My Twin (my crush)

Shocking moments....

king left and right, I stepped out and headed towards the garden.

I was not day dreaming cause the person was still there. ”who are you and how did you get in? ” I asked with a mean voice. ”hope I didn scare you, bro ” he said and turned to me. I almost fainted. Its like me standing here and there. He was moving closer but I held a punch and told him not to come any closer. ”well get to know each other better ” he said and continued moving closer but I threw the punch. Just like in movies, he passed through me which I almost passed out. ”what on earth is going on ” I thought. ”Mom and dad can explain better ” he said and went through the fence.

I was headless. It was as if my system were shutting down. Stood for about 5 minutes then secured a chair reserved for relaxation in the garden. I started doing some playback in my head. ”It was real, no shit it was real ” I exclaimed.

Struggled upstairs cause I was still recovering from the shock and to my very own surprise, my light were back to normal. That could prove.

I wanted to ask about my birth I concluded to make it the next morning.

*** *** *** ***

Waking the next morning, with no memories of last night. I stopped the music and knelt before the Lord to observe my morning prayer. Took my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. Scrubbing and spitting into the basin. Look into the mirror and noticed the reflection was not me. ”Hurry up, we need to find out ” I was shocked but instantly last night memories came back. ”u need to stop scaring me ”. I said and pulled off my nightwear. I was still surprised cause we look so alike. Even I could mistake myself for him.

Knocked softly on the masters bedroom door. ”whos it ” I heard my dad voice. ”Alex ” ”come in boy ” I went in and prostrated to greet. ” how was your night ” my mom asked.

** **

”Dad why don I have a senior or junior ones ” I asked. My question was kind of a shock. ”sit, its time you know few things ” my dad said

”I was 29 when I married your mom legally and she was 26 then. To cut the long story short, we lived for five years with no children. Not even one day pregnancy. Due to this, my family members started disturbing me to get a new wife. So I decided to relocate. After two years in Lagos, I was already getting tired but fortunately, we came across a pastor who told us what to do and believe me your mother conceived after three weeks. After nurturing a twin for 9 months we lost one you survived ” he narrated. ”but why didn you tell me ” I asked. My mother smiled and said, ”everything needs a perfect timing ”. ”what prompted that question ” papa asked. ”I had a dream ” I lied.

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