Victor stopped drinking Scathach ’s blood when he felt satisfied, and he licked her collarbone a little to clean up the spilled blood. Then, seeing that the woman was still drinking his blood, his eyes sparkled with a mischievous glint. Slowly, his hand approaches Scathach ’s head and begins stroking the woman ’s head.

Scathach ’s body visibly trembled as Victor began to stroke her head, but she didn ’t care, she didn ’t want to stop drinking his delicious blood because of it.

”Heh~ ” Seeing that he was successful, he exhibited the smile of someone who has gotten what he wants.

A few minutes passed, and Scathach was still drinking his blood; it seemed that the thirst of an ancient vampire was insatiable.

But Victor definitely didn ’t care, so he looked at the full moon of Nightingale ’s world.

”A beautiful night… A beautiful night indeed. ” As a creature of the night, he felt much more comfortable with the night. Every time he looked at the moon, he felt a tingle in his stomach. It was the same feeling he felt when he arrived at his mother ’s house.

It was a feeling of welcome, a feeling that said: you are home now… A pleasant feeling.

”Ahh~ ” Scathach stopped drinking Victor ’s blood, she was finally satisfied, so she started licking his neck like she didn ’t want to waste anything.

”Your blood is irresistible as always~. ” She spoke as she licked his neck.

Victor looks at Scathach, and, seeing the seductive smile on her face, he displays his own smile, ”Are you satisfied? ”

”… How long are you going to keep doing this? ” She didn ’t answer his question, and instead, she asked another question, ”I ’m not a little girl. ”

”Kakaka~. ” Victor chuckled playfully, ”Indeed, you ’re not a little girl. But you don ’t seem to dislike it, right? ”

”… ” Scathach lowered her face and used her right to remain silent.

Victor stops stroking the woman ’s head, brings his hand closer to Scathach ’s chin, and lifts her face a little higher, looking into his mother-in-law ’s green eyes, ”Your eyes are back to normal, are you satisfied now? ” He asked the same question.

Looking into Victor ’s crimson red eyes, Scathach felt a strange feeling in her heart, it was a very sweet feeling, a pleasant warmth, and it brought a spiritual peace to her:

”Yeah~ ” She flashed a seductive smile, ”I ’m satisfied…. ” Then, slowly, she starts to walk away from Victor, ”For now…. ”

Without her even being aware of it, she was slowly creating a desire for possession towards Victor in her heart.

Scathach straightened her outfit, which was a bit messy, she straightened her hair, and soon she looked the same as she always does. Like at home, she was wearing casual clothes, a pair of jeans, and a simple black shirt.

She looks at the door and flashes a slight smile, ”Come in, maid. We know you ’re there. ”

”… ” Kaguya expected this, she opened the door and entered.

As she closes the door and turns around, she looks at the two individuals. Scathach was back to her normal appearance, but Victor didn ’t bother to straighten his clothes.

Because of this, evidence of what happened was still visible for Kaguya to see. Looking at her master, who was sitting at the window while looking at the moon.

Kaguya ’s throat began to itch, even though she had never tasted Victor ’s blood, just smelling the scent in the air made her very thirsty.

’Before it wasn ’t like that, but now… Why am I feeling this now? ’ She didn ’t understand this feeling.

”Kakakaka. Do your thing, maid. I ’ll go out for a bit. ” Scathach said she could deduce why Kaguya was here now.

Scathach walked to the entrance of the room, passing by Kaguya, she spoke in a low voice, ”You ’re lucky, maid. ”

”Eh? ” Kaguya doesn ’t understand, she looks at Scathach, but the woman has already left the room and closed the door.

Kaguya turned and looked at Victor:

”Master. ”

”Kaguya. You left your master for a long time. Do you have any excuses? ” Victor spoke, still looking at the moon.

Kaguya ’s body visibly trembled when she heard Victor ’s serious voice, but soon she replied in a neutral voice:

”I told you- ” Before Kaguya could finish saying something, Victor spoke:

”I ’m kidding. ” He spoke, looking at Kaguya.

”… ”

”KAKAKAKA ” Victor laughed amusedly.

Kaguya very much held back her urge to pout.


Kaguya visibly sighed, she reached into her pocket and pulled out something that looked like golden paper that was rolled into a parchment shape.

”This golden paper is a contract, a material made by the witches. Does the master know about this? ”

”Yeah. Scathach taught me the basics of contracts. ”

”The magic contracts made by the witch are divided into several levels according to the color of the paper. White paper are the simplest contracts that are made by an inexperienced witch, and this type of contract can also be broken by other inexperienced witches. ”

”The golden paper are exclusive contracts that can only be created and broken by experienced witches… There is also the black paper which is a contract created by the queen of witches, and like the other contracts, only the queen can break this contract . ”

”Unexpected… I thought you were only taught about fighting. ”

”Oh, she taught me about fighting, but she also taught me some knowledge so I wouldn ’t be fooled by the witches. ”

”According to her, witches are greedy bitches. ”

”…Indeed. ” Kaguya agreed with Scathach ’s thoughts.

Soon Kaguya starts to explain:

”The contract for an exclusive maid works this way, the master must state their working conditions, and the maid must decide whether to accept it or not. To avoid situations where vampires use a maid against her will, this specific contract that is in my hand was made to record the entire contract process and send it to the government agency that oversees slave labor. ”

”That seems pretty safe, huh? ” Victor said that, but inwardly, he was laughing at the irony. After all, Vampires treat humans like cattle in this world.

As he was jumping from building to building on his way back to Scathach ’s mansion, and saw several situations of humans being used only as merchandise… Like the ancient humans. This situation revolted him, but he wouldn ’t go out of his way and cause problems because of unknown people.

Despite being revolting to Victor, he was curious about one thing. ’The noble vampires weren ’t using humans as a sex toy. They just seemed to use humans as a blood store. ’

Victor thinks this is an effect of the mindset of noble vampires who think they are superior to humans, noble vampires seem to be disgusted with seeing a human as an equal, and they just treat humans like animals or food.

’It ’s the same thing that happens in the human world. ’ Victor ’s thinking was that humans raised chicken, and after a few months of life, that chicken was killed and ended up on someone else ’s plate.

The thought was the same, they were taking the humans and using them as a blood store.

And another thing he realized with a brief look at the capital was that this type of market wasn ’t very popular in the vampire world. Yes, the market existed, but it was only frequented by young vampires.

Victor thinks this is because of the ritual he went through since he realized that most vampires were married.

Though Victor doubts that plebeian vampires who were once human will think the same way as noble vampires. ’But all the plebeian vampires I saw were treated like slaves. ’

Plebeian vampires were slaves, and they had no autonomy in this world; they were at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Victor felt an irony in this situation. Humans were being treated much better than plebeian vampires.

’I think it ’s the difference in value? Humans, despite being treated like animals, all they need to do is give blood regularly to vampires, and the human will live a good life. On the other hand, plebeian vampires were just slaves for bored vampires to abuse. ’

”Yeah. We are a civilized society. We do not enslave our fellow men. ”

”Kakakaka ” Victor started laughing like crazy with the irony said by Kaguya without her knowing, and he couldn ’t hold back his laughter.

”Master? ”

”Excuse me. It ’s nothing, Kaguya. ” He displayed a small smile.

”…Hmm, Okay. ” Kaguya takes the golden paper and throws it towards Victor.

Victor raises his arms and grabs the paper, then he analyzes the golden paper for a few seconds:

”My contract is simple, don ’t do anything that harms my family or me. To put it in precise words, actions like divulging information to enemies, actions like planning a betrayal, actions that in any way will harm my family will not be allowed. ”

The paper began to glow and began to float, and soon the words Victor spoke were written.

”… Only that? ” Kaguya was internally surprised, she expected ten paragraphs of boring rules. But, instead, what Victor said is just the basics of the basics.

”Oh! ”

”I forgot the most important rule… ”

He exhibited a small smile:

”The maid can ’t deny the master ’s headpat. ”

”… ” Kaguya ’s cheek turned a little red. It ’s not like she wanted to deny this treatment either.

”Oh, I almost forgot… The maid should always ensure her safety first. ”

”… ” Kaguya ’s face distorted when she heard Victor ’s last order.

”Do you agree with these terms? ”

”Master… I can ’t accept the last one. The main duty of a maid is to keep the Master safe. ”

Victor exhibited a gentle smile, ”I know… And that ’s a dangerous thought. I ’d rather die than let someone close to me die in my place; I would feel devastated if my favorite maid died in my place. ” He joked at the end, but Kaguya could tell he was being very serious.

”… ” Kaguya didn ’t know how to react. It goes against what she was created to be.

”Kakakaka. Don ’t overthink; do you accept or not? ”

”I-… ” She didn ’t know what to say.

Victor continued, ”You ’re free to do whatever you want. I just want you not to betray me. And I just want you to put your safety first, especially considering your power is good at running away, right? ”

”… ” Kaguya felt a warm feeling in her heart. It was such a sweet and gentle feeling that she didn ’t know how to react. This was the first time anyone cared about her, other than Julia, Sasha ’s personal maid who died by hunters. She was happy! But she didn ’t know how to express her emotions.


She just visibly sighed.

”I accept. ” By accepting this contract, she was going against what she was created to be, a maid who sacrifices herself for her master…

Soon the golden paper catches fire and disappears. As soon as the paper disappeared, Kaguya could feel a magical current around her heart. But for some reason, she didn ’t feel like she was trapped or that her freedom was threatened, it was a weird feeling.

Looking into Victor ’s crimson eyes, she flashes a professional smile, holds her uniform skirt, and gives an elegant greeting:

”I hope this partnership will last for a long time… ”

”My Master. ”


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