My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 74: The Kings Daughters. 2

Upon entering the store, Ophis started pointing her finger at various cute clothes. Victor called an attendant and, when the attendant arrived, he asked:

”Do you have a locker room here? ”

”Yes, My Lord. The locker room is in that direction. Follow me ”

’My Lord? ’ Victor thought about the strange way the woman called him, but he thought the woman called him that because he was accompanied by Yuki; after all, her features screamed that she was from Clan Snow.

Victor took several clothes that Ophis pointed out and gave to Yuki.

”Eh? ”

”I can ’t go into the locker room with a kid I barely know, right? That would be inappropriate. ”

”… Unexpected… ”

”Huh? ”

”I thought my master didn ’t have common sense. ” She spoke with a gentle smile, but her words weren ’t kind.

”…Just help Ophis change her clothes, ” Victor spoke as he took Ophis off his shoulders and set her down.

”Yes, Master. ” Yuki looks at Ophis and says, ”Come on, Lady Ophis. I will help you change your clothes. ”

”Mm… ” Ophis didn ’t say anything, she just held a part of Victor ’s pants as if she didn ’t want to be separated from him.

Victor displays a gentle smile when he sees this. He kneels and says, ”Coming with you in that locker room would definitely be inappropriate. Just listen to Yuki, okay? I ’ll wait outside. ” He stroked her head.

When she felt Victor ’s caresses, for a few seconds, Ophis ’ eyes sparkled intensely, she seemed to have enjoyed it a lot… Soon, she closed her eyes as if enjoying herself.

Victor stops stroking Ophis ’ head, ”Go. I will wait. ”

”… Mm, Father. ” She agreed.

”… ” Victor felt his heart being caressed by the cuteness of Ophis now…

Soon Yuki and Ophis entered the locker room.

Taking this chance, the attendant approached Victor, ”Lord, are you interested in buying this? ”

Victor looks at the object in the woman ’s hand, ”A camera? ”

”Yeah, and it ’s not just any camera, it ’s a high definition camera that was made specifically for taking high-resolution photos, and with witch technology, the photo is printed on the spot. ”

”… Interesting. ” Victor was interested, but he didn ’t see the need to buy a camera right now.

”But I don ’t- ” Victor was going to refuse, but he stopped talking when Yuki walked out of the locker room with Ophis.

”Looks good? ” Ophis asked.

”… ” Victor didn ’t know how to answer.

Ophis ’ black dress was swapped for a black bunny coat and a pretty black skirt, she looked incredibly adorable!

Victor was speechless and, for the first time, he realized why cuteness is justice.

”Give me that shit! ” He took the camera from the woman ’s hand and started taking pictures of Ophis.

”Thanks for the purchase~ ” The attendant laughed and walked away.

”Ughyaaa! So cute! ” Victor was freaking out while taking several pictures of Ophis in different outfits, all the outfits were made for kids, and none of the outfits Ophis wore were inappropriate.

”Master… ” Yuki was actually considering calling the royal guards. But she still hasn ’t done that because she realized that Victor had no malicious intent behind his actions.

He just looked like he was having fun.

Yuki looks at Ophis and sees a small smile on the child, she seems to be enjoying it too.

Feeling a gaze pierce his back, Victor stopped taking pictures and looked at Yuki:

”Don ’t look at me like you ’re looking at a criminal; I just realized I liked cute things. ” Victor was definitely not abnormal.

He liked thighs! Breasts! A grown woman! The cuteness was meant to be appreciated!

Remembering the jokes he played with his wives when they were alone. Victor nodded in satisfaction; adult women are better.

Feeling someone pulling the fabric of his pants, he looked down:

”Ophis? ” The little girl seemed to be hiding behind him.

He looked over to where Ophis was looking and saw a woman with long black hair with shades of violet, violet eyes, and pale skin common to vampires.

She had a nice womanly figure, she was thin and short for Victor ’s current height, about 172 cm.

But despite being thin, she had everything in the right places, B-cup breasts and a perky ass.

She was wearing a short black dress that looked to be quite simple, but at the same time very elegant, she had a black choker around her neck, and on that choker held a small black jewel.

She definitely has the appearance of a cool woman.

’Oh, she finally decided to show herself, ’ Victor had already noticed her for some time, and he just didn ’t do anything because he thought she had no bad intentions.

He shifted his attention and looked towards the wall, then his world changed to crimson red, ’They ’re still waiting. ’

Victor ’s smile grew, he had already deduced the woman ’s identity, but the question was, what is her relationship with Ophis?

’Maybe her sister? ’ Victor felt it was quite possible that this was correct.

But one thing was for sure. He was definitely comparing his strengths to the woman in front of him. ’Although she is hiding her power. ’ He could deduce that because she appeared to be relatively weak.

’But as that man ’s daughter, she shouldn ’t be weak, right? ’

”Hello. ” She waved a hand as she approached.

Victor flashed a small smile, ”You finally revealed yourself. I was starting to wonder how long it would take you. ” He got right down to business.

”… ” She was a little surprised that Victor didn ’t try to extend the conversation, so she displayed a small satisfied smile, she liked his attitude of not wasting time with useless conversation.

”Well… I didn ’t think the time was right to go in… ” She looked at Ophis and the clothes Ophis was wearing.

Yuki approaches Victor and stands behind him, she had noticed the strange atmosphere between the two.

”Admit it; you just wanted to see more, right? ”

”…Indeed, my sister is a bit quiet, so it ’s rare to see her exhibiting so many emotions. ”

Ophis ’ grip tightened on Victor ’s leg.

Victor stroked Ophis ’s head:

”You say, sister… But she doesn ’t seem comfortable with you. ”

”Complicated family. ” She laughed.

”I can imagine. ” Victor flashed a smile that showed his sharp teeth.

As he couldn ’t move properly with Ophis holding his leg, he picked up the little girl and placed her on his shoulder.

”… ” The woman ’s eyes sparkled for a few seconds when she saw that Ophis easily accepted being touched. ’Is he not feeling anything? Interesting~. ’

Like Ophis ’ sister, she knew of the little girl ’s special condition and seeing a person touching her sister directly and not being influenced made her quite curious.

”We didn ’t introduce ourselves, huh? My name is Victor Walker. ”

’Walker? ’ She has never heard of this family of vampires.

”Elizabeth Tepes, the daughter of the king. ”

”Oh… Cool. ” Victor didn ’t react much.

”… ” Elizabeth didn ’t know how to react, she expected a reaction similar to the one from the owner of the store.

”Is she your sister? ” He asked Ophis directly.

”Mm. Sister. ” Ophis nodded in agreement.

”Do you like her? ” He asked.

”Mm, Sister is a good person, Father. ”

”F-Father…? ” Elizabeth stuttered a lot, and her noble appearance of hers went away as if it never existed.

Scathach ’s mansion in the capital that was close to the arena.

”Darling is taking a while… I ’m having a bad feeling about this. ” Violet was impatient.

”It ’s only been two hours, Violet. Take it easy. ” Ruby spoke.

”I ’ll go look for him; I can get to him easily with my speed. ” Sasha was feeling the same feeling as Violet.

Ruby holds Sasha ’s hand:

”He ’ll be back in an hour, and if he ’s too late, we can go out and look for him. After all, we can easily find him. ” She was also worried, but she wanted Victor to also have some time alone, especially considering he spent six months training without resting.

”…Violet is understandable, but…even Sasha and Ruby? I never expected to see them make these expressions… I think marriage changes people, huh? ” Eleonor spoke, she was sitting next to Siena, Lacus, and Pepper.

Currently, there were only Violet, Ruby, Sasha, Lacus, Pepper, Siena, Eleonor, and Chloe in the mansion.

Scathach had gone off somewhere, she had said she was going to visit an old friend.

Maria and Luna are in the human world.

”Things have changed since that man moved here. ” Siena sighed.

”You seem to dislike him? ”

”…At first, I had a certain prejudice towards him, but seeing him becoming strong in such a short time… And seeing him receiving my mother ’s affection… ” Her voice began to darken every second she spoke.

”… Jealousy, huh. ” Eleonor could understand Siena a little. After all, Victor seemed quite close to Scathach, which is something she has never been able to do, even though she is Scathach ’s disciple.

”Wrong. I ’m not jealous of him. My opinion of him is neutral. ”

”… ” Eleonor rolled her eyes, she obviously didn ’t believe it.

”And you, Lacus? ”

”Hmm? I like Victor; he ’s a fun guy. ” She said, then she continued, ”Sometimes when I talk to him, I feel like I ’m talking to my mother, they are very similar in certain aspects, I think they match. ”

”…Why are you talking like he ’s going to become your father? ” Eleonor was speechless.

”…Oh. ” Lacus didn ’t realize what she said.

”Victor is a lot like my mother… But he ’s kinder than she is. ”

”Humpf. My mother ’s kindness is demonstrated through actions! ” Siena snorted.

”I know, but I also miss hearing an ’I love you ’ or ’I was worried, ’ she ’s not a woman who says these things. ” Pepper commented a little sadly, she was the one who missed it the most; she was quite emotional about family issues.

”… ” Siena and Lacus didn ’t say anything, but they internally agreed with Pepper ’s words.

The three foster sisters had the same feelings as Ruby towards their mother, they wanted to be closer to Scathach, but they didn ’t know how to go about it. And, because of that, they were also a little jealous of Victor for being able to get close to Scathach so quickly.


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