My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 94: Is Ophis a spoiled girl?

A few hours later, in the Garden of Victoria ’s mansion.

After the previous events, Victoria went off somewhere with Hecate and her new prisoners. Apparently, they were going to solve a little problem that Victor didn ’t bother to hear.

Victor had no interest in these men or the subject of Victoria. He only helped the woman because Tatsuya said he would fight him.

Kaguya, who practically stayed 24 hours, seven days a week in Victor ’s shadow, was watching her master and the man called Tatsuya fighting.

Normally, she and Yuki were supposed to be accompanying Victor wherever he went, but Yuki lost this time because she overslept, and Kaguya didn ’t bother to wake up the lazy maid.

As a professional maid, it is the maid ’s duty to wake up before the master.

If Yuki can ’t even meet this minimum requirement, she ’s not qualified to be a personal maid.

”Wrong, wrong! You are using the power wrong! ” Victor looked quite frustrated as he approached Tatsuya and pointed his finger at him.

”Huh? ”

”Your way of using power is very direct. You look like a horse that only knows how to run forward! Use it more flexibly! ”

”Huuuh!? ” A vein popped in Tatsuya ’s head, ”I ’m not a horse! ”

”Then fight correctly! ”

”Fine! ”

The two walked away again and positioned themselves a little apart from each other.

The two look at each other, and in the blink of an eye, they ’re gone!


The sounds of blade colliding were heard.

Although the only one using a blade is Tatsuya. Victor is using his hand as a blade of ice.

An intense exchange takes place, and neither of the two seems to be backing down.

”The pace my master improves is absurd… ” Kaguya couldn ’t help but be amazed. With just one look, Victor already had the power of a 500 year old vampire; this is proved by the previous display of control.

But the scariest thing is, ”He gets better faster when he ’s having fun. ”

Victor doesn ’t seem to realize this fact.

”This man too… ” Tatsuya was similar to Victor.

”Although his pace is slower compared to my master, he is also not left behind. ”

With just a few simple changes, Tatsuya was improving a lot too. ’I think reality hit him hard. ’ Kaguya thought.

The reality that he wasn ’t strong, and the reality of enemies watching his mother and he can ’t perceive those enemies, made him furious! And he ’s using that fury to get better.

Booooom! Booooom! Booooom!

Small explosions happen when the two collide; both were using pure martial arts.

Tatsuya used his Katana.

And Victor used his fists, and on some occasions, he used the greatsword.

At some point, while they were fighting, they started fighting in the air using only lightning.

”HAHAHAHAHA! THAT ’S IT! THAT ’S IT! ” Victor looked like he was enjoying himself.

Seeing the smile on Victor ’s face, Tatsuya couldn ’t help but flash a small smile on his face. He was getting excited too!

”The shit… ” Kaguya realized that Victor ’s personality was transmissible like a virus.

The two collide for the last time and fall to the ground at a distance from each other.

Victor points his finger at Tatsuya.

Rumble, Rumble!

The lightning around Victor seemed to have thickened.

And with a huge smile on his face, he said, ”Don ’t die, my friend. Or I will descend all seven hells and pull you back to this world. ”

”!!! ” Tatsuya felt a shiver down his spine when he saw Victor ’s gaze and quickly realized that something big was coming.

He assumed an Iaijutsu stance, as his eyes seemed to glow golden for a few seconds.

Rumble, Rumble!

And just like Victor, the lightning around him seemed to have gotten stronger too.

Crack, Crack!

The earth around them seemed to be being shattered by their concentration of power.

”They ’re overreacting… ” Kaguya couldn ’t help but mutter.

Suddenly, a burst of pure energy left Victor ’s finger and flew towards Tatsuya.

Seeing the tremendous energy coming towards him, Tatsuya wasn ’t afraid, ”I ’ll cut this. ” It was like he was making a promise to himself.

His lightning seemed to be focused on his Katana, and the whole Katana seemed to be bathed in pure lightning.

When Victor ’s attack was inches from colliding with Tatsuya ’s body, he made a move!


With an Iaijutsu move, Tatsuya cuts Victor ’s power in half!


Losing its initial strength, the power failed to maintain its form and exploded, but the radius of the explosion was so large that it made a small crater in Victoria ’s garden.

”HAHAHAHAHA! ” Victor was laughing his ass off as he watched the explosion with satisfied eyes.

”Master… Please don ’t take up the hobby of blowing things up. ” Kaguya couldn ’t help saying it in a low voice when she saw the expression Victor was making.

Hecate and Victoria, who had returned from her business, suddenly appeared in the garden:

”What was that noise-… Tatsuya!? ” She quickly ran beside her son, who was lying on the floor.

”Are you okay!? ”

”Y-Yes… ”

”Hey, Hey! Let ’s continue-… Oh? ” Victor appears beside Tatsuya.

”Tsk, you ’re tired already… ” Victor was about to complain, but when he saw the satisfied smile on Tatsuya ’s face, he said:

”Oh…? I know that smile. ” He displayed a small smile as if he understood something.

”What are you talking about? ” Tatsuya pretends to be innocent.

”HAHAHAHA! If you don ’t want to talk, that ’s fine! It ’s more fun this way~. ”

”Master… You overreacted again. ” Kaguya suddenly appeared at Victor ’s side while looking at him with a stoic look, she seemed to be silently accusing him of a crime.

”Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”Look around, ” Kaguya spoke.

Victor looked around, ”Oh… ”

The old garden that looked like an ice desert was now completely destroyed and had several craters scattered throughout the garden.

”Well, I think it ’s okay? After all, Victoria has this witch. ” Victor pointed to Hecate.

”I ’m not a landscaping expert, ” Hecate spoke dryly.

”And fixing this is going to cost me a lot of money. ” Victoria continued, ”Can you get up? ” She asked Tatsuya.

”Soon, give me a few seconds. ” Tatsuya was very worn out.

”Tsk, you have to work on your stamina! How are you going to satisfy a woman like that!? ”

”… ” Tatsuya, Victoria, and Hecate stared at Victor with an expressionless look.

”Master… This is inappropriate. ”

”But is it not true? ” Victor remembers that Scathach always talked about it in his training, something like endurance being very important.

”Well… Vampire women are… thirsty… ” Kaguya didn ’t say much.

”Lady Victoria should have more experience with this. ” She continued.

Hecate, Kaguya, and Victor looked at Victoria.

”H-Huh? ” Victoria was taken aback that the focus of the conversation shifted to her at some point.

”Well… ” Victoria remembered that she had nearly dried her husband out several times when he was alive, and, even though he was a vampire, he had nearly died.

”See? ” Victor smiled. He didn ’t need Victoria ’s confirmation since her own silence was a confirmation.

”… ” Victoria was wondering if she was that easy to be influenced… Of course, she isn ’t! Usually, she sets the pace for the conversation! It ’s all this man ’s fault! She started freaking out again inside.

”Can we change the subject? ” Tatsuya didn ’t want to hear about these things, especially when his mother was around.

Feeling his body was better, he stood up.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s eyes sparkled for a moment, but when he looked closer, he realized that Tatsuya was still tired.

Realizing that he couldn ’t have fun again, he said:

”Tsk… There ’s no way. I ’m going to visit my other ’friend ’. ”

”Send my condolences to him, ” Tatsuya spoke with a happy smile. He was happy that someone would suffer the same thing as him, although he was grateful to Victor since, if not for Victor, he wouldn ’t have taken a step to improve, but that ’s something he will never say out loud.

So much for pride and so much not to provoke this crazy man! Imagine what he will do if he knows I ’ve improved! I will not have peace in this life!

”Okay. I will. ”

”Come on, Kaguya. ”

”Yes, master. ” Kaguya entered Victor ’s shadow.

”Oh. ” Victor remembered something as he quickly turned around and looked at Victoria, ”Go visit your niece, ungrateful woman. Even though you left your clan for a reason, I don ’t care. Sasha has nothing to do with it . ”

”…I Will. ” Victoria, for some reason, didn ’t mind Victor ’s rude way of talking to her anymore, she didn ’t even get angry anymore either.

”Good. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile, very different from the smile he always had. It was a smile he only showed his wives.

”… ” That smile somehow felt warm in the hearts of Hecate and Victoria.

Rumble, Rumble!

Victor ’s body was covered by lightning.

Victor exhibited his characteristic smile and said, ”I ’ll see you in the near future. Seeya~. ”


Like a rocket soaring into the sky, Victor flew skyward at a speed that would be the envy of any user of Clan Fulger ’s lightning power.


When he reached a considerable height, everyone could hear a sonic boom, and soon all they could see was a golden trail flying across the sky.

”… ” The three were speechless when they saw the lightning being used in this way, especially Victoria. Not even her sister could do what he did without consequences! And it looks like he could do that at any time.

”…He sure is intense… But, somehow, I understand why your niece liked him. ” Hecate commented, her face a little red.

”…Yes. ” Unconsciously, Victoria agreed.

”Mother!? ” Tatsuya stared at his mother like a hawk.

”I mean… He ’s young, he ’s handsome, he ’s strong, and he has a personality that ’s attractive to female vampires. So it makes sense that my niece likes him. ”

”… ” Tatsuya didn ’t know how it felt to hear his mother praising his ’enemy ’ so openly.

Getting her son ’s look wrong, she said, ”Don ’t worry, son! Even though you ’re almost 100 years old, you ’re still a baby! One day you will have a wife too. ”

”… ” Somehow, Tatsuya received critical damage when he heard his mother ’s words.


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