My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 97: Two new weird friends.

ed to this sudden attention.


Victor sighed in relief.

”Master- ”

Victor placed his hand on Kaguya ’s head.

Kaguya thought he was going to headpat her, she was looking forward to it, but the headpat didn ’t come!


Victor squeezed Kaguya ’s head tightly.

”M-My Head! ” Kaguya screamed in pain.

”Kaguya, ” Victor spoke in an extremely serious voice.

”You wanted to stay, right? Did you forget about the contract? ” He was talking about the previous situation.

”… ” Kaguya was silent.

”But-… ” She was going to say something, but Victor stopped her.

”No, but… Remember, don ’t mind me. Your safety is more important to me. ”

”I hope that doesn ’t happen again. ”

”… ” Kaguya was silent, but she nodded.

”Good. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile as he started walking in front of Kaguya.

Seeing Victor ’s back, Kaguya thought wistfully; ’It ’s hard not to care about your safety, master… ’

”Kaguya. ”

Suddenly, Kaguya heard Victor ’s voice again, and soon she woke up from her thoughts.

”If you want to protect me, get stronger. ”

”… ” Kaguya opened her eyes a little.

Victor looked at Kaguya, ”But even if you get stronger, and you can protect me. I ask that you always prioritize your safety. ”

”…This is a contradiction, Master… ”

”Hahaha~ ” Victor laughed gently, ”Indeed. But that ’s the way I am. ” He started walking again in front of Kaguya.

’I ask, huh? ’ She realized he hadn ’t ordered her. He ’d just made a request, so it ’s up to her whether she ’ll follow that request or not.

Rumble, Rumble.

”Huh? It ’s raining? ” Pepper looked out the window, and as usual, the skies over the capital were cloudy, but it didn ’t seem to be raining.

”Impossible. The capital does not have rain. ” Lacus replied.

”But what about these lightning noises!? ” Pepper asked.

”Must be your imagination, ” Lacus replied.

”It ’s not my imagination! ”


The lightning noise got louder.

”See!? ” Pepper smiled with a victorious smile.

”…Why are you showing that smile! Don ’t be a child! ”

”Hehehe~ ” Pepper laughed.


Suddenly everyone heard the noise of lightning hitting the ground.

”Hiiii! That was near here! ”

”… Pepper… Do you have chicken brains? ” Lacus asked her younger sister a genuine question.

”Fuee? ” Pepper didn ’t understand.

Lacus elaborated, ”Think with me; It ’s impossible to rain in the capital, and who is the person who has lightning powers outside the mansion now? ”

”Oh. ” Pepper opened her mouth.

Soon everyone hears Victor ’s voice:

”Girls, I ’m back! ”

”It ’s Victor! ” Pepper exclaimed.

”Yes. ” Lacus smiled.

”He likes an extravagant entrance, huh? Can ’t he arrive normally? ” Eleonor appeared at Siena ’s side.

”Oh? I thought you were gone? ” Lacus asked.

”I had some matters to settle with Siena, and I need to talk to that man. ”

Suddenly Eleonor heard Victor ’s voice behind her.

”I have a name, you know~. ”

”!!! ” Eleonor jumped back, her heart beating too fast, ”Don ’t do that… It scared me. ”

”Oh? ” Victor exhibited a small smile. He didn ’t expect this reaction from her.

”Ugh, Victor. You reek of wild animal. ” Pepper put a hand to her nose.

”Yeah, I was fighting a gorilla in Eastern Territory. ”

”Oh, those four-meter monkeys? ” Eleonor asked.

”Wrong, the biggest ones. ”

”Eh? ” Eleanor.

”What? ” Lacus.

”Fue? ” Pepper.

”Huh? ” Siena.

The four women thought they heard something wrong.

Kaguya suddenly stepped out of Victor ’s shadow, the four women looking to the Maid for answers.

”Yes, he fought a demonic gorilla, the one who protects that strange tree in the forbidden forest… ”

”Eh…? Huuuh!? ”

”You ’re crazy…. ” Lacus said.

”Hahahaha, thanks for the compliment. ” Victor scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

”That wasn ’t a compliment! What was on your mind, fighting that beast!? ”

”Well, it was fun… Why not? ” Victor displayed a sincere smile.

”Y-You… Sigh… You ’re incorrigible. ” Lacus gave up.

”And? And? How was the fight!? ” Pepper looked more animated than usual.

”I want to hear too, that gorilla is a very famous beast. Few vampires were able to fight him and survive, and those who survived had quite severe mental trauma, ” Siena spoke with curiosity.

She even remembers that in the past, her mother fought the gorilla, but Scathach refused to give any information to her daughters, she was very curious about this matter.

”… ” Victor looked at Siena with a strange look.

”What? ”

”Did you eat something bad, woman? ” He didn ’t understand why she was acting so ’docile ’ with him. Wasn ’t she the woman who kept saying he was just cattle?

A vein popped in Siena ’s head, ”You know what!? Nevermind! Humpf! ” She turned her face away and walked towards a spot.

”…What was that tsundere reaction…? Did she eat something bad? ” Even Pepper doubted her older sister.

Coming out of her initial stupor, ”…You came at a good time, I need to talk to you… ” Eleonor suddenly spoke, and her voice caught everyone ’s attention, even Siena, who was leaving.

Victor looked at the woman who was almost the same height as him with curious eyes.

Eleonor puts her hand on her chest and makes a noble gesture:

”Victor Walker. I, Countess Eleonor Adrasteia, invite you to come to my territory as a special guest. ”

”Oh? Okay, I will. ”

”Eh? ” Eleonor and Siena were surprised at how easily Victor accepted it.


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