My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 93: Tatsuya Gained a Friend… 2

Tatsuya ’s Personal Room.

A man with long blond hair was lying on a bed, and beside this man was a woman, specifically speaking, a witch.

The woman had short brown hair that came to the shoulder and green eyes, she was wearing a white outfit with violet accents and a witch hat on her head.

The man and woman were looking at a tall man who was standing in front of them with a big, dangerous smile on his face.

”So, are we going to fight? ”

”I ’m in recovery, ” Tatsuya spoke in a cold voice.

”Hahaha! ” Victor laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, ”Who do you want to kid? You are a vampire. You are already recovered! Let ’s fight! ”

Seeing Victor ’s crazy eyes, ”…Ugh, ” Tatsuya moaned in frustration. He was wondering what he did with his life to draw this madman ’s attention to him.

”Let ’s go! Let ’s go! ”

”…Can I at least eat? I just woke up, and I ’m hungry. ”

”…Hmmm. ” Victor puts a hand to his chin as if he ’s thinking about something very important.

”Hahaa~ ” Hecate chuckled gently as she covered her mouth.

”What? ” Tatsuya looked at the woman.

”Nothing. It ’s just funny to see someone generally cold have so much trouble with someone. ”

”… ” Tatsuya didn ’t know how to react to Hecate ’s words. In the end, he just sighed.

”Okay. You can eat, but after that, we ’ll fight! ” Victor thought hard about his decision, and after very extensive consideration, he let Tatsuya eat. After all, he couldn ’t fight properly with hunger, and if he couldn ’t fight properly, Victor wouldn ’t have fun!

”Thanks? ” Tatsuya felt strange hearing Victor give him permission.

In a ridiculously large room, Victor, Tatsuya, Victoria, and Hecate were present.

Victor was sitting on an ice throne with a small smile on his face.

Tatsuya was sitting in a chair some distance away, drinking a red liquid from a wine glass.

”… ” He was feeling uncomfortable with Victor ’s gaze. Couldn ’t he eat in peace?

Hecate was beside Victor looking at the symbols on his glove, she had a curious look on her face. Victor didn ’t mind the witch since, according to Scathach, his glove spell is a pretty simple thing to do, so he wasn ’t worried.

”I ’m sorry, Lady Victoria! ” Several vampires were kneeling towards Victoria, who was sitting on a couch.

Victoria had an annoyed look on her face, she paid dearly to keep her house safe, and a random vampire managed to break into her home and enter her room without anyone knowing! 

Bunch of useless! I will lower their wages!

She was more irritated with Victor! He just casually walked into her house like he owned the place, saw her the way she came into the world, and then completely ignored her! Hateful man!

”Whatever… Just don ’t repeat it-. ” Victoria would continue to lecture her subordinates, but suddenly she heard Victor ’s voice.

”Your subordinates are useless. ”

”Huh? ” The subordinates were surprised by Victor ’s sudden voice.

”What are you saying, Kid!? ”

”We are not useless! ”

”HaHaHa~ ” Victor smiled dangerously, his eyes glowed blood red, and then he raised his hand in a silent gesture, ”Shhh. ”

”…!? ” Victoria ’s subordinates ’ bodies trembled, and suddenly, they couldn ’t speak.

”… That is… ” Victoria immediately understood what Victor had done, ’But this should be impossible! Just who is this man!? ’ She was getting tired mentally.

”Continuing~. ” Victor looked at Victoria, ”Your subordinates are useless. I could easily get past your defenses, and I didn ’t even have to work very hard. ”

”That ’s because you ’re abnormal, a normal vampire— ” Hecate tried to defend Victoria ’s minions, but she stopped talking because she was surprised by Victor ’s attitude.

”Hello~ ” Victor ignored Hecate and waved to the ceiling.

”… ” The vampires on the ceiling broke out in a cold sweat when they saw Victor ’s gaze.

Tatsuya ’s eyes turned cold, and he quickly rose from his chair.

”You have a lot of admirers. ” Victor chuckled playfully, ”Well, you ’re beautiful, so I think that ’s normal? Hahaha~ ”

”Hecate! ” Victoria ignored Victor and quickly gave the witch the command.

”Yes. ” Hecate raises her hands, and soon several magic circles begin to appear around the mansion.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

The shadows that were in the mansion quickly began to flee when they realized they had been compromised by Victor.

But some were not so lucky, as the walls of Victoria ’s mansion began to move as if alive.

”Tsk. Some fled. ” Hecate did her best to capture everyone, but she wasn ’t a fighting witch.

”… ” Sensing the enemies ’ speed, Tatsuya understood that he couldn ’t catch them all alone, so he looked at Victor:

”…Hey, my friend. ” Tatsuya felt awkward saying the word ’friend ’.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Tatsuya with a curious look.

”Help me deal with these bugs… ” Tatsuya felt that he would regret his following words, ”And I will fight you as long as necessary. ”

”Heh~ ” Victor ’s smile grew disproportionately, his image started to get distorted, a frightening pressure started to leave his body.

”Don ’t forget what you said, my friend~. ”

”… ” Tatsuya was already regretting what he said and felt he said some cursed words…

’But it ’s alright. ’ Tatsuya was quite annoyed with himself, he couldn ’t see that his mother was being watched, he didn ’t win an important game for his mother, and to make his mood even worse, he completely lost against Victor! This weakness irritated him! He had never felt so angry with himself!

”Let ’s go? ” Tatsuya ’s body was covered by lightning.

”Just sit still, my friend. And enjoy the show~. ”

”Huh…? ”

The magic circles on Victor ’s gloves began to glow brightly blood red, and as he sat on his ice throne, he snapped his fingers.

”Cocoon. ” He muttered under his breath.


Cold air began to leave his body and spread throughout the mansion.

And with supernatural speed, a cocoon of ice began to be created around the entire mansion of Victoria.

”This… This is just bullshit. ” Victoria couldn ’t help but comment when she looked out the window and saw only pure ice.

Her mansion ’s land covered over 500 meters! It ’s a considerable distance! And he covered it all!?

”… You ’ve learned? ” Tatsuya remembers this technique; it was the technique Einer used.

”It ’s a pretty simple technique, ” Victor spoke honestly. The technique was simple, and the only prerequisite you needed to use this technique was to have extremely precise control of your power.

”Victoria Rider. ”

”… ” Victoria looked at Victor, and seeing the bloodthirsty smile on his face, she felt a shiver down her spine, she felt a bit of fear… Her only current thought was, what will this monster become in the future?

But as an experienced trader, she did her best not to show those emotions on her face:

”What? ”

”Live, or Dead? ” Victor asked a simple question.

And Victoria immediately understood what he was talking about.

”Live. ”

”Okay. ”

Victor lightly touches the ice throne with his finger.

”… ” Victoria expected something to happen, but she felt nothing.

Suddenly, she started to hear the noise of rain.

”…? ” She walks towards the window and is faced with a sight that shocks her very much.

All the surroundings of her mansion turned into a desert of pure ice, and she immediately understood what was causing it:

”The rain… ”

Raindrops when they touched something, that something was immediately frozen and turned into ice structures.

Victoria looked at Victor with a disbelieving look, ”Did you do this? ”

”Hmm? Yeah, you wanted them alive, right? The quickest way to do this is to freeze everything, and since they are vampires, they won ’t die from the cold. ”

She felt stupid for asking that question since it was obvious he was the one who did it. If it wasn ’t him, who would it be? But the sight in front of her only made her brain stop working for a few seconds.

Honestly, this extremely precise control of his power was scary, and to make her fear even worse, he didn ’t even look tired!

”… ” Tatsuya was feeling strange now. He didn ’t even have to do anything…

Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red while he looked towards a wall, then he said, ”Done. ”

”Done? ” Hecate didn ’t understand.

”Yes. They all turned into ice sculptures~ ” Victor flashed an innocent smile that sent shivers down Hecate ’s spine.

”Oh… ” She can only say that.

Victor looked at Victoria ’s subordinates and ordered in a cold tone, ”Go do your job. ”

”!!! ” The subordinates quickly waved as if they were part of the army.

”Yes, Sir! ”

”… ” Victoria had never seen her subordinates so scared in her life.


She was feeling tired, so she sat down on the couch again and looked at Victor, who had another small smile on his face; ’He ’s my niece ’s husband, huh? ’ Then, suddenly, she realized something.

She just realized they ’re related. Maybe that ’s a good thing? After all, having a strong relative is always welcome, and he doesn ’t seem to be prejudiced against her like the rest of her family, although that could change in the future if he discovers her secret.

But… She felt that Victor wouldn ’t mind. He didn ’t seem like a man who cared about little things.


She sighed again, she just wanted to lie down on the bed and not think about anything right now, she had so many things to do! Especially now that she found out her mansion was compromised. But for some reason, she didn ’t want to do anything today.

”Mother, are you alright? ” Tatsuya asked worriedly.

”Yes, I ’m just a little tired. ”

”…I can understand you. ”

”… ” The two looked at Victor, who was sitting on the ice throne.

Noticing the look of the two, Victor looked at them, ”What? ”

”Nothing, ” The two spoke.


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