My Twin (my crush)

I kissed her......


*** *** *** ***

”Hi ” I sent on WhatsApp. It took few minutes before she replied but her reply was a shock. ”you are such a funny boy ”. We chatted through out the night and by the way she asked if I could manage to make it to school the next day. I knew I wont be allowed by grandma because of she thinks am not steady yet but it worth a trial.

Banged on her door and was told to wait a second. ”u want something? ” she asked. ”I want to resume school tomorrow ” I didn beat around the Bush. ”its clearly because of Rachel right? ” she asked. ”uhhnm, kind of ma ” and she smiled. ”just be careful, ok ” ”aawwnn, thank you ma ” I hugged her. ”I haven say yes ” but that doesn matter to me anymore. To make dozens of jaw drop, I did not inform anyone about my resumption, including Rachel.


Granny woke me up with taps, cant say how many. ”aren you going to school again ” she waked me. ”oh my, Good morning ma ” I rushed out of bed and prepare for school. ”Sleepy head ” she commented. I intentionally missed the school bus just to brand my surprise perfectly.

As thought but not as crazy, the morning assembly was disorganized, both male and female rushed towards me. I was about to be carried but I pleaded not to. Rachel was surprised and only gave a smile and turned her face away. I walked straight to the Principal who was giving his speech and gave a slight prostate. ”Welcome back ” he said and hugged me. I was happy with the warm welcome, cause I never had one before.

Assembly over, and I was amaze to see Rachel and few of some school 2 students, including every girl crush, (Emmanuel) in my class. My book was shared and I had nothing to worry about.

Things were fine till break time, when I was persuaded to play football. Its my favorite sport but ”who knows ”. I handled the ball like Messi ( a big fan of him #wordcup) and invited more audience. Even our break time was extended. After scoring the 3rd goal, I was so high, responding to the cheers and praises. Ran to Rachel with no intention but her eyes were full of…. I raised her hands and the cheers grew louder.

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