f a door opening.

”Victor, you arrived… You guys were late, huh? ” Scathach says, she looks at the glasses Victor was wearing and nods in satisfaction.

Victor looks at Scathach, who was sitting on an ice throne in her usual clothes:

”It can ’t be helped. I felt like the bed was a quicksand of comfort, so I didn ’t want to get out of bed. ” He replied.

”Heh~ ” She displayed a seductive smile, ”I hope you treated my daughter well. ”

”M-MOTHER! ” Ruby ’s face turned red with embarrassment.

”What? I just asked that because you are so lazy in the morning. ” She displayed an innocent smile.

”Well, she ’s not wrong, and Ruby also sleeps naked…So, ” Lacus commented with a small smile…

”Some things must definitely have happened. ” Siena smiled.

”Awawawawa, ” Pepper just had smoke coming out of her head, she seemed to be thinking about something she shouldn ’t.

”…Y-you guys… ” Ruby didn ’t know what to say, and, in the end, she just sighed.

”Hahahaha, don ’t tease my wife so much. ” Victor walks beside Scathach, he snaps his fingers, and soon an ice throne a little different from Scathach begins to be created.

”Oh? You got better at creating ice structures. ”

”All thanks to your training…. ” He flashed a small smile, then sat down on the ice throne and crossed his legs.

”Kakaka, I know. ” She laughed.

”… ” The women looked at the two with a speechless expression.

”Why did you create these ice thrones? Can ’t you guys just sit in the chair? ” Sasha asked as she pointed to two simple but rather elegant chairs.

” ”Hell no. I will not sit in that simple chair. ” ”

The two spoke in unison with a face of disgust.

”… ” The group was silent; they just didn ’t know how to react.

This was the VIP Room, and it was equipped with the finest furniture in the vampire world, yet they called these luxurious seats a ’simple chair ’.

Somehow, the women were already more used to this scene. They were slowly accepting the fact that Scathach was creating a male version of her and the only one that was freaking out internally was Eleonor, she had never seen another person so similar to her master.

The group spreads out and starts to sit on the chairs and sofas in the VIP room.

Victor looks through the glass of the VIP room towards the arena, ”Hasn ’t started yet, huh? ” He spoke in a low tone, then he looked at the arena with curious eyes.

Seeing the Plebeian vampires sitting in the stands, he began to inspect everyone; ’That one over there is strong, that one over there is hiding his powers. ’

He looked at all the vampires who he had an interest in and judged their strength. After being trained by Scathach for so long, he could somehow evaluate a person ’s level based on behavior and a ’feel ’ that surrounds the vampire.

It ’s something very difficult to put into words, but it ’s something like a warrior can know if the other warrior is strong or not.

Sensing a glance in his direction, he turned his face and looked at another VIP room through the glass; the eyes behind his glasses started to glow, and his world turned blood red.

He focused his attention on the individual who had a large red aura surrounding them.

”Heh~ ” Victor ’s smile grew distorted.

”Oh? Did you find anyone interesting? ” Scathach looks to where Victor was looking.

”If I ’m not mistaken, that room is where Victoria ’s family is. ” Scathach spoke.

”My Aunt? ” Sasha gets up from the couch and walks beside Victor, she looks where Victor is looking but doesn ’t see anything, she just sees a normal room with totally black glass.

”Interesting… Interesting indeed… ” Victor turned his face and ignored them for the time being. He looked into another VIP room and saw a woman and a child sitting in a chair. They were both alone in the room, but Victor could see several vampires protecting the place outside.

Victor found something interesting with the child, she had a very distorted aura as if two colors were mixed incorrectly.

The child suddenly looked towards Victor and then disappeared.

”??? ” Victor was confused; ’She disappeared? Do not tell me…. ’

Soon Victor could feel someone sitting on his lap.

”Father. ”

Seeing the child in the gothic dress, he displayed a gentle smile:

”Hello, Ophis. ”

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