’s ’food ’, but suddenly, this food turned into Violet ’s husband. ’ Ruby thought.

She was trying to understand why Violet ’s Clan sent a Maid to Victor.

For all of Ruby ’s intelligence, she could never deduce that Adonis, Violet ’s father, was quite interested in her daughter ’s new husband.

”They are coming. ” Siena, who was leaning against the tree, said. She stopped her work just to see the result of her mother ’s new ’disciple ’, although Siena ’s expectations were low. After all, they only trained for six months.

’In six months, he must have advanced a bit. Maybe he can face Pepper now? ’ She thought.

Suddenly the coliseum door began to slowly open, and the moment the door was opened, everyone suddenly felt very heavy.

”W-What? ” Yuki, who was younger than everyone present, fell to the ground, she felt like her whole body was heavy, and she could feel her instincts screaming danger.

”D-Darling? ” Ruby stuttered a little.

”T-This is him? ” Sasha couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

”I-Impossible… ” Siena opened her mouth in shock, she was the strongest of the group along with Lacus, she could see beyond Victor ’s killing intent; ’Has he improved so much? ’

”As expected… He went beyond what I thought. ” Lacus chuckled a little, she didn ’t seem affected by Victor ’s Killing intent. As someone who has trained with Victor briefly, she knows how fast he gets better; to be honest, she felt it was unfair.

’Just for a brief comparison, he completely surpassed Pepper ’s level… And knowing my mother, she must have taught Victor tricks… So maybe he can fight vampires over 200 years old? ’

Thinking that a man who was just 21 years old has already reached Pepper ’s level of power, Lacus can ’t help but feel sour.

Kaguya exhibited a small smile when she noticed Victor ’s progress, she looked at Yuki, who was lying on the ground with sweat running down her body.

”Tsk, ” Kaguya ’s shadow covered Yuki.

Although, for some reason, she doesn ’t like Yuki, Kaguya is still proud as a Maid, and she wouldn ’t let the new Maid be embarrassed in front of her master.

”T-Thanks, ” Yuki got up from the floor.

”… ”

Maria stared coldly at Victor, who opened the door completely, her body was giving small danger signals, but she ignored everything and concentrated on the man.

He was wearing a full burgundy red suit and, on his hands, he had two white gloves that had a blood-red magic circle etched on top of the glove.

And his back has a purple coat that was draped around his shoulders.

And more importantly, his old blue eyes have completely disappeared, and now his eyes have turned blood-red.

Finishing opening the door fully, he looked at everyone. ”Oh? ” He displayed a small smile.

”Were you waiting for me? ”

Scathach appears behind Victor and looks at the group, she displays a seductive smile, ”Heh~, what are you doing? ”

”… ” Everyone was shocked, but it wasn ’t because of Victor ’s appearance but because of Scathach ’s presence. Did she seem calmer? The old menacing presence that always existed around her had disappeared. And that wasn ’t all they noticed; there was the obvious change in her eye color.

The old blood-red eyes that showed she was always hungry disappeared and were replaced by an emerald green just like Ruby ’s.

Scathach ’s green eyes look at everyone present, and then focus on Yuki, she looks at Victor:

”Victor! Stupid! Control your instinct! ”

”Oh, I forgot, ” he scratched his cheek a little. Suddenly all the menacing pressure coming out of Victor ’s body disappeared.


Yuki sighed in relief, and then she started watching Victor. ’This is my new master…? ’ She didn ’t know how to feel.

”M-M-Mother, your eyes, ” Ruby pointed with her hand that was shaking like crazy.

”W-what- ” Sasha was going to say something, but suddenly Siena yelled:

”What happened in that coliseum!? ”

”Heh, did you guys notice? ” Scathach smiled.

”It ’s obvious! ” Lacus and Pepper yelled.

”Hmm, ” Victor takes a step, then suddenly disappears, soon he appears beside Sasha and Ruby:

”I miss you, ” Soon, he hugs the two.

”!!! ” Ruby and Sasha immediately hugged Victor.

”Darling~ ”

”Husband! ”

The two hugged Victor tighter.

They couldn ’t deny they were lovesick too.

”!? ” Lacus, who observed what Victor did, immediately understood what he did. ”Th-that ’s my technique! ” She inadvertently bit her tongue.

”Mother!? ” Lacus looked to her mother for answers.

”Hahaha~. ” Scathach didn ’t say anything, she just laughed sensually.

”Do not laugh! ” Siena screamed.

”Oh? Have you grown up enough to try to boss me around? ” Scathach ’s eyes changed to blood-red, and her pressure changed to something more menacing.

”!!! ” Siena recoiled, ”Sorry- ”

”Hahaha, ” Scathach chuckled, she looked at her daughter with emerald green eyes, ”I ’m kidding ” The pressure disappeared as if it hadn ’t existed.

”… ” Lacus, Pepper, and Siena didn ’t know how to react.

Their mother playing? Is the sun rising in this world where night is eternal? Maybe the vampire king got gender-bent?

The three sisters looked at Victor, and they wondered, what in the name of the seven hells happened in that coliseum!?

Their mother didn ’t seem willing to say anything, and they know the minor threat she made to Siena was a warning not to meddle too much.

”How are you? Are you okay? Did you sleep well? Did someone mistreat you? Oh! You must be thirsty! ” Victor looked more like a mother than a husband…

”D-Darling, we ’re fine. Stop undressing! ” Ruby quickly said when she saw that Victor started taking off his suit.

”Y-Yeah, we can control our bloodlust. ” Sasha quickly grabbed Victor ’s hands.

”Oh, ” For some reason, he looked disappointed.

”But you are still thirsty, right? ” He displayed a loving smile.

”… ” They couldn ’t deny what he said.

”Okay, when we get back, I ’ll be your ’meal ’ ” He spoke with a teasing smile.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha ’s faces turned a little red, but they wouldn ’t deny that they had high expectations, especially since it had been a while since they had drunk his blood.

”Hmm? ”

Victor looks at a white-haired woman standing next to Kaguya, then he takes a step and disappears again.

”Who are you? ” He appeared beside the woman.

The woman ’s body shivered all over, ”Ughyaaa! ” The woman screamed in a cute voice.

She quickly looks to the side and sees Victor ’s eyes.

”Hmm, white hair, blue eyes, wearing Maid ’s uniform, ” He started walking around Yuki as if he was sizing her up.

”… ” For some reason, Yuki felt a little nervous.

He stopped in front of Yuki, ”Violet ’s Maid, huh? ”

Yuki raised her head a little; after all, Victor was very tall, ”…W-Wrong… ” she stuttered a little as she looked into Victor ’s red eyes.

”Oh? ” He exhibited a small smile and lightly touched Yuki ’s chin:

”Tell me, who are you? ”

”I- I… ” Yuki ’s face turned completely red, she wasn ’t used to having so much intimate contact.

”You? ”

”I ’m your maid! ” For some reason, she found it difficult to speak that sentence.

”My maid? ”


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