A shadow appeared in the middle of the room at Scathach ’s mansion, then a maid with oriental features emerged from the shadows.

”Oh, Kaguya. You came back. ”

Kaguya heard Siena ’s voice, then she looked at the woman:

”Yes. Where is my master? ”

For some reason, Kaguya felt a pleasant itch in her heart when she said, ”My master. ”

”Victor? Currently, he is on the second floor, in a room that has been assigned to him and his wives… If you follow the stairs, you can easily find him. ”

”Thanks. ” Kaguya made a simple gesture of thanks, then walked towards the stairs.

On the way to the stairs, she saw someone ’s room with the door open, and, as a responsible maid, she would close the door to give more privacy to the individuals inside the room.

When she touches the doorknob to close the door, she hears Pepper and Ruby ’s voice:

”Pepper, is this a new anime? ”

”Oh, it ’s a release from last season. I don ’t think you ’ve seen it, sister. ”

”Hmm. A lot of things happened, and I had to train for six months…I missed two whole seasons. ”

”Umu. Don ’t worry, as a responsible big sister, I recorded all the animes! ”

”Ohhh! Good job, sister… But what is this ’Umu ’? ”

”Victor says that a lot when he ’s happy or relaxed. I thought it was cool… So I copied it. ”

”… Hmm. I remember that Anna, Victor ’s mother, talks about that a lot too… But, you ’ve been watching my husband a lot, huh…? ”

”… F-Fue? What is that scary look!? I did nothing! ”

”Nothing. Let ’s just watch anime. ”

”Ruby… Don ’t become like Violet, please… ”

”… ” Ruby was silent.

’Well, that was interesting. ’ Kaguya was pleased, but realizing what she had done, she quickly shook her head several times and closed the door.

’How rude. I must not eavesdrop on others ’ conversations. ’ She thought she was being a very bad maid now.

Going up the stairs, Kaguya reached the second floor, and again, she found another room with the door open, and, like a competent maid, she had to close the bedroom door.

As she approached the room, she heard the voices of Eleonor, Lacus, Sasha, and Violet.

”I don ’t understand how this works…. ” Sasha.

”What? ” Eleanor.

”That sword. It ’s massive and heavy; I prefer something lighter like daggers. ” Sasha.

”That ’s because your fighting style is more focused on speed. ” Violet.

”Indeed. My fighting style is more focused on strength, and, because of that, heavy weapons are better for me… But, now that I stopped to think, what is Victor ’s fighting style? ” Eleanor.

”We don ’t know, but the way he easily used his sword, is he a force user? But he ’s pretty fast too. ” Sasha.

”I wonder if he chose greatsword as his starting weapon to train with my master. ” Eleanor.

”…The only sword influences in Darling ’s life were the movies of a barbarian he watched with his father, so I think so. He must have chosen greatsword as his first training weapon. ” Violet.

”… ”

”What? Why are you looking at me like that? ”

”Just… Sigh. ” Sasha sighed, then continued, ”Just how long have you been watching my husband? ”

”A long time… A long time indeed. ”

”… ”

”…How can I say… would Countess Agnes be proud? After all, her daughter is just like her. ” Eleonor commented in a sarcastic tone.

”Hey! West bitch! Don ’t bring my mother into the conversation! ”

Deciding enough was enough, Kaguya closed the door.

’As expected. Stalker ’s blood is strong in this family… ’ Kaguya nodded and then started walking towards Victor ’s room.

How did she know it was Victor ’s room? Well, the name ’VICTOR ’S ROOM ’ was written on the door. Looks like someone did it on purpose. After all, he ’s the only man in this mansion.

Touching Victor ’s doorknob, she heard Victor and Scathach ’s voice:

”KaKaKaKa. Did you let that little girl drink your blood? Violet better not find this out; she ’s going to freak out. ”

”But she already knows. I had a hard time making her calmer… ”

”Kakakakaka ”

”Stopping to think… I remember your daughters said that vampires only drink blood from other vampires only if they are from the family or someone very close as a lover. ”

”Indeed. ”

”I totally forgot about that. ”

”Well, don ’t worry too much, she just drank a few drops of your blood, so it shouldn ’t be a big problem… But I think she ’ll go without food for a while, considering all the blood she eats will have a disgusting taste to her. ”

”I see; I hope she ’s okay…. ”

”…You seem to like the princesses…. ”

”Ophis? Yes, she is a good girl. Elizabeth? I don ’t know. My opinion of her is neutral. ”

”Not bad… I think…? ”

”But to think you ’d find the fourth flower of the vampire world with just a casual stroll through the capital. Kakakaka ”

”Flower? Who? Elizabeth? ”

”Ophis. ”

”Eh? ”

”Don ’t make that stupid face. Haven ’t you noticed her unearthly beauty despite being 5 years old? That ’s unnatural even for vampires. That ’s why she ’s so protected. ”

”… ”

”Oh, I remember she completely disappeared from my senses, was that some concealment technique? ” Victor seemed to change the subject.

”Kakakaka. You ’re wrong, stupid disciple. That is not a technique; that is her power, she was born with the ability to teleport. ”

”… Interesting… I thought the king ’s family would follow the same example as the noble vampire family. So, for example, you can control ice, and your descendants will also inherit your powers. ”

”You are right and wrong at the same time. The king ’s family is special. You will find out more in the future. ”

”Why so much mystery? ”

”Kakakaka, it ’s more fun this way, and it ’s not like this information could help you with anything because even I don ’t know all the powers of the king ’s children… That man made sure to hide that secret completely. ”

”I understand… ”

”… ” A moment of silence fell in the room. Then, sensing an opportunity to step inside, Kaguya turned the doorknob but stopped when she heard Victor ’s voice.

”So, how ’s your bloodlust? ”

”It ’s manageable… It ’s been years since my head felt light like a feather, although I ’m already starting to feel the effects of bloodlust again. ”

Victor, who was sitting at his bedroom window, looked into Scathach ’s eyes. Seeing her eyes constantly changing color and seeing the frown on her face, he realized she wasn ’t completely honest. She was already thirsty but just didn ’t say anything.

”Come here. ” Slowly, he unbuttoned his suit a bit and showed Scathach his neck.

Scathach, who was sitting in an armchair away from Victor, looked at this scene.

Bathing in the moonlight as he sat elegantly at the window, Victor ’s current appearance seemed quite irresistible to her, especially when she looked into those crimson red eyes that, for some reason since the coliseum incident, never changed to sapphire blue again.

”… ” Scathach gets up from her chair and walks elegantly towards Victor.

Coming close to him, she spoke in a low voice, ”Do you know what you ’re offering me? ” She lightly stroked his neck, and slowly her eyes changed to blood red.

Victor displayed a small smile that showed his sharp teeth:

”Yeah. As you said earlier, vampires only offer their blood to other really close vampires or family members, right? You ’re my mother-in-law, you ’re my family… And I can ’t let you walk around with constant destructive impulses. ”

”Humpf, I put up with this easily for 21 years. Don ’t treat me like a delicate woman. ”

”I am not. I just don ’t want to see you in that state again~ ” He lightly stroked her face, ”And I know damn well how strong you are. ”

Scathach leans her voluptuous body against Victor, she wraps her arms around his neck and then starts sniffing his neck, ”Hmm… Glad you understand~ ” she spoke in a low voice, she extended her tongue, and start licking his neck.

Victor lightly grips Scathach ’s waist and does his best to ignore the feeling of temptation that is overflowing from this woman ’s body… But, this proved to be an arduous task; Scathach was very similar to Ruby, which was a weak point for Victor.

He kept repeating like a mantra in his head: ’She ’s my mother-in-law. She is my mother-in-law. She is my mother-in-law. ’ He didn ’t want to betray his wives, and what he was doing now was just helping Scathach control her bloodlust.

And that was also a form of thanks for helping him out of that deplorable state he was in the coliseum. If it wasn ’t for her having helped him, he wouldn ’t know what he would become today.

Scathach ’s teeth began to sharpen as she bit into Victor ’s neck.

”Ugh ” Victor held back the moan, feeling his blood being sucked, his eyes began to glow blood red. Looking at Scathach ’s delicate collarbone, his instincts were begging him to bite.

And that ’s what he did; he hugged Scathach tighter and bit her neck!

”Hmm~ ” Scathach tightened her grip on Victor ’s neck, and unconsciously, she was regulating her strength so as not to break his neck.

Victor ’s bedroom door opened a little, and then Kaguya ’s snooping eye appeared.

’That was unexpected… I don ’t know what happened in those six months, but they got so close for my master to casually give his blood? ’ Kaguya thought in surprise.

Kaguya was thinking about several things now, and the main ones were how their relationship had become so close in such a short time, but she had a doubt that remained from the beginning; ’Scathach is a 2,000-year-old vampire, she must have already realized that I ’m here. And Victor is a vampire who was trained by her, so he also knows I ’m here… Now, why do they want me to see this? ’

Like a hardworking maid, her mind began to work on an answer, and soon she understood something; ”Oh, as Victor ’s personal maid, I must know about this. ” She thought that was it. After all, a maid sometimes hides the darkest secrets of their masters.

Despite being a hardworking maid, she could never imagine that Victor and Scathach just didn ’t mind someone in the family watching them both; it ’s not like they were trying to keep secrets either.


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