My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 95: The wives are feeling threatened.

After flying a few kilometers away, Victor finally arrived in Eastern territory, which was owned by Clan Horseman.

Why didn ’t he go to Clan Horseman ’s personal mansion in the royal capital? Well, he went to the mansion, but the mansion was empty, so he deduced that his ’friend ’ had returned to his territory.

”I think it ’s here. ” Victor was on top of a building.

[It ’s here, Master.]

”Hmm… Is this place cooler? What is happening? ” Victor felt the temperature of the place, the sudden change in temperature made him a little curious. After all, the North, which is the territory of Scathach and the royal capital, was colder than here.

[The territory of the East, formerly belonging to Clan Fulger, is a milder territory that always seems to be in autumn.]

”Oh, is this territory where there are those groups of monkeys that can be tamed? ”

[Yes… How do you know about this?]

”Elizabeth told me when we were visiting the capital. ”

[Heh…? When did you get so close to the princess?]

”I ’m not close to her, she just accompanied me on my visit to the capital because Ophis didn ’t want to leave with her. ”

[Oh…] Kaguya understood now, suddenly starting to remember Ophis ’s expression a day ago, she looked like she didn ’t want to part with Victor.


When Victor was declared the winner of the game, he returned to the VIP room, and a small situation was happening:

”Ophis, we need to get back, ” Elizabeth spoke.

”No. ” Ophis denied it.

”Ophis… ” Elizabeth narrowed her eyes on her sister. This was no time to be spoiled!

”Nooo! ” Ophis ran towards Victor and climbed on his shoulder.

”Hahaha, ” Victor laughed gently as he held Ophis with his arm and patted the little girl ’s head.

”Father~ ” Victor displayed a small satisfied smile.

”Girl, listen to your big sister, and go home~. ” Violet had a smile on her face, she ’s obviously happy, and she wasn ’t even trying to hide it.

”…Yes, it ’s time for the child to sleep. ” Sasha surprisingly supported Violet.

”Girls… ” Ruby was speechless.

”What? Will you say that you like to see her close to our husband? ” Sasha ’s eyes weren ’t pretty.

”… ” Ruby was silent, she knew Sasha was correct.

”Do something! ” Elizabeth looked at Victor with accusing eyes.

Seeing Violet ’s gaze, Victor looked around and even looked behind himself to see if he could find someone. Since he wasn ’t sure if she was talking to him, he then pointed to himself:

”…Me? ” He had an innocent smile on his face.

”Who else!? ” Elizabeth was about to freak out.

”Hmm, ” Victor thought for a bit. To be honest, he didn ’t want to do anything, considering it ’s not like he hated Ophis ’ presence. But probably, as a princess, she must have things to do, right?

”Father? ”

He looked at Ophis, and seeing Ophis ’ cute face, he said, ”Go home, you can always visit me whenever you want, you know where I live, right? ”

”Huh? ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby didn ’t expect to hear those words.

”Mm… ” Ophis nodded.

”When you feel like it, just come visit me, but for now, listen to big sister, okay? ”

”… ” Ophis makes a hard face as if she wants to deny it, but when she sees Victor ’s gentle smile, she relents, ”Okay… Father. ”

”… ” Was it that easy!? Why does she just listen to you!? He ’s not even her real father! Elizabeth was freaking out internally!

Victor puts Ophis down, and the little girl looks at her sister, ”Returning. ”

”Wai- ”

Suddenly a dark power covers Ophis ’ body, and she disappears.

”Fuck! She always does that! ”

”Hey, that ’s not a princess ’ vocabulary. ” Victor chuckled.

”Fuck you! This is your fault! ”

”HaHaHaHa! ” Victor just laughed and didn ’t care.

”This bitch… ” When Violet was going to do something, she was held up by Ruby.

”Don ’t do anything. She ’s finally leaving, and if you try to look for trouble now, she ’ll stay here longer. ”

”Oh. ” This was not something Violet wanted.

”Humpf! ” Elizabeth turned her face and walked towards the exit of the VIP room, she looked at the royal guards, ”Come on, do your job this time! ”

”Yes, princess! ”

”Her noble image was completely destroyed, ” Pepper commented.

”That happens a lot when someone is dealing with Victor, ” Eleanor spoke.

”Own experience, huh? ” Lacus exhibited a small smile…

”Yes. ” Eleonor did not deny it.

Seeing Victor ’s interested smile through the shadow, she said, [You ’re not going to tame those monkeys, are you?]

”I wanted to…But I don ’t have time today. Maybe in the future. ” Victor spoke, then he looked towards a ridiculously large mansion and jumped towards it.

In midair, Victor ’s image started to get distorted, and he suddenly turned into a swarm of bats.

The swarm of bats flew towards the mansion, past the mansion ’s defenses, and soon he was standing in the middle of the garden. Unlike the time with Victoria, this time, someone could feel Victor ’s presence.

”Intruder. ”

Victor looked at the man, and seeing that he looked like a grown man, he asked, 

”Who are you? ”

”Who are you, intruder? ”

”Victor Walker. ”

”Who are you? ” Victor asked again.

”…James. What are you doing here? ” The man seemed to know Victor ’s name.

”Visiting my friend~ ” He spoke with a small smile on his face.

The butler nodded.

”Second floor. When you go up the stairs, he ’ll be at the tenth door on the left. ” James turned and walked towards somewhere, and soon the image of him disappeared.

”Thanks,~. ” Victor turned and walked, but before he went to the indicated place, he used his powers. However, for some reason, he couldn ’t see anything.

He stopped walking, ’What is this? This is the first time this has happened… ’ He felt strange, considering his visual power never failed him.

But he didn ’t think much about it. After all, he knows that with the existence of magic, a lot can be done. So he just kept on alert.

James was walking back to his work, but suddenly he stopped walking and said, ”Oh, I gave the wrong instructions, that was Lady Jessica ’s room… ”

When he thought he should go back and warn Victor about it, he got lazy, ”Whatever. ” He ignored the whole situation and pretended he didn ’t know anything.

At the door of a very feminine room, Victor was standing looking at the sight in front of him:

”I wonder why this keeps happening to me. ” He was really wondering about it. It ’s not like he was purposely going into the women ’s rooms; he wasn ’t a pervert! And he was married!

In front of Victor was Jessica, just like she came into the world, and she looked like she had just woken up.

[Master is unlucky, and at the same time, lucky?]

”Perhaps. ”

”Wh… what-. ” Jessica ’s face was pure red.

”Oh, her reaction is different. She froze. ”

[Well, she is younger than Lady Victoria.]

”Make sense. ”

Victor looked Jessica up and down. The girl was short, 168 cm tall, thin, and pale skin like all vampires, B-Cup breasts, and long, slightly curly black hair and dark blue eyes.

”So, who are you? ” Victor asked.

”Jessica Horseman… ” Unconsciously, she replied, but soon an anger rose inside her heart, she took a blanket and hid her nudity, and when she went to ask Victor to leave, she heard:

”Oh, you ’re Einer ’s sister… Tell me, where is he? ”

Isn ’t this man too insensitive!? He saw her nudity and didn ’t react at all!? Was she ugly!?

”Hello, hello? Woman, are you in this world? ” Victor walked over to Jessica and waved his hand in front of her face.

”E-Eh? ” Jessica was surprised, but for several reasons now that she couldn ’t describe!

”Oh, you came back to life. Now tell me. Where is he? I asked your butler, and he said it was here. ”

”… ” Jessica ’s eyes narrowed; ’Was it James ’ fault!? I will reduce his salary! ’

[Master… Why don ’t you use your power? Isn ’t it easier?]

”I tried, but something seems to be blocking my view. ”

[Enchantments, perhaps?]

”I don ’t know, but this is the first time it ’s happened, and since this is a count ’s mansion, security should here be tighter, right? ”

[Or they are hiding something.]

”Make sense. ” Victor thought it was quite possible, he tried to use his power again, and as expected, he couldn ’t see anything, he just saw the red world, and in this world, there were several walls as if they wanted to keep him from seeing something.

”Why are you talking to yourself? ”

”Oh, don ’t mind, I like to think out loud. ” Victor smiled.

”… ” Jessica was silent.

”Then? Where is Einer? ”

”He is in a coma. ” She spoke in a cold tone without any sympathy.

”Oh? ” Victor was interested.

”After the game, he was in a coma from using his power too much and is recovering. ”

”Hmm. ” Victor puts a hand to his chin, as he seems to be considering something; ’That butler, doesn ’t he know his master is in a coma? or is he the elder brother ’s butler? ’

’Lots of questions~ ’ Although Victor is in doubt, he doesn ’t care much. After all, he knows that the vampire clan is quite complicated.

Looking at Jessica ’s face, he smiled a little.

”Well, I believe you. ”

”Heh? ”

”What is this shocked face? ” He asked.

”Nothing… Just… ”

”??? ” Victor didn ’t understand, and the woman didn ’t continue talking either.

”Just what? ”

”Nothing. ”

”… ” For some reason, Victor felt like he was talking to Ophis now.

Though Ophis was cuter than she was.

[What now, master?]

”I will go after the monkeys. ”

[You hadn ’t given up!?]

”Yes, but I haven ’t had my fun, and I still have time… So why not? ” Victor smiled.


”Monkey? ”

”Hmm? Yeah, do you know where they are? ”

”Are you talking about the big apes that eat black bananas? ”

”Yes, that one. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed with interest.

”Their habitat is further east, in a dense forest. You can find them there. ”

”Heh~, thank you for the info. ”

”… ” Jessica flashed a small smile when she heard Victor ’s words ’thank you ’.

”Well, nice to meet you, Jessica. I ’m going now. ” Victor turned and walked towards the exit.

Seeing Victor ’s back walking away, she said, ”Do you know where the exact location is? ”

”I do not know. ” Victor smiled.

Jessica was speechless. Is he just very adventurous? How do you go to a place you don ’t know?

”But I have someone with me who knows. ”

[Indeed. Lady Sasha visited that place in the past with Lady Violet, I know the way.]

”As expected of you. ”

[…] Kaguya ’s shadow seemed to smile.

Jessica understood that someone was accompanying him:

”Oh. Take care, I think? ”

”Thanks. ” Victor casually walked out of Jessica ’s room.

As the door closed, Jessica suddenly remembered something, ”He saw me… He saw me! ” She had completely forgotten about it, she was caught up in his rhythm!

”AHHHHHH! I can ’t get married anymore! ”

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